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How to overcome fear?

Fear is a property of consciousness. Every human, not only humans but every living things possesses a different range of fear. Fear comes from the fact that no living thing wants to get hurt or die. To my thinking, I don't think we can ever be able to overcome fear because it is a property living creature must possess. We might never be able to overcome fear but we can be able to control, submerge or hide it. Most people who seems not to be afraid are actually feel fear. You may be surprised that some of them may even be more afraid than you are. They didn't overcome their fair but they learn how to control or hide it. Controlling fear can prove really difficult but it is possible. Controlling fear is one of the major training in military school.

Fear overcoming people makes them more prone or vurnerable to harm. Because with fear in charge you won't be able to think or reason before making decision which might turnout to be devastating. Controlling fear is trying to calm and cool yourself in fearful situation. Keeping yourself focused when there is a pandemonium. It will be hard but you have to force out the courage and braveness out of nowhere. Doing this will help you make a better decision and a less hamful choice because you are now thinking straight.

Fear cannot be overcomed but be submerged!


 Just stop creating horror movies in your mind and then you overcome fear! Fear is only a mechanism in our body to prepare ourselves for what might come, it should make you sharper, and take more precautions. Unless you create horror movies in your mind and then fear will be activated with by every horror thought. 

There for it would be wise to train your thoughts, to make sure that you will not make any horror/fail/negative thoughts in your mind, just think the opposite and it will give your force/strength and courage. This is how you can make yourself weaker or stronger, what you want is up to you!

This might sounds easy or simple, but the truth is, that is what it is. Our mind is very strong and powerful, but we only need to learn how to use it, or else our EGO will do that for us, and think of all kind of crazy things. 

Just focus on the facts, evidence and keep your feed on the ground, and use life experience to practice what to think in situations, only then you can retrain your mind to think differently.

There for it looks like that some guys don't have any fear, because they don't think about something negative/failure or a horror scenario, and when they do get in some kind of situation, then fear will be the first reaction what is caused by their perception, but those thoughts are fast gone after there mind thought of something else.

That can made it look like some people don't feel fear at all, while they do and they chose to think different afterwords and that's how they overcome they fear. Everyone can do this! 

So to overcome fear is to go in a situation and keep thinking of something positive, then enforce yourself to do what you wanted to do in the first place. Then after you have done that, you will gain new knowledge ( like you leveled up), what will give you more courage to go further and do it again, by repeating this in life experiences then you will train your brain to think rational, instead of being influenced by a horror movie thought!

 And how easy or difficult this will be, depends on your life experiences, what created your state of mind! 


Fear is a poor chisel to carve out your tomorrows.

If you're looking at your future from a position of fear, I want to let you know that view is inaccurate and distorted.

The fear may be as a result of a traumatic experience, unrealistic, growing up in a high control home or even genetic predisposition

Regardless of what the cause may be, fear driven people often miss great opportunities because they are afraid to venture out.

Its never a safe thing to glare into the future with the eyes of fear.

Williams Ward gave a clear difference between FAITH and WORRY:

WORRY is faith in the negative, trust in the unpleasant, assurance of disaster and belief in defeat.

Worry attracts negative conditions.

FAITH is the only powerful force that creates positive circumstances.

Stop playing safe, avoiding risks and trying to maintain the status quo. Its never a cool decision.

Fear wants you to run from things that aren't chasing you.


Follow this famous advice:

"At night, give all your worries and fears to God. He's going to be awake all night anyway".

1Peter 5:7 puts it this way:

"Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you".

The Bible also said:

"Well formed love banishes fear.

Since fear is crippling, a fearful life, fear of death, fear of judgement - is not yet formed in love".



in my opinion to overcome fear, what must be done is to think positively. and doing sports activities. according to research that has been done by the medical side, they say that doing exercise will increase mental courage.


You can overcome fear in three easy steps!

Step One:

Understand the root of that fear.

Step Two:

Expose yourself to the fear.

Step Three:

Get used to the fear, meaning, fear no more.


A flight is one of the things I was afraid of before, And I managed to go through a number of meditations that helped eliminate the fear, and finally now I'm no longer afraid to be on a plane to travel.

Aviophobia is the fear of flying aka fear of getting on a plane. If you suffer from aviophobia but work requires that you often go back and forth to somewhere using these modes of transportation, here are ways to get rid of the fear of boarding a plane that you can try.

Many factors make a person afraid to fly or get on a plane. For example, he may have heard loud noises during the flight, experienced turbulence in previous flights, or felt sick because of changes in pressure on the plane.

If you suffer from aviophobia, here are some ways to get rid of the fear of boarding a plane that I have practiced:

Perform meditation exercises every day for one or two weeks before the flight schedule.

Take a deep breath for 4 seconds and gently exhale for 6 seconds. Repeat until your body and mind are calm.

Lower the plane's window cover so it doesn't interfere with the view outside.

Do things that help you stay focused, not afraid, and not anxious. For example listening to music, reading books, watching, or eating something.

Aviophobia or fear of flying can increase if we feel anxious. Eliminating elements that can trigger anxiety or anxiety such as caffeine, energy drinks, and other stimulants is thought to help as a way to eliminate the fear of boarding a plane.

Tell the passenger next to your seat and flight crew, if you are afraid of getting on a plane. If during the flight fear arises, passengers and crew can provide useful advice or even help reduce fear.

Find out the triggers that make you afraid to get on a plane. That way, you will have more understanding and understand what steps should be taken to be used as a way to eliminate the fear of boarding a plane.

Meet a therapist or psychologist. If anxiety is very extreme and disrupts activities, a trained professional can help you deal with and eliminate the fear of boarding a plane.

They can provide the right solution according to the circumstances and severity of fear, for example by taking anxiety medications, therapy, hypnotherapy, and relaxation therapy.

Fear of boarding a plane is one type of phobia that is quite common. But do not let the fear that you experience prevents you from working, traveling, traveling, or having fun elsewhere. By doing various ways to get rid of the fear of boarding the plane above, and find the best information possible about flights, hopefully the aviophobia that you feel can be reduced or even lost.


“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”