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What do you think of the new Hard Fork 20 of the Steemit block-chain?
I actually think there is going to be a lot better content being submitted, and the bots are going to be hard t use. I don't really care for the bots. I think there will be very good things coming our way :)

Mixed Opinions really. I for one love what this new update brings to the blockchain  but kind of hope the transition from HF19 to HF20 was handled and even tested properly before being released to the general public. 

It was really absurd (well at least for me XD) to think that 99% of accounts on Steem was somewhat "forced" to take a break for over a day on our beloved Steem. From what I have read, it was mostly because the new update take into consideration the past transactions an account had made 5 days before the Hard Fork making everyone's RC on the negative (or on debt) on the day of the HF. They however released a patched hours after forgiving the RC debt and resetting everyones RC to 100% and even multiplied the amount of RC one has to around 10 times to accommodate those who have low SP.

I mean why not do it from the very start? Reset everyone to 100% and allocate a big amount of RC and from there reduce it gradually so as not to disrupt users daily activity on the platform. Well I just expected the transition to go smoothly though not like this XD

Anyway as to what this new update brings to the blockchain: At first I really hate it as it somewhat limits low-level accounts on what they can do on the platform. Before they release the patches a default 15 SP account can only make around 3 posts/14votes/16transfers which honestly is not enough. 

Minnows/Planktons are what makes this platform more lively whether the whales agree to it or not (excluding the spammers /upvote fishers of course). Limiting what we can do is really discouraging. They always say that in order for one to grow on this platform, one must go socialize to others and yet they try to set a limit on how many posts/comments an account can do. Oh well! XD

Well that is before the patches, now a 15 SP account can do at least 22 comments/100+votes/100+transfers which honestly is enough for a "human user" on the platform and will make "bots/spammers/upvote fishers" being really limited on what they can do.  It also encourages everyone to power-up their liquid payouts so they can do more on the platform and not immediately cash-out.

So yeah! I think what this new update brings to the blockchain is really great but the way it was implemented was very disastrous! Either way things are starting to settle down and return to normal so I believe mostly positive things will happen from now on. :)


Excitement :

That's what I can say. Steemit inc, has addressed most of the issues we've been facing. The update of protocol has been positively addressing the issues that the platform is facing.

- Curation

- Self-voting

- Spamming on bot accounts

- Bid bots

- Commenting issues 

- Implementing the idea of "Freemium" blockchain.

Curation in the sense that 15 minute rule was implemented to give it to the early users who found the content to be valued and maximize the curation rewards. Also, it discourages the idea  of voting immediately because curation rewards gets back to the reward pool.

Spamming on bot (automated) because of the implementation of Resource credits, where there is a need to discourage their super activity in the blockchain.

Commenting issue fixed. We can now comment every 3 seconds :)

Freemium blockchain, it gives users the understanding that Steemit is never free. Our activities are having cost. It is free to interact but there is a cost behind every transaction and that some transaction cost more than others, where it needs to be paid (via resource credits).

Overall, it is an exciting journey for us Steemians. A more mature platform and a promising blockchain.

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What was implemented will not promote the growth of the community or its members. This is a huge disaster. Getting rid of spam accounts at the detriment of the everyday user. you can't claim to want to rid spam by making it impossible for engagement to be done easily. The short-term and long term impact of hf20 will be -'ve. So many people are already leaving the platform and some are waiting for Steem price to increase a little bit so that they can power down. Hf20 was a disaster


I like what they have now implemented. It was touch and go for a  few days though.I don't think it is quite finished as the main aim was to get rid of spam accounts. They want to put a value against every transaction before mass adoption, when smt's start with their Dapps.

The way it was run out was a little chaotic but the roller coaste is not finished as i can see a few more patches coming or another change fairly soon. I don't think the balance is quite right and that will be sorted over the coming weeks.


I think it is going to be a lot better for the platform as well.  I think a lot of people came into the hardfork without educating themselves and that caused a lot of panic when things happened that they were not expecting. 

I think that the witnesses and the Steemit team did a really good job working to get the issues fixed in a way that was quicker than they had previously anticipated.  The fact that there are so many people dedicated to ensuring the blockchain runs smoothly and well is a great indication of what the future of Steemit will be like.

I am not a fan of bots either, and only time will tell if these updates are going to cut down on that sort of activity.  There are always going to be people trying to game the system though, so all we can do is put out the best content possible and hope that it gets recognized.


I really like it. The resource credits will make spam posting every ten minutes a thing of the last. We are still waiting for the dust to settle but I think the curation rules aren’t a lot better too. Now if you vote before 15 minutes the share goes back into the pool . Same with the self vote which is great.