Your choice is love or money?

Both are Equally critical.

Not discussing every one of them but rather It happens where I have seen Many Cases People having the joy of Money yet neglects to keep any relation.They may have each materialistic joy however does not prevail to keep up a

relationship and are Kind of loneliest one.I have likewise known a considerable lot of them who has great relationship yet because of deficiency or cash numerous relationship falls flat. As they are constantly stressed over the things which

they can't manage without cash For Eg: Two of them adore and wed however on the off chance that they doesn't gain well and can't exertion to teach or nourish the youngster appropriately or actually satisfy the partner which must be done through cash… Not each connection yet some of them Fail due the Lifestyle without cash.

So It's Important To Have WISDOM .If we are sufficiently insightful to keep up the parity between How to have better relationship and gain enough cash we would at any rate live serene Life.

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I prefer money.

Here's the explanation why I chose money, because the biggest effect of money is that it can make love last longer. Money can be a magnet for love itself.

If love requires capital, and one of the most basic capital is money. If you reject my opinion, chances are you are more suitable to live in the past, where money is still not found and daily needs have not been filled with money and there is not much that has been spent with money.

Indeed, love can move mountains, but whether love can build bridges, whether love can make the stomach full, whether married people need love, not in fact they need money too. Sooner or later real life will make everyone aware that money is the answer to the problems found in this world.

Maybe that's just my opinion.

Thank you, greeting @nandaibra


Both of them work together; love and money. Because there are some situations where money has no effect on love and there are some instances where money dictates the existence of love among some particular people.

And this is the same for love. When there is the love of an individual it brings more power and money for him or her and when there is no love, there is reduction in wealth, or even greater consequences.

And love has been the foundation and the basic in the human society right from the outset. But as the human society grew larger and more complicated money became something more useful and very necessary to have in the society. The fact becomes clear: money is only a large facilitator and sponsor of love which use the root and the key to human coexistence and growth.

And there is also the common parable, where Three blessings; money, long life, and love, took the form or shape of three men, and came knocking at the doorstep of a poor lonely family at the outskirts of a town.

These three strangers ordered the head of the family, the husband, to choose between one of them and only the blessings related any of them chosen will come upon the family.

The man with his wife and children after much deliberations decided to be content and choose the one named love. And their contentedness eventually paid off and benefited them, because the remaining two blessings decided to stay with love simply because of love.

This is simply to show the the great influence love has when it still exists among a particular people.

But anyway the two are great but I still prefer love to money.

Thanks very much.


Money is important. But love is of utmost importance and I will never understand how people can remotely believe that money could buy them love. It cannot and never will. A person cannot buy love...only makebelieve or fake love. But if that is what a person wants...well that is his or her decision. If a man thinks that a woman might not like him if he has not enough money than maybe it is the wrong woman. A woman can earn money by herself. Those people who rely on money only and think that money could buy love are truely poor souls.


 My choice is "LOVE"because if you got love then money is not a big deal. Money is just like a bird, it's not for your forever but Love exists forever in your life. Love never dies, if love is true.

So I also suggest you choose love rather than money. We can make money If we both in the relationship want money. But we can't purchase or buy love. So for me, love is most important in my life rather than money. Money is just temporary in our life but true love is with you for the lifetime.  


I rather choice money, because money can make love come to you. If u just have love. Your girl friend will leave you. So you need to have a lot of money. You need to hard work more than people do.

Love is inportant when you have already your money. You can give the money to people so people will love you. People will really helped if u give them money than you just give love.

Money can change your love. If you got a lot of money you can steal people love. You can steal another girl from his boyfriend.

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I'm going for love😊

Through money, you may be able to buy the things that will make you happy in a short period of time.

While the happiness that you will get from "true" love may last a lifetime.