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Are there any disadvantages of the "right to education" ?

I don't think there is any disadvantage to constitutional "rights to education" unless two maybe jihadist movement that opposes or abhors education the right to education actually means that every person born should be entitled to a formal education and that is why the constitution deemed it fit to make parents and ward send their children to school so that they can actually get education which can improve them as a human being as well as also exposing them.

So I think it is very essential that education is even made a human right according to the constitution because I have compared it to other human right and I see that it hardly infringed on anybody not to talk of property or lives. So the right to education does not infringe any other people or any other thing unless there is probably no money to purchase or acquire education then it would mean that another advantage apart from the effect is that the right to education will make parents who are poor suffer.

so much in order to get their children education because as it has become a human right they are no longer entitled to give birth to their children without offering them formal education so unless I look at not having money as a disadvantage to right to education I do not think there is any other principle that it infringes upon currently but only these two minor reasons which I have stated one example could be the hardest effect which actually opposes people's education or the fact that not having enough money is not enough reason to deny a child the right to education so apart from this I do not see any other thing that actually stands against education


Honestly Without the basic right to an education, individuals would really be so ignorant and would really assume education as being invaluable. ...

Individuals would actually not be able to claim and pursue anything, they would not actually try their best to really attain education because they would believe that they do not truly deserve it. ....

Others would not be given the chance to have education because they do not have the right to it..... it would make Prejudice and judgement to actually rule the world..

Education is truly like the light which helps us to create our worldview, without education in our society, everything will actually fall apart....

And yeah i totally believe that the "rights to education"should not have disadvantages in any sane society....


No...without the right to education a lot of people would miss out. As a result a society would sink into ignorance and mental and material poverty. Take away the right to education and a society will be doomed. Some goverments might see it as an advantage to keep people as ignorant and stupid as possible in order to rule them more easily, but in the long term such a strategy will always fire back.