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Do you think the rap has lost its original purpose?
The latest rap songs began to deviate from the real subject.

Yeah, I strongly believe so. I even wrote a post about it on steemit a few months back. In the history of the world, since the first moment that the white man came in contact with the black man, it's been nothing but maltreatment, sorrow and unfairness for the black man. Now music in itself has always been a way of story telling. From the boards of old who would sing about the epic adventures of warriors to the religious men who would sing of the good deeds of their god, music had always had a good use. Then in the 70's, a man named DJ KOOL Herc came around and rap was born. It was the first time the black man had found a way to express himself. It was a way for him to cry out without crying out. It was a way for him to encourage his people to stay strong. that's what rap was. Even in the time of Ice Cube, they still rapped about police brutality and when Tupac came around, he rapped about living a better life. They all had a message to pass on.

But somewhere along the line, rap lost its soul. The new age rappers don't care about the masses, they just live wanton lifestyles of drugs and alcohol and as such can rap about nothing more than drugs and alcohol. The times have changed and maybe it's because the societal vices that the forefathers of rappers faced aren't as direct and open as they used to be, it's made people comfortable. Rap itself is dying and the sickly thing that is replacing it isn't worthy of being called rap.


Rap for me has been a style of music originated by the 1990s Afro Americans and along the years it's undergone a lot of improvisation and tinkering by the modern artistes of these days, the commercialization of the market has made rap music undergone tampering because these days musician blend rap music in other to sing what the the populace wants instead of maintaining the original true nature of rap music originaly sung by the likes of notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, 50 cent and even snoop dog.

These singers from the late 90s and the early 2000s maintained the essences of rap music while adding the essential ingredients. The rap songs of those days had a seldom resemblance to poetry and the wordings and rhyme passed so many messages like the oppression of the Afro Americans back in the days.

These days rap music follows a particular song beat and has been tinkered with by rappers like FUTURE, I grew up listening to the likes of PUFF DADDY and I can tell you the true essence of rap is dying and if you ask me it's gradually loosing it's core meaning and not just it's purpose

The greed to make money has made musician abandon the essence of the true rap music because of fear that they may never make money. Rap artiste are also abandoning rap in other to dive into reggaeton and R and Blues because they feel rap is not commercially buoyant. In the long run rap music may totally go into extinct unless strategic changes are done to restore back it's beauty and purpose.