I can't use any of the steemite sites for a while. I can't share. Why is that happening? When will he recover? Is it just me?

You have no resource credits to spend and therefore you cannot perform any actions on the platform

What are RC and where did they come from?

 RC = Resource Credit. 

RC is an estimation of cost, which includes:  

- CPU (mega)cycles

- State memory

- History size

It is a feature implemented in HF20 to replace the old bandwidth system.

Every action taken on the blockchain has a "cost" associated with it to perform. The larger, the more complex the action, the more space it requires on the blockchain, etc, the larger the cost. In the past that was monitored by the bandwidth number. 

As each of us performed actions our available bandwidth decreased.However it was determined that bandwidth was not an accurate measure of the cost of these operations and also was not scaleable in the future.  A new solution was devised.... enter Resource Credits.

This is supposed to be a more true and accurate calculation  of what resources are needed to perform each action. The longer your post/comment, the more pictures included, etc the more storage it takes on the blockchain, the higher the "cost" to the user.It recharges over a 5 day so you will always go from 0% RC to 100% if you do nothing for 5 days. Personally I just won't use more then 20% or so a day and that way I won't have to worry about running out.

When HF20 was first implemented there were MANY issues with resource credits. There was a bug where initially any action you had taken at all since you first started here was counted against your RC and so most people had a HUGE negative debt and were unable to post, comment, upvote, or even power up since they had no RC to do those actions.

Patches have been implemented over the last few week to correct most of the issues found during the initial launch. There was a patch last week that increased the available resource pool for each block by a factor of 10. This had the impact of allowing most users to regain most of their RC right away as now suddenly supply outweighed demand and costs of operations were essentially lowered.

Another stated reason for the implementation of RC was to combat the number of spam bots out there. These bots were using an unfairly high amount of resources on the old system and not being charged directly for it. 

Under RC each account must have enough resource credits to pay for its own actions.It is hopeful that this will reduce (not eliminate) the amount  of spam comment bots plaguing the system.RC is also a learning system that will attempt to find a balance. This means costs of operations will continually be changing. 

This allows flexibility and scalability moving forward when such features as communities and SMT's (Smart Media Tokens) are implemented in the future.So overall RC was a necessary and needed upgrade to Steem for future growth and scalability but I do not think in any way its implementation can be considered smooth or uneventful.  

New users or those with low SP (and therefore low RC) will need to change their habits and be more conscious of how they spend their resource credits. You can get a general estimate of how many actions you can undertake by visiting www.beempy.com/power/@yourusername

You will be shown similar to:

As you can see you have about 7% RC at this time. It will take 111 hours (roughly 5 days) for you to get to 100% IF you don't do anything else.

You can see what the estimated amount you need to make a comment/post will be (1.5 G), for a vote (0.31 G) and transfer operation (sending or receiving steem/sbd/SP, or even powering up steem to SP) (0.12 G)

The estimated number for comments (1), votes (7) and transfer ops (19) that you can do with your remaining RC (2 G of 34 G)

This tool will give you all the necessary information you need to better plan how much and when you can do activities.

In order to gain more RC, you need to gain more SP. You can do so by powering up steem into SP, leasing or renting SP delegations or simply buying it from an exchange


Most likely your Resource Credit (or Mana) have gone close to 0%. 

Steem have undergone an update a week ago. One of which is the implementation of the Resource Credit system. With this in place, all comments/upvotes/transfers or any transactions happening on the Steem blockchain now costs some RC's. The more SP an account holds, the more Rescource Credits it will have.

Right now your RC is at 6% which would mean you could only do at least 1 vote and 1 transfer atm. Either power-up some Steem or wait for it to fully recharge to be able to post/comment once again. 

RC regenerates at a rate of 0.83333% per hour so yeah, in your case it would take around 5 days for it to fully recharge. :)


Maybe your resource credit is very low. The new upgrade steemit just did makes it difficult for accounts with low steem power to carry out activities on the platform. When you are low on RC, it becomes difficult to use the platform unless you have some steem to power up or you invest money in steem that you can use to power up.

This is the new situation of things in steemit now. They said that such change was done to reduce spam and make the plaform better for everyone. But they are preventing some genuine accounts from being able to use the platform. Just wait for your RC to recharge.


Hello @unlemvduble. Don't panic they will come back when you recharge. Your resource credits govern what actions you are allowed to do on the block chain. if we take a look at where you are then we will see.

view on: steemit | steemdb

Resource Credits
max_mana33,948,060,084current_mana2,336,757,252current_pct6.88%adjustment202.306207 VESTSEnough credits for approximately:
1 comments (21 after recharge)
8 votes (120 after recharge)
9 transfers/powerups (131 after recharge)
100% recharged in 4 days 

This is where you currently are on the steemd website.If we break down what you are allowed to do then this may help you understand what to do and how to grow.

if you are at 100% in other words fully recharged then you will be allowed to do the following actions. Currently you are way down on your resource credits and it is restricting you from doing any actions. What you have to remember is whatever you do you are using resource credits. So if you were at 100% then you do 15 comments it will reduce all the other actions such as power ups and transfers. I would then not use any of those and ignore that until you have something worthwhile  to power up.  I have tried to simplify it as much as possible for you because understanding is the key. People tell you this and show you pictures of your account but don't explain exactly what and how it affects you. I understand more than most when it comes to restrictions and it is not fun but stay with it and grow.

21 Comments  at 100%/ current 1 (7%)This is charging at 1 comment per 6 hours.

120 Votes at 100% / current 8 (7%)

131 power ups or transfers at 100%./ current 9 (7%)

Where are you going wrong?

I honestly can see where you are going wrong. 21 comments is over a 5 day period so if you divide 21 by 5 you have 4 or thereabouts. If you do more than 4 it will take extra time to recharge. 4 comments a day then it tells me it is recharging 1 comment every 6 hours. I would suggest charging for 2 days and try and get to 10 comments and then use the 4 a day and use them to grow. If you use more than 4 then you will end up doing less each day before it recharges.It won't take long and you will be doing more comments every day soon.

If you have any more questions and are unsure message me and I will help you through this period. Managing what you can do is key and just do what you can.