Is early morning sport / exercise supposed to be done before eating anything or after consuming little glucose?
Which is more beneficial

Early morning exercise should be done before eating any meal or taking anything at all. The main aim of the exercise is to burn out calories and if you eat something before you go out for exercise you're adding more calories, so why the exercise then.

When you're done with the exercise you can then eat the recommended meal or supplements to keep you in shape. For me I do exercise to stay fit and burn out excess fat. So the best way is to eat after exercise to stay healthy.


I'm not an expert on diet or workout but early morning exercise is something I do almost everyday, I run on the treadmill. 

What I learned about after some reading is that it's best not to consume or eat anything before working out especially extreme work outs because it can cause you appendicitis or maybe other stomach or intestine problems. 

Even drinking lots of water before exercise is not advisable, you can only take 1 or 2 sip before or during exercise, that's what I do and it has been working for me. 

When I tend to drink a bit before working out, I feel some kind of stomach pain that occurs when you run with water in your stomach.  

If you've already eaten something, it's best to relax first, maybe 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how heavy you ate before working out to reduce risk of stomach problems. 


I personally have an aversion to carbs and glucose when I can help it. 

I'd agree with @rye05 on this. It's better to exercise on an empty stomach when you're doing it early or at most do it with a few sips of water in your tummy.

Most of the time our bodies already have as store of blood glucose where you are supposed to use up over the day, adding more isn't necessary. Doing that might also open an opportunity for your body to perform  Gluconeogenesis, perfect if you're looking to lose some body fats.

I'm no expert in health too though. Consult your medical doctor for actionable advise.


in my opinion, it depends on a person's diet. if someone does exercise with the aim of reducing weight, it is very good to exercise without eating first. the reason, because the energy used for exercise will be obtained with fat in the body. so that his weight will decrease. but it must be accompanied by consuming lots of water, so as not to cause dehydration.

if someone does sports with the intention only to maintain health, then in this case it does not matter if someone eats before doing sports.


I have been training for a long time and I have met several people who have taught me about training.

It is better to train in the morning, to start the day in a good way, exercising your body and keeping it active.

It is better to eat before training, if they are heavy meals, wait between thirty minutes or an hour to train, eating before is essential because when exercising you burn calories, you reduce sugar and if you do not have anything in your stomach to reduce, it is really bad and You may get dizzy or vomit.

Before eating it is good to eat something light, it can be fruit or even a cookie, a nutritionist told me once that it was good to eat something sweet before training, only if it was cardiovascular training and not with weight.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/buWcS7G1_28


Depends on your diet, but assuming you're consuming sugars regularly, a banana will help you wake up your metabolism, yes, a small dose of sugar will help in your training.

However, if you're on a high fatty acid diet, ingesting any amount of sugar is discouraged. It would throw your fatty acid metabolism out of balance.