What is your opinion about afterlife?

‘opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, and they continually pump out nothing but shit.’ 😂

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Well for starters I truly believe there's an afterlife. There has to be something more to life on earth, we have to be able to either be rewarded or punished for our actions on earth and that's where the afterlife comes into play. It's the decisions that we make today that will determine how our afterlife experience will be or better yet, where we go when we die.

What I don't know is how the afterlife is, or which afterlife people actually get sent to. I mean the Greeks had their own afterlife, with Elysium, the fields of asphodel and the isle of the blessed, the Egyptians had theirs, the Christians have heaven and hell and the Muslims have their own as well. It'll be interesting to see which one is the real afterlife.

I think the concept of an afterlife is closely related to religion and to believe in a particular religion is to believe in the existence of an afterlife. In fact if you've ever believed that ghosts exist then you most certainly believe that there's an afterlife.

I read a book by Rick Riordan a couple of years ago and in this book, the characters believed that whatever religion you believed in the most would be the determining factor of what afterlife you'd go to and maybe that's exactly what's going to happen. I'm a Christian so maybe when I die it's off to heaven(hopefully) with me. I guess none of us will know until we kick the bucket.

I hope this helps.


I actually believe that almighty GOD judges every individual after their death....the judgement are made Based on the good and the bad the individual did on earth and also as well as the faith of the individual,, He(GOD)actually places the individuals in heaven or in hell. He(GOD) can also actually grant a person the grace and also cause them to be able to enter heaven even though they have actually done some few good deeds....

We are made to believe that Heaven is actually a place of joy and happiness,It is a place of so many beautiful gardens and also palaces. But the actual greatest blessing of the heaven is actually being able to really see GODand hear him....the real true nature of the heaven is actually beyond imagination.....

Hell itself is a place which is known to be a place of anguish. It is a place of eternal fire. It is a place where individuals actually feel pains and also regrets...however,the greatest torment of the hell is the displeasure of GOD... The true nature of the hell is also beyond imagination too...


I think the afterlife is real and I so much believe in the afterlife depicted in the holy Bible. Most of the things the Bible said about man, the earth, future Revelations etc have been proven to be true, thus afterlife of eternity in heaven or hell is very real.

Every man compromises of a body, soul and spirit, the spirit must return back to what made it but the final destination of the spirit will be judged by how such person lived on the earth. Anyone that lives to please God will spend his afterlife with God in heaven and anyone that lives to please the devil will spend his afterlife with the devil in hell. This is my thought about the afterlife. Hope it doesn't scare you?


I see no reason to believe in such concept, so I don't 

It's not to say that I'm convinced that there's nothing after the death.

I am just not convinced that there is.


My opinion about afterlife is that it is going to be a fabulous experience for we humans if we make heaven. So now is the time we have to make our ways straight.

We Christians have to beliefs about afterlife. One is that if your name is written in the book of life then you will make heaven and enjoy with loved ones and the heavenly bodies including God's angels, but if your name is not in the book of life then you go to hell fire and burn in eternal flame.

No one will like to burn in an eternal flame so the best step any one should take now is repenting and giving his or her life to Christ and also spreading the gospel across nations.

Afterlife for those who will make heaven will be an heavenly experience I will say as one doesn't lack anything there. Everywhere is beautiful and I think we will have the opportunity to be communicating with God our creator himself. Now that will be awesome.