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Now why does every person love to travel? Can travel be the means of learning?

Traveling to different places can help you in the following ways:

- It opens your eyes towards the world, people, cultures, their clothes, food and what not. You can learn through your own experiences and the stories you hear from other people along the journey.

- Traveling helps you make friends. Whenever you go to a new place, you have this immense opportunity to make friends who can make your whole trip worthwhile. You make meaningful relationships because you can connect with the other person very easily. 

- It can also improve your reaction time towards situations you might not face while sitting in front of a laptop in your office. 

- It gives you confidence and the feeling of Euphoria. Do you know how it feels when you complete the trek you were preparing for. Traveling helps you to push your limits, takes you out of your comfort zone.

- Traveling is also a type of meditation. It helps you soothe your mind and body. Ultimately it has the power to enhance your mood to 10x.

I live to travel and it has taught me so many different things I cannot imagine learning while being in my usual life. Travel as much as you can because one life. :)

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Travel is a means of learning about other cultures and even about yourself. Packing a bag and jumping on a plane or into a car is exciting but it, also, provides an opportunity for helping others and teaching them lessons that you have learned in life. You learn how to budget your money better and plan if you are traveling. I traveled the US for 9 months and it was the best experience I ever had. 


I think it is more about the need for new things and new way of experiencing life outside your comfort zone and convenience or it could be both for good and bad reason. It could also be about adaption of new environment, people and happenings for people are tend to change time by time. People think differently at different places and time. That's why we always want to explore new places and time because it gives us the freedom to feel what others feel, to experience what others have experienced and to enjoy life that others have been long enjoying.


People love to travel for different reasons. For some, it could be to see new places and meet new friends, for others, it could be for learning purposes. I know of a lady who have been to over 55 countries in the world. This lady is so vast when it comes to so many things. She understands several different languages, because when she travels to a particular country, she has to at least learn to speak their language for better communication. She also gets to learn some cuisine recipes and their culture so she can easily adapt.

Traveling is one of the easiest and fun filled means of learning. It helps you understand a couple of things in a fun way. So, YES, traveling is a means of learning and it's one of the many reasons people travel.


I believe people love to travel because of so many reasons. You are right indeed that those reasons include learning.

  • Learning about the place. When you travel, you get to know the rich history of the place. Especially historical ones, they have really rich background and because of that, when you have the ability to visit it, you will learn the story behind the famous historical monuments. 
  • Learning about people. Every place has its own unique culture and tradition. For example, when you visit a place, you get to know what are the reasons behind some beliefs of the people living there. Who discovered and how was the place discovered. What are the customs and traditions of the people that shape the society? These are some things to learn about. 
  • Learning about yourself. As you travel, you learn about yourself and you grow as a person because travelling teaches you a lot of skills. For example, visiting a place will teach you organizational skills and social skills. Organizational skills in a sense that you will learn how to budget your money and your time during your stay and social skills on how will you be able to communicate with the people around you.

Going back home from a place you traveled, you will be likely to have those learning with you. Learning that you will take with you for the rest of your life. I hope my answer helps!


 Travel as a means of learning- nice thought. You need to define what kind of learning are we talking about here. By just visiting a bridge you can't learn the engineering principles applied in its construction. Camping out in a forest will not enlighten you about the species of plants and animals in that habitat. For that you need to go to college (or just Google in your laptop). But you do get to know the history of the place and get a view on how different lifestyles are practiced in different areas. You get inspired by the great works gone through in building the Burj Khalifa or any other man made wonder.You can’t stop but marvel at the skill of an artist just by looking at his paintings in a museum. By interacting with people on road or even in a tourist place you get the knowledge of different society beliefs and their mindsets.  


Nowadays in our age of social media, travelling is also a means of showing off your lifestyle. For many it becomes the objective of the year to have one foreign tour so as to add to their collection of Instagram Stories. Many travel to find their purpose in life, as going to a completely new place and getting out of your comfort zone gives people a reflection on their own perspective of life. Those bitten by travel bug can't stand to stay at one place longer than they need to. Others who excel at travel writing make it as their means of living.

On a personal note I always make sure I take out some time now and then to travel alone and independently. Not only are you left with a basket full of memories but you always learn a thing or two from the experiences. 

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It's the time again at the moment to clear some left over leave. After a year of hard work. 

I guess travelling in some ways is to reward ourselves with the hard work. 

