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Why do people lie?

Sometimes, we possibly cannot give reasons why we lie, it could be for no reason at all, it could be out of the multitude word which lie is not wanting.

Some people lie, because they are afraid of the reaction people if he tell the truth

People lie to escape some punishment or shame which may come as a result telling the truth at that particular time.

Sometimes we lie to save another person, or for good reason, that is white lie. The crux is the that people lie for Different reason which is personal to every individual.


Basically there are a lot of reasons people lie.

There was a time my friend had to lie to her partner. That was not the right thing for her to have done but she didn't lie because she wanted to, she did because she was scared of losing him. She told me about it and I warned her about the cons and advised she opened up which she did. It wasn't easy initially but love conquered😍.

Most people lie to protect themselves from a crime they committed.

Some lie to appear like saints 😩.

The list is endless but one should chose truth over lies at all times to avoid trying to remember the last lie you told so you don't expose yourself, lol.



Most People tell lies to protect their selfishness and or avoid unnecessary danger and unpleasant circumstance.

Some lies are however spontaneous and unconsciouly.

Selfishness breeds lies because the selfish desires to take advantage of the other parties hence they are fed with false informations . This is necessary because nobody would deliberately lend himself to be Swindled if he is abreast with the right information.

Yet others lies to protect their interests. When true Information is divulged to others, it could be exploited to their selfish gains . A friend who is careless about the location andsecurity of his vault would suffer burglary.


Different people lie for different reasons,here are some examples of why people lie.....

1..to avoid hurting the feelings of a person especially when they are certain that the truth at that moment will hurt the person....

2....For enough attention or to feel important. many Individuals lie to get attention and to seem additionally interesting/intriguing. This regularly alluded to as an exaggeration or hyperbole. The popular story which is "fisherman tales" could be considered as an example...

3....To accomplish an ideal result or to maintain a strategic distance from a negative one. Individuals lie on their resumes so as to land the position. Individuals deceive potential mates to prevail upon them. The sort of untruths that we advise to evade a negative result are regularly named 'pardons'. The basic reason for this training is social weight and conceivably that very regular inescapable inclination, that we may not be adequate.

4...To control. There are individuals who lie for gain. For instance,fraudsters usually  lie for money related or material gain.

5....Not knowing truth from lies... Obsessive liars lie since they don't have the foggiest idea about the contrast among truth and misdirection. These are frequently individuals who experience the ill effects of mental issue.



It's been reported that the average human lies about ten times per week and that we've been lying since we've been about six months old.

There are multiple excuses that people give for lying saving face protecting somebody, advancing our own goals making a story sound better.

Lying is a universally observed trait it has thought that we evolved the ability to lie as result of natural selection are able to lie more convincingly are more likely to avoid the repercussions of their actions and they're more likely to increase their desirability in the eyes of other people.


Most people lie so that people won't get mad at them. But the issue is when we lie we should know that God dosen't like liars. When we lie, we tend to be hiding the truth which we feel is bitter, Yes! The truth is bitter but it is better said than hidden. A lie we say might lead to a series of lies of which we cannot defend anymore.

People also lie out of fear of the possible outcome when the truth is found out. It is better to say the truth than involve in a Lieing act that can bring down your reputation.


This is human nature, just as when asked why we should be angry, sad, crying, or even honest. All have a natural basis in each of us and that is already inside us, like a word, a bad side or a good side of man.

Honest is the good side of ourselves, and vice versa, lying is the side of evil in us, why should it be there? Because humans are created to think good and bad!


Majority of people lie due to the fear of punishment. If they will tell the truth they will be caught. So, the fear of punishment encourage you to tell lie. Man lie to get maximum advantage of