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Can Sacking of lopetuigi and hiring of new manager solve the problem of lackluster start of real Madrid to this season and if no, what are the things you feel the club needs to do?
Lopetuigi was the manager hired by real Madrid this season after he departure of zidane but he was sacked again after 14matches.

Well if depends on how you look at it. I dare to say that the teams lack luster performance is owed to the fact that Christianity Ronaldo left the club. Now it's not that the club lacks the quality to win matches, but I think that the team moral is very low right now. Marcelo said it himself that they all thought he wasn't going to leave and coming back to see that he did was a shock for all of them.

They simply don't have the kind of confidence and intimidating presence that they had when he was there. There were lots of times when he single handedly carried the entire team on his back or was able to motivate his team mates to work harder because they knew he was there. His absence took away their confidence and moral as a team and that's what they need to fix, not their manager per say.

Now the thing is that every manager isn't limited to thinking up tactics and barking out orders on the sidelines of the match. Building up team spirit and boosting morale is one of his jobs. Getting the Los Blanchos to believe in themselves now that Ronaldo has gone is what the manager needs to do and that's the truth.

Their team is complete from top to bottom, they've got the attack, midfield and defense to defeat any foe, what they lack is the confidence to actually do it. I actually believe that a Barcelona without Messi is better than a Real Madrid without Ronaldo but not so much better that the Los Blanchos would lose by 5 goals to 1.

If Required Madrid should actually sack their coach and higher a new one then his duty will be to make the players believe in themselves again, because that's all they've been lacking, belief. With Bale and Benzema up front, the team has more than enough firepower to put down any team, but they haven't been able to do that because of their lack of confidence.

If you watch their body language when they miss chances then you'll notice a clear difference between when Ronaldo was there and when he wasn't. It almost looks as if they feel like they won't get another opportunity like that again, but when Ronaldo was there, they'd laugh at missed opportunities because they knew they'd create more.

A new manager is not exactly the answer, boasting team moral and confidence is. If a new manager can do that then that's what needs to be done, if not then what the present manager needs to do is figure out a way to make them understand that with or without Ronaldo, they can win and dominate any match.

I hope this helps.


It's really sad that lopetegui was sacked after a very poor start to the season,it was really unfortunate for him to come in at such a bad time into the club.

Firstly,I want to say that Real Madrid are really having a bad time for now and it's not really lopetegui fault even though we know that the blame always goes first to the coach,I believe that a little patience from Real Madrid board would have sufficed.

We know that Madrid success for years have been majorly be built around Ronaldo,a player who scored 70% of Madrid goals every season,so it's going to be difficult to cope without him and I think that was the major challenge they have right now.

Hiring of a new manager would do much for the team right now, they have to sign some to two to three players who can fill Ronaldo's shoe and that will be to bring in a player like, Neymar who is very creative and can guarantee you at least 25 goals a season,and also they need another good striker to compete with benzema who is not really a clinical goalscorer,a striker like Mauro icardi or Paulo dybala who can scored 30 goals in a season because we know they can't get a direct replacement for Ronaldo but this players can help in striking a good balance to a team that is struggling to score goals.


Lets be honest. Zidane knew what was ahead. An aging team now and Perez is trying to bring in new blood. This didn't go down well with players like Carvahal who thinks that the players are being rewarded by having to watch their backs . Ronaldo is gone which was a mistake. So where will the goals come from? Bale is always injured and Perez is trying his hardest to bring in Neymar who has disaapointed at PSG. Lopetuigi did not have a good record before Spain and has always been considered weak. This gave Perez a free role to rule with an iron fist. He liked the dramatic  coaches like Mourinho so it may be possible  that he will be back but Madrid are in trouble. They need the president to let the manager pick his team and stop annoying the players by bringing in wannabes