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Tomorrow, 7th of november is my bithday, How best can I celebrate to touch a lot of people around me?
Birthday celebration shouldn't be all about drinking alcohol and eating alone.. It should be a day to make people happy same way you feel on your birthday

First, let me wish you a very happy birthday anniversary!

Birthdays are fun times and they are times to be grateful as well, grateful for the gift of life, grateful to your parents for all the love they've shown.

It's also a time for some retrospection, a time to look back at the past year and the things you've achieved.

I'm glad to see the way you think. Many people would rather sit down and have things done for them on their birthdays but you're choosing instead to do something special for others. That scores some serious marks on my book, not that you'd care anyway. So, here are my suggestions.


There are people in the orphanages who could do with some loving. Your birthday anniversary provides you with an opportunity, an excuse to spend some time with kids who don't have parents or whose parents don't care about them. Rally around them and make them happy. You could decide to get them clothes or food items or even toys. Anything that could make them feel happy. I bet you, you'll feel fulfilled at the end of the day.


This is another good one. You could decide to take a kid out, an orphan or a younger nephew or niece. Buy them things they've always loved and wanted. Give them a nice treat. You'd be overjoyed to see them happy.


This would mean you are also helping the course of bettering the lives of others. So many people get carried away with their own needs that they forget the needs of others. When you make a kind gesture like this. You can be sure that you've contributed your quota towards helping society, bettering the course of humanity.


This might seem scary but it's actually a nice way to celebrate birthdays especially if you are from my part of the world. Many prison inmates have lost touch with the real world because there's no one coming to see them, no one caring to see if they are dead or alive. Your presence could lighten their mood and provide a beacon of your hope. In my country Nigeria, there are a lot of people in prisons who were accused falsely and are made to pay for crimes they never committed. Such people might have given up hope and it's always nice to be the risen they can hope for a better tomorrow.

Some inmates have been locked up for years and have little to no one to look up to, some of them don't get good nutrition. You can imagine what your deciding to celebrate with them could do for them.

You can try any one of these or a combination. Thanks for your question. I hope you have a very wonderful birthday celebration, one you will always look back to and smile heartily.