An escape 

Finally after all those dedicated hours working and staying at the office, it's a great time to be out of the office and travel a bit to do some reflection and get some reward. No longer are those office papers in front of us. It is also the time for the whole family to gather and get together as a family. 

Get some exposure

Sometimes, being in our own city or country for too long, we have not updated ourselves of what the outside world looks like. Going outdoors is really important as we can see what's happening outside and see what new things are going on in another country. 


One of the things that we have to do is. The food in another country is usually something to be excited about. Nowadays, there is a saying, before we eat, our cameras eat first. Different cultures create different food. Food is something that is universal. Everyone understands it without knowing the language. This is something to look for in every single travel especially if that trip isn't a budget trip. 


After working very hard for a year and finally getting that time off to do the things we love and to be a boss for a while. The feeling of being served at hotels, airports, airplanes and restaurant is really great. It is a boost for the next year when we get back from work. 

Travelling is something that everyone loves. I believe also one of the other reasons why travelling has become something that everyone loves is the tickets have dropped a lot in terms of prices. In the past, I still remember that travelling was something that was exclusive and just getting somewhere was quite expensive. Now, with the existence of more and more airlines and low cost budget airlines, travelling has become a lot easier and fun. 


Travelling is an adventure inot the unknown. There is so much to see and take in.

When we travel.it is the whole experience of learning. Trying new food and flavors of that particular country. You may find new ingredients that you have never heard or seen before. Cooking styles vary not only by the country you are in but also by the region.

Cultures and religions are fascinating to learn about and the reason why people do things in a certain way. I am always fascinated by the customs and traditions of the people. This shows a rich.history passed on from previous generations.

Sight seeing looking at the history of that country. The more you learn the more you understand. I always try and get to see some prominent landmarks that the country is known for.


One of my favorite life activities is traveling (although lately due to the conditions of my country -Venezuela- I haven't been able to do it as I would like). I believe that the function of learning, in addition to fun or recreation, is the most transcendent of travel. 

* You can learn by knowing places (landscapes), people, customs different from that of our locality or country. This learning takes place in sensory experimentation (visual, auditory, gustatory, etc.), but also in the enrichment of ideas and criteria with respect to what we experience.

* We can also learn from the world views (cosmovisions) of the peoples we visit, by getting in touch with the conception of things and the lives of the people of those places, by entering into their artistic and spiritual culture.

* This, in turn, generates a greater learning that consists of broadening and enriching our concepts and philosophy of life when that encounter with the new or unknown takes place.

* Finally, I would point out that we learn about ourselves, because this encounter allows us to see ourselves, to know ourselves better, in contact with that which is different and diverse.


Historically, we are travellers or explorers, and we are always curious about the places and things in places that we have never been. I believe, it isn't all of a sudden that we love to travel, since we are always been in love with it. It just that traveling is really expensive in the past that we didn't even wanted it, even though we really wish to.

Nowadays, due to the abundance of inexpensive travel cost and connectivity, it felt like there are boundaries anymore. Anyone can easily booked for a flight and since there are so much info online about the places to visit, it has been easy & convinient. Since the emergence of internet & social media, we have been inspired to go to the places where famous people "influencers" are promoting. Everyone wanted to go where social media friends went to on their holiday.

And I have to agree, traveling can also lead to learning about the place & culture of the locality.


Being in the same place without making a trip seems to be boredom. Travel is a way out to get rid of your boredom. Many new things can be found in traveling.

Many people, especially in Indonesia, still think that traveling is an activity of spending money or wasting money in vain. In fact, besides being able to relax the mind and release fatigue from routine, traveling also has many other benefits. Because after all, humans are part of nature, so that the instinct to return to nature cannot be avoided.

One of the purposes of traveling is to get a pleasure, explore new places and find unexpected pleasures on trips, discover the beauty of a country and enjoy it. But behind it all, there are many other benefits that one gets from traveling activities. Benefits that can turn you into a better person.


I don't know, but I think it's a nature of a man to visit places other than where they live. It's also a way of unwinding as you take time off from work. One of its possible benefits for a family is to spend some time together.

Regarding your second question, yes, it can be a means of learning that's why there are field trips imposed by schools so they will be able to visit historical places which would be essential in some of their subjects.

It can also be a means of learning, when out of school premises, through learning other people's culture, traditions, foods, and history.



>Saint Augustine said "The world is a book and only those who do not travel, only read one page".

