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Why people obey the law?

For a state to function well or a society which human being live in to actually exist without chaos and strife there needs to be law and order in order to curtail the excesses of human behaviour, people tend to be vengeful, sometimes they allow their emotion takes the better of their humanity and having loss actually limit this excesses and actually remind them that there is always a punishment when they go against laws that have been set in place in order to put human being in check.

So people actually obey the law because there is a rule of law that punishes people when they don't, the fear of having to suffer the consequences of not obeying the law makes people actually conform or limit themselves to orderliness and the law of the land, so having loss actually comes with having consequences of not following them so people actually obey laws because of the fear of the punishment that may come when they do not obey laws.

Another reason why people obey law is that the result of not obeying it can be dastardly in the sense that people supposed to embrace responsibility when citizens who are law abiding actually embrace or moral values then they will bring themselves to obey the law in order to maintain peace and calm and also a continuous working society where everybody can exist without the fear of being killed or by being harmed by their neighbours, so another reason why people obey law is because they feel it is right and is actually the right thing to do or they are afraid of the consequences that comes with not obeying law so these are the two reasons why people obey laws


People obey law because they create law. Law is a set up or guidelines or a framework within which the system created by people used to channelize the work or activity of people so that it can bring values to the societies and the people as an individual and as a society can trade, transact, communicate within the rules of law. So basically people obey the law to avoid any kind of conflict or dispute and try to make their life an easy going life.

Without law it is almost impossible to envision the essence of a society and without a society it is nearly impossible to realize the civilization and to make this happen you need law and make people to live their life within the frame of that law.


Well, in my opinion people obey the law because they fear what would happen if they don't. If laws are set and no penalty attached, people will just live their lives as though there's no set down rules and regulations.

It's the fear of having one's freedom ripped of that makes many people do what the law states. Take for example the traffic law. The traffic light says no one move when the light turns red. It is what the rule says. However, if there's no one to enforce the rules, people will break them. I've seen those firsthand. In my country, a third world country, the laws are there but because there aren't enough power, in terms of technology, to check offenders, people ignored the traffic signs especially when traffic wardens are absent.

A law firm only effective in curbing misconduct when there are vehicles, mediums to ensure their compliance.

I hope I've tried to answer your question. Cheers!


Sometimes, because the laws are an externalization of natural Law and values which align with a person’s integrity.

For example, not stealing, murdering, or raping simply because it would be WAY out of personal integrity and a violation of one’s own moral code, irregardless of society’s laws.

Other times, fear or repercussions and/or conformity to social norms.

There ARE laws that are NOT in alignment with natural law, some that even impose upon natural Law. Though, people often obey NOT because they are just, but out of conditioning.


Because people need the law.

Without rules, humans will act like animals (the strong are the winners and have the right to take anything from the weak). Is that the world we want? Of course not.

Therefore, rules are made to truly guarantee all equal rights. And, this rule must be obeyed because it has become a mutual agreement. Of course, these rules have consequences that must be considered.


People obey the law because there are consequences for not obeying the law. The law serve as guide to our actions and activities. Without the law, the society will be at chaos. Thus, the fear of the consequences for not obeying the law is one of the reasons why so many people obey the law.

Two other good reasons why people obey the law are:

1. They want to be seen as good citizens of their country

2. They want to be morally right so as to please their conscience