What brought your interest into the Steemit Network?
MIne was the chance to socialize more outside of mainstream social media like Facebook. I like that the Steemit block-chain has different apps to use based on genres of categories. Very versitile :)

In all honesty, what really brought me to Steem was the possibility to earn EASY MONEY!

I first stumbled upon this platform last December 2017 after a high-school friend of mine told me to try investing on Bitcoin. It was at that time when Bitcoins prices were soaring at around $20,000 and so it piqued my interest but is still somewhat skeptical all about it. I mean how can an intangible token be worth $20000 right? I might have bought a dozen character skins online but everytime I buy one I still can't help think that I am just throwing money away, much more buying a token/coin to God knows what it can do with it. So back then I still can't believe people would invest a lot of money on an intangible token like Bitcoin.

And so I did the next thing any stingy person would do. I tried to find a way to earn Bitcoin for FREE! And so I was introduced to the world of faucets, web mining, lottery and even to some "games" that pays you some BTC. Days after I stopped doing all those things as it was not just worth it. I don't want to spend my whole Christmas break proving I'm not a robot by solving captchas. And so I searched for another way and eventually one of the google search result lead me to this site. 

After browsing Steemit that time, one thing I've noticed was that people are being rewarded for just about anything. Back then, DMania was the trend and so I still can't believe that users are getting $100+ for posting a meme and so I immediately joined Steemit and the rest of history. Although days after I joined this platform, I immediately realized how hard it is to survive without friends and/or investment lol

So yeah! I think what brought my interest to join Steem was the possibility of earning some EXTRA MONEY by just simply posting anything. Added with the fact that there are now many DApps built on top of Steem almost every week. It's no longer being rewarded for posting anything, but is starting to become being rewarded for doing anything.

I mean being rewarded for exercising through actifit? Being rewarded for playing some game like Steemmonsters? Being rewarded for posting pictures through Steepshot? Who wouldn't be interested in joining Steem? :)


I am passionate about writing and sharing my feelings, thoughts, idea to the world. You can express yourself in wring if you start a blog. To start blogging, you have to buy domain and hosting.

I do not need or think of domain and hosting if I start blogging here on Steemit. I can write about anything on Steemit. No one will come and tell me what to do or what not to do. There is no restriction. I love the freedom.

If you start your blog on another site, and you think about monetization, you have to wait for a certain period of time before applying for monetization. But on Steemit, I do not have to think of monetization. It is on from day one. If I write quality content, people will upvote my content. I don't need any other forms of monetization. 

Everything is moving from centralized system to decentralized system. Who does not want to be a part of this change? If you want to get into cryptocurrency, you have to either buy it or mine it. Steemit gives you a golden opportunity to get into the magical world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. You can write articles, and you will get Steem and SBD as a reward. You can make video, podcast or whatever you like. You will be rewarded for that as long as you add value to the lives of others. Isn’t it amazing?

There are many communities on Steemit. You can join Discord channel. You will see many communities over there and they are helping others. It is really inspiring when you see you are not alone. There are thousands of people in a community. And they are ready to support you on your Steemit journey.

I did not spend more time on Discord at the beginning of my Steemit journey. Now I think I should have spent more time over there. I love to participate in the community. There are different contests on Steemit. You can participate in the contest. If you win, you will get the reward. Whether you win or not, you can learn something from participating in the competition. You get to know amazing people all over the world. It helps us get close to each other.

These are the things that brought my interest into the Steemit Network. 


I came to steemit on august 2017 after hearing a friend of mine making a conversation on the phone about steemit and the opportunities it presents.

I did the research and I landed on the website and after looking at the interface and the beautiful designs, I saw some blog post on the trending page that had stories on them and I thought this could be really really important in my writing career.

I always wanted to write but what was always holding me back was the fact that I lack motivation. I could be up and going one day, the writing juice flowing and tomorrow, I'll be without any motivation. So, I thought if I could be writing and then getting some little upvotes, then I could have enough motivation to see me through writing a book.

I was very excited about that and that was it from the beginning. When I first started writing, I was getting my blog stories curated from a team of nigerian creators who visited my blog time and time again and liked the content I was putting up everyday. I remember getting upvotes worth about $10 for almost 2 weeks straight. It was really really encouraging back then and really helped me not lose hope during those early times. So, that was it for me. It wasn't so much as the reward but the continuity it was going to help me with.


Money but then I guess that was what brought so many of us. After the advent of ponzi scheme and losing so much to it, I vowed never to do anything that has to do with making money online. When My colleague told me about steemit, I waved it off cos I felt it is another ponzi scheme like something will later be demanded. After he earned his first SBD and sold it for cash, it piqued my interest and I immediately got registered on the platform.

Money brought me to steemit but money isn't the reason I'm still in steemit anymore. New relationships have been formed. Lots of amazing people on here. My knowledge has increased. Lots of amazing articles to read from. My writing skill has definitely improved too. I'm more aware of my environment and things happening in it because it could be a post who knows.

I'm better because of steemit. It challenges me to want to study, surf the net, research and write. It also keeps me really busy and I no longer have the time to be idle. Steemit has become like a second life to me. I wonder what it will be like not being on steemit for weeks because just these few days I was unable to post because of hardfork, I felt so incomplete.

I came for the money but I'm staying for the community. I believe in steemit.


 My Steem journey is pretty crazy: it started with a game:

Enter Civ 6!

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 to be more precise.  But how did a game get me Steemit?

I play almost no games regularly with one exception: Sid Meier's Civilization series. When Civilization 6 was released, I was excited to try the new version, but my computer wasn't powerful enough to run the game. When I got around to upgrading my laptop,  I ordered a new computer that had a strong enough GPU to run Civ 6.

By the time the computer arrived, I had heard about bitcoin and bitcoin mining. I wasn't ready to make a purchase of something I didn't quite understand yet, but I thought, maybe my new GPU might be powerful enough to try to mine bitcoin.

Enter NiceHash!

This was a really bad idea. Horrible.  Because the heat produced from bitcoin mining got my laptop so hot, I thought it would melt the machine before I was able to claim any bitcoin at all.  

At this point I understood that I would need something a lot more powerful than my overheating laptop to make any progress mining. I then researched application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Enter Bitmain!

But Bitmain was out of stock on all websites for months.  Not all websites, but the available units were either too expensive or looked like a scam.

As I had been researching, I also was learning more generally about the cryptocurrencies, including altcoins. The more I learned the more comfortable I was entering the space. I still hadn't heard about Steem yet.

But I finally took the step to join an exchange.

Enter Coinbase!

So, I was in the crypto space! After my account was up and running I made a small deposit from my bank, bought some bitcoin, immediate transferred it all to Bittrex, then made my first crypto purchase.

At that point, I decided to run a Top Ten crypto experiment for all of 2018. Just buy a small amount - $100 of each - and track them throughout the year, reporting monthly, like a lazy man's index fund.  My first/only idea on how to share this experiment was to go to this little video sharing site I know of...

Enter YouTube!

As I was researching for the experiment I was watching a lot of crypto commentators on YouTube.  One of them mentioned Steemit as a place that would reward/pay for quality content and a site that would point traffic back to YouTube.

Enter Steemit! (Finally!)

The irony is that once I was on Steemit, I quickly lost interest in YouTube.  Instead of pointing traffic from Steemit to YouTube, I basically quit YouTube and stuck with Steemit.  

And that's how I got here and how a computer game eventually lead me to open a Steemit account!


Well, what actually brought my interest to steemit was because I heard from a friend (who actually has been on steemit for long) that they reward writers who loves writing a lot. So I was thrilled, and I decisively joined steemit last month. As a writer who loves doling out words on paper, this is a lovely testimony to me!


It's been for a little while since informal organizations have endeavored to propel clients by paying them some "cash" (either genuine or not). Investigate, precedent, at the Reddit's attempt:

We are pondering making a digital money and making it interchangeable (sponsored) by those offers of Reddit, and after that dispersing the cash to the network. The financial specialists have expressly consented to this in their speculation terms.

What's more, there were some others:

Paid-for-post stages are not new. A couple of herald stages are Tsū and Bubblews which are presently old. Both plans of action depend on notices to contribute content and their income is from notice. Patreon is comparative however works marginally in an unexpected way. Patreon is a system with substance makers and fans straightforwardly supporting their substance by means of regularly scheduled installments or per creation. So this is a direct tipping model from fans to content makers.

Likewise investigate the Empire.Kred informal organization: Empire.Kred is intended to drive web based life movement and communication between the enrolled individuals. A player's esteem increments, to a limited extent, accordingly movement via web-based networking media locales and their own confirmed web journals and rss channels. Moreover, a player's esteem increments through profits paid-out by different individuals he or she has put resources into. Subsequently, the web based life action of a player's speculations additionally adds to his or her amusement riches. It is in the player's self-enthusiasm to pursue, top pick, or generally add to the web based life movement of those they put resources into.

Be that as it may, we should proceed with Steemit!


I saw a post about it a while ago and remembered. I had no idea what it was and didn't know what to expect.

I enjoy learning about things and especially general knowledge. Steemit is fun and I enjoy the interactions with other users but i find this relaxing. I look for questions I know something about and if i don't I will go read up about it trying to understand it.

Some questions I just pass over as it doesn't interest me and it will like be doing a science lesson all over again. 

The rewards are very good and sweeten the pot you might say. That doesn't matter that much though as I find it therapeutic.Research and writing is fun and that is what musing is all about.


My wife's cousin was very involved in bitshares and then Steemit. He is the one that got me into it.

The group that he works with used to run a witness server. They have since moved on to EOS projects.

When he started telling me about a platform where people were rewarded for high quality technical content I was very interested.

Obviously this is not really the case anymore and Steemit has evolved very much since that time which was less than a year ago.


A friend of mine told me about it in February 2017. In retrospect, he was too negative about it at first. If I had exchanged by BTC for STEEM at the moment - that's when the price of STEEM bottomed out - I would've become an instant Dolphin. I only became active on Steem in the summer.


Through a video, of one of my subscribed yt channels, that covered it.                           If you interested in the channle, but it is in german, check for @sempervideo.

Cheers                                                                                                                                                     eM


Well first of all Curiosity really drove me here.  While after spending and getting to know the Steem Blockchain I was really into it and most importantly I was able to do the thing that I do like doing the most and I can do it at any point in my day or night.

While there is money of course and the best thing is that we can do it by sharing the contents that we like and do in our time.

While yes communities are one of the most important thing and I was able to be in and the friends that  I made were indeed worth it and they were one of the best gift that I was able to get in here.

Exploring myself and getting to know myself was possible because of this platform.