People travel for many reasons and most of them travel to learn more about the city or community they are visiting. Every community has something perculiar, it could be the way the dress, what they eat, how they dance and even the language they speak. There is always something new to learn. Within a town where we live has so much diversity and thus, so much to learn.



When one travels, it brings about interactions between them and those in the visiting town. It takes two to tango for learning to take place; there is a teacher to teach and also a learner to consume what is been taught. When one engages with new people, it has a way of strengthening their interpersonal skills.


Traveling adds up to your experiences and makes you more informed and diversified. It exposes they Traveller to new things which makes them knowledgeable and equipped in different areas.


One of the benefits of traveling is learning new languages. Each community has a language perculiar to them. Not just that, a traveler has they opportunity to learn about new cultures (food, costume) and traditions.

When I traveled to the north-eastern part of Nigeria, Adamawa State to be precise, I learnt that it is in the place of a bride-to-be to equip her husband's house with furnitures, utensils and other facilities a house needs before a marriage can be finalized. This isn't so with other parts which is vice-versa. Learning new cultures enlightens and exposes one to new things.


One African proverb says "one who has never traveled thinks his mother's cooking is the best"

Translating it literally or not, its very self explanatory especially if you relate it to travelling and learning.

I haven't been able to travel for fun and luxury.(looking forward to doing so, soon), but i have been privileged to visit a few countries for education and visiting family.

This experience has made me meet people from not only the host countr6 but from neighboring ones as well, e.g living in Philippines has enabled me meet with Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Malays, Thai's and the list goes on.

Learning about these people, their cultures and way of life is something no body teaches in school.

Experiencing some of their culture and practises first hand is an incomparable experience, and you get to also realize that there is so much to learn out there, a much bigger world than what you are used too. Experience is the best teacher.


For me, traveling is a pain relief. It's a good way to find something new, after all the thing's you've been through. For some reason traveling also can mean learning, so much you can learn during your traveling trip.

Let's just say, you learn how to an independent person, then you can learn a whole new culture that you haven't see before, or meet a new people, the point is, so many thing's you'll hot from traveling trip.

But don't forget that you need to plan your trip as good as it can be. I mean you don't want your traveling trip becoming a disaster by somehow. And don't forget to have a traveling with a good company, one person that fit you is enough that 10 people but always having a non stop argument with you. Because I already have that experience before. When actually I have a good traveling trip, but somehow a guy really make it looks bad because on how he behave during this trip. All he can do just mumbling around, telling this, telling that, and opposite of having fun. Trust me this kind of guy is toxic, do not having a trip with him. I better jump off a plane to do sky diving than doing a trip with this clown.

After all then, traveling is a good way to find something good out there, trust me, it's worth it.


Traveling opens up new worlds and connects you with the culture of each place. It is a wonderful way to learn and to know. If you want to connect with reality, integrate yourself to the place you visit, eat what you eat in the place. Walk a lot and do not go to the tourist places. In this way you will learn the reality of each town.


The reality is the fact that some people just WOULD love to travel, but they can't afford it due to the low amount of their income.

There can be many reasons why people love to travel. 

You can get experience and you can learn new things by traveling. For example seeing something new, or seeing something that you didn't saw in your real life so far. Or even hearing an accent of a language that you never heard so far. So yes, travel can be the means of learning.


There could be various reasons why someone loves to travel. Some travel for adventures while others travel for pleasures.

I believe that traveling can really be a means of learning. When we travel, we have the opportunity to learn different cultures and beliefs.

We will also experience various things in different situations and places. There is a saying that "experience is a good teacher" and it is true since through experiences, we can learn a lot from those such as how to handle situations.

You can also encounter or meet different types of people. Through them, you can also learn something.


It is true that traveling is always very interesting, we go to meet ourselves and we discover, full of beautiful things.

There are a thousand and one ways to learn! It depends, too, on what you want to learn. Traveling allows you to learn, to approach other cultures, other customs, to be confronted with other faces, other languages, other dishes, other drinks, etc. Excellent for "general culture"! Traveling is perfect also to widen the points of view: it is not because I live here, that I live like that, that everyone does, and even less, should do, like me!

So yes, "travel trains youth" and deform baggage ":-)


There are various reasons as to why a person love to travel. They might do it for fun and pleasure,  for relaxation and self-discovery, to escape reality and to discover the wonders of the world.

