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In this world, every parent loves his child the most, why love? What is your comment?

There are a lot of instinct on man and one of that is to love. Man has lot of instincts like to hate someone, to want to respect, honour , feeling proud, feel important, special and lot more. Our outward actions most time wants to follow after this instincts.

Love takes different dimension; love for a friend, for couples or dates, for brother, Child and lot more. Love for a Child is an instinct which even animals have. Parents most at times sees their children as their replicas and so feel passionately about them in a way they won't feel for another person despite how close they might be.

A child to a parent is a biological replica of that parent and by extension can be replica in character and ideology. One may have many wards or proteges who might synch with them greatly by no matter how much they are together, biological they are not of the Same DNA and so being a biological parent means and represent a lot to someone.


Love for children is a great feeling, it is an incalculable and unconditional feeling. Every father loves his children more than anyone else. As a mother I feel that love is a miracle because feeling how the life of another human being grows within you and your responsibility has no explanation.  And this love goes much further when you understand that children do not belong to you, that after a few years will not depend on you and will have their own life in their hands, the important thing is to carefully take care of their wings so that they fly free and are happy. I share a beautiful text by Khalil Gibrán about the children he says:

"Your children are not your children

They are sons and daughters of life desirous of itself.

They do not come from you, but through you and although they are with you they do not belong to you.

You can give them your love, but not your thoughts,

Well, they have their own thoughts.

You can host their bodies, but not their souls,

Because they live in tomorrow's house, which you can't visit even in your dreams.

You can strive to be like them, but don't try to make them like you.

because life does not retreat, nor does it stop at yesterday.

You are the bow from which your children, like living arrows, are thrown (...).

Let the bow in your archer's hand be towards happiness".


Parents love for their children can never be measured. It is the strongest bond of all. Do you know the pains the mother go through during the nine months to carry the baby and after giving birth to the baby. She nurtured and took care of him. For several years it is just the parent and their child. So it is obvious they will love their child with their whole heart because he is just a part of them.. He is what they created


Anyone would give his life for his children.

Between someone older and a child or someone who lacks a lot to live, anyone would give their lives for their children.

As for love, it is different. The love between a man and a woman is different from the love between parents and children.

I believed that the father or mother love their children in the same way.

Perhaps in cases of abandonment of the home contact is lost and there are some grudges.

Another aspect would be preference towards the father or mother, many children prefer their parents because they have many things in common, and the same for girls and their mothers.


I think it's something natural. I mean, it's something ingrained in our biology to ensure the survival of our species

Plus, there's a bond a parent has with a child. It's something I would call spiritual for lack of a better word. It's like the parent gave a piece of his/her life to have the child

I believe it's only natural that a parent love his/her child. It's even found in animals


We are immortals and like any being we want to survive...So we pass our genetic information/code to our children. We consider them the extension of ourselves. So loving them is like loving ourselves...Loving ourself and our children is in our nature...it's not a choice.