Would you like to have a woman president?

Yes, I would love to have a woman president, sooner than later.

Thank you for your question.


Hmmmmmm...... although am not a feminist but would love to see how it's going to be like...let's see whether the heart of a mother would be displayed.



I am a woman, and while know how strong a woman can ever, I am not sure I'll support a woman coming out for the Presidency of my country.

Every woman knows how much of a woman is controlled by hormones. I fear that some important decision making may depend on her hormones and that doesn't sound comfortable to me. Especially not in a country as 'interesting' as mine.

My reason may be annoying or hilarious, depending on who is reading, and I may change my mind tomorrow, but today, I won't support a female president.

If a female president is voted in, however, I will respect her authority.


I honestly don't care what's between my president's legs. ย What matters to me is whether they represent my interests. ย If they're not able to work under pressure, don't care about the issues that I care about, then I don't want them to be my president.


It does not matter for me if what is the gender of the president or any officials. What matters most is how they perform their jobs.

It was like saying that, any gender as long as he/she is a good one. Someone who will give or work his/her best for the betterment of everyone.


I am not after politics, but nothing happened great during the rule of the two female presidents which ruled the country. The first female president didn't win the elections. The incumbent president at that time was ousted, which many already believed was due to manipulation by her party, and the church. The second female president was also seated when the president at that time was ousted. She ran for presidency, which many believed has cheated to be able to win.


We actually have a female president at the moment. Before her we've had like 4 or 5 different presidents, all male. To be honest, I see no difference. The president's role is to represent the crowd here. They don't have too big of control over anything. So, why the fuck not? As long as the president's not an asshole nor a traitor, who cares what their sex is...