Traveling gives a person various experiences, and from these experiences, they learn. Some learnings people can get from traveling can either be direct, indirect, formal and informal. 

When one travels, they don't only discover more of the place but also the culture and tradition of that place. Being able to talk with the locals can bring a traveler a new perspective in life.  People can learn how people from other culture think and live. 

Through traveling, a person can also learn about himself or herself. They're exposed in a place which can be entirely different from where they live. And so, they discover a new side to them. The can even search for what they truly want to do in life since they learn a lot of things and gradually widen their horizon.

In traveling, we can also learn more about the place that we visit. We can learn by going to museums, checking out various architecture and even by exploring the natural places in that place. Traveling is indeed a fun way of learning things.

I really hope I could get to travel the world someday! <3


"Traveling while young and able. Don't worry about money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than the money that ever existed "

If you read the sentence above, surely there are those who agree and not. In my opinion, the money is true because not all you can appreciate with money. Traveling can teach and provide a valuable experience. But there is one key sentence that I always hold, traveling is in accordance with your abilities. What do you mean?

The point is, because you want to find material and get a cool photo that adorns your Instagram or is trusted by your friends because of the fact that you are "traveling" really. So that you defended your money here and there for the sake of making a road, which only adds to the dark burden added to it. So "traveling" is according to your budget, don't overdo it.

From my income, thank God, I can set aside for travel, so I make it 2 or 3 months to travel. The Destiny? yes just adjusted with the budget that I set aside. For a number of times I have traveled, surely there have always been exciting things to get.

Now I want to try writing some of the benefits of traveling, the purpose of traveling, or why you have to travel according to my own facts.

I also don't hesitate to invite all of my friends who read this article to join in the discussion together, if there is one, please just comment below.

So what are the benefits of traveling for me. 

Traveling makes you know lots of people, lots of backgrounds, and lots of stories

For this first point, the need is almost 90% for everyone. There are many ways people travel, some travel with friends. Whether it's office friends, or school friends who have been known before. There are also people who "really are very" willing to go or join other groups when launching the same, no problem. There are also people who can go to their usual travel destinations, or commonly called "solo travelers".

From the one way above, there must be one moment with other people whether on the trip or at the tourist attractions. From those people you can be more and more, and also exciting stories from talented people.

So the benefit of traveling first is that you will get to know more people and backgrounds.

Besides that, traveling gives a lot of experience. There must be new experiences that you will get if you travel. In fact you have been to the place you were headed before, but there must be a new experience.

So the benefits of the second trip are, you will get an experience that you never got before.

The trip also gives a lot of lessons. Learning doesn't have to be in school, you can get that knowledge from anywhere. I believe that the best teacher is experience. What lessons are usually obtained from traveling activities?

For example, in my experience, when I travel to the mountains, my friends and I make tents. Well, when our tents were in the Pigs. From there I can learn that the wild boar remembers the place, not smells and will come to the place where he gets food.



Travel has a nostalgic connection for me. I remember driving through the southern part of Canada when I was eight. I saw a lake evaporating into a cloud. There was so many natural sights that influenced me even now. I remember my trip to Seattle as well. Travel wakens every sense and forces the mind to go back into absorption mode. If I don't travel, there are a lot of memories I toss out due to redundancy. 


I've met many people in business who say they hate traveling, which amazes me. I suspect that our thoughts on travel are influenced by what we are doing while we travel.

Most people associate travel with family and vacation; so we see traveling as fun. 

Many people in the US traveled with their parents as kids. In many cases, the family vacation was the primary bonding time with parents.

As kids, we traveled to meet other families; So, we associate traveling with meeting people. 

It is the things that we associate with travel that  drives our feeling toward the activity. People who associate hardship and isolation with travel dislike it. People who associate family, meeting people and fun with travel love it.


Not ALL people love to travel.

Travel IS an excellent means of learning, though it depends on HOW you travel.

If just going the TOURIST route, nowhere near as much as going the TRAVELLER path by venturing more off the beaten path and immersing oneself in local cultures and experiences.


Traveling is a fun activity. Fun is the thing which people likes to do most. Curiosity about the things which the human being doesn't see remain attract them. People like awareness and knowledge. Traveling is the great way of learning. As by traveling people are familiar about the culture and traditions of different origins. Interaction of people is a good platform for learning experience and sharing knowledge. One of the major reason of advancement is traveling and brainstorming of different origin people