Can someone create a Steemit Messenger App?
I think it would be wonderful to have a Steemit Messenger App for Android, desktop, and IOS where you can earn Steem for using the app and/or per action. I would do this, but I do not know how to build one. Do you think this is a good idea, or is there already one?

This kind of exists. Partiko is an app build on the Steem blockchain for android, desktop and ios which has a messenger function build in. You can earn Partiko Points (which can be redeemed for upvotes) by using the app. But only when you post something on the Steem blockchain, not when you use their messenger. 

Also, the chat function only works when other people also have an account on Partiko. Otherwise the message will be displayed under the person his latest post.

I like Partiko for mobile phones but on a desktop i use Steemit because i'm more familiar with the interface.

Check it out here: https://partiko.app/referral/niel96


I want to introduce an application that can help you transfer and send messages to your wallet.

This application is known as Steem Messenger, this application was developed by @therealwolf with the discovery from smartsteem.com

I need to inform you that currently Steem Messenger is still in the BETA version and of course it still needs improvements and improvements. This application can run well.

Introduction to Steem Messenger

Steem Messenger is a desktop application that can be used to send Steem Wallet memos

So by using this application can not send wallet memos through the application and can also be done through a desktop application that runs on a PC or Laptop


Steem Messenger has provided several server node options. This is the goal if at any time a problem occurs on one node, the user can use another node by accessing the "Nodes" menu

Steem Messenger provides a "Blacklist" menu, this applies to not displaying messages sent by accounts that fall into the Blacklist category.

Next I will show you how to order messages in the form of wallet scrap using Steem Messenger. Please click on the button bearing the gear to access the chat memo section. Then If the application is in a situation click on the button bearing the padlock and enter the encryption password.

In the "Start Conversation" column

Please enter the steam username of the recipient of the chat (memo), then write the message in the column provided

If the message sent has privacy that is not allowed by someone else, then in the "Encrypt" section must be given a check mark.

Although the actual transfer activities are only intended for wallet delivery, but not infrequently this transfer process is used as a communication medium between fellow steemians


It is a nice idea, Steem Messenger would be the easiest way to communicate with other Steem users through the blockchain (on-chain) via transfers.

Some months ago @therealwolf created a steemit messenger app where you can communicate with others steemians, but why I don't like the the app is that each message sent will attract 0.001SBD/steem, the name of the so called app Is Steem Messenger(BETA).

I know an app also where you can earn for just commenting, posting, upvoting by using the app, this app is just like eSteem app, you can blog with it without using browsers, you will turn all the points you have accumulated to upvote, this function just added recently when they upgrade their app, the name of the app is Partiko, you would have seen many steemians using it because at the end of the post or comment, posted using partiko will be written there. You can visit @partiko blog to know much about it.

For you to accomplish this aim, you need to be a programmer or you can consult some programmers to help you out.

hope this answered your question?

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We have a few messenger services running on the steem blockchain. Although, none of these services are very popular but we still have them. Here is one by @kingswisdom:


Instructions for using the messenger:

1. Open https://beta-steem-messenger.herokuapp.com/

2. Click this sign at the bottom right-hand side of the page 

3. Click 'START' 

4. The messenger would ask for your private memo key. 

You can get you private memo key from you Steemit wallet.

5. After entering your 'username' and the 'private memo key' you can press 'LOG IN' and start using the Steem Messenger.