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Which programming language is the best?
Java is a computer programming language that can run on multiple platforms, from PC to smartphones and mobile devices. This programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem's The Green Project in 1991. And up to now, Java has become one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, and the most widely used programming languages.

The popularity of Java as one of the best programming languages ​​does not appear for no reason, but because of the advantages of Java itself, for example as it can run on various platforms, more easily understood, and has a complete library that will greatly facilitate the programmers when operating.

The Java name itself was chosen because one of Java's originator, James Gosling, was very fond of pure coffee that was directly milled from a coffee grinder, where it came from Java, Indonesia. And the island of Java (Java) which eventually became the name of one of the best and most popular programming languages ​​in the world.
If you're just starting out, with no previous programming experience, I would recommend learning python. It is a very popular programming language which has a lot of applications in technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

If you have a little experience with Object Oriented Programming, then you can learn C and C++. C++ is a powerful language and a lot can be achieved with it. But it is not usually recommended for a beginner who is just starting out. You can achieve almost anything with the concepts of classes and pointers.

If are an intermediate programmer with experience in C++ or python, check out Java. Java is an object oriented language which is always among the top five programming languages. You can easily create window based applications with Java using libraries such as JavaFX or Swing.

If you're into blockchain development, do check out Solidity. It is a contract based programming language based on Javascript. Solidity is one among the most popular programming languages for developing blockchain based apps.

We can't actually answer the question of which programming language is the best. The only answer we can find is which one is the one you love most and find fun to work with. Only then can you really learn without feeling daunted.
C ++ is a development programming language of C language, so C ++ and C language have syntax of writing which is almost the same. But even so, these two programming languages ​​turn out to have differences in terms of solving the problem.

Regardless, C ++ is one of the best programming languages ​​and widely used by big software companies, such as Adobe, Firefox, and so on.
To start learning, C++. It provides many of the basics that you need for other languages.

Now, best languages to code in would depend on what you're doing. Building a game that you want to be cross-platform? Java works well for that. Want to make a website? A mix of HTML and JavaScript will do nicely.

Java and Html
According my opinion and knowledge on programming language I prefer to c++ programming language is best because we have to do explain in equation form only.i had learned c++ language in my college life of engineering so I know c++ language is a programming language
PHP The language of this one program is usually used to create professional websites. Even classmates Facebook, WordPress, and Digg-reportedly use PHP in its development. In addition to being able to make the website become dynamic, PHP can also be used for free, so that's what makes the computer program language this one is widely used by developers in the world. And keep in mind that PHP was first developed by Rasmus Lerdrorf.