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What is your favorite anime of all time and why is that?
Mine is Naruto. I grew up watching Naruto since high school. I was like him when I was a kid. Everyone said that I was a nuisance but I proved it that they're all wrong.
My favorite anime of all time is Hunter x Hunter. I just like the idea of having or achieving their power is through hardwork, the will to fight, protect and to survive. All of the characters in the Hunter x Hunter (except the chimeras) are not powerful from the start. They trained, they failed and still come back up and trained again. Pretty much all of the characters have compelling side stories that you can understand why they become villains, why their abilities become like it, how they achieved their powers and etc. You will even be amazed by the ability of the weakest character in Hunter x Hunter - Kumogi (Gunji Player). Try to watch so you can understand what I am talking about. :) That's all.

As someone who have watched all the anime episodes and have read the One Piece manga, I am honestly at awe at how much hard-work Eiichiro Oda have put into this brilliant masterpiece of an anime.

It's not just your average anime, One Piece has a story to tell and it's an interesting one. The amount of effort Oda have put into it is very commendable. If you have watched many episodes, you'll notice that something that happened at Episode 200 are just a foreshadowing for what will happen in Episode 500. Things like this are what separates One Piece from other anime there is.

Also unlike other animes where the world revolves around the main characters. In One Piece, it feels like a real world. It doesn't just revolve around Luffy et al, but there really is a system, a government or a real world and Luffy and the others just happens to be in it.
Angel Beats! Is the first anime I watch other than anime that ever aired on TV Indonesia, in short this anime that makes me until now fall in love with anime.

Oiah, if you notice, this anime always appears in all the lists I make, either in the best anime action, best anime, or anime school fun.

And the reason I include Angel Beats! to all that list is because I really like this anime.

Besides the amazing storyline, another thing I love about this anime is comedy, drama, and background story as well as its amazing soundtrack

Besides Angel Beats! this is one anime with a very strong element of friendship, and I really want to have friends like them.

Comedy of this anime is not crisp, how many times I watch this anime in some episodes will make me laugh.

But comedy is not the only thing that exists in this anime, this anime in an instant could turn out to be dramatic.

The one I was laughing at first suddenly changed into silence and a little sob. This is frankly embarrassing.

But i enjoy it.
One Piece - Because it's very funny and at the same time when the scene is dramatic, it can make you cry like when they set the Going Merry on fire.
The Last Airbender for sure!

I used to watch it as a kid on Nickelodeon and didn't realize how amazing it was until I decided to watch it a year or two back. I bingewatched the shit of that show, and it was definitely worth it.

"In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world." - IMDB.
anime I like best. Best Anime movie 2018 (winter season) is the first "Overlord II". Overlord II is one of the best current Anime movies, and is a continuation of the "Overlord" Anime movie released in 2015.

The story starts from an online game called "Yggdrasil" which will soon be closed. Because it has memories with the game, finally the main character named Momonga want to play the game for the last time.

But everything changes, when he finds a bug in the game, so can not log out and stuck in the game world. For the movie Anime "Overlord II" is also still tells the dominance of Momonga in the game world "Yggdrasil".
My favorite anime is Dragon Ball G series. I never miss to watch any episode which was released. In that TV series Goku is most favorite to me because of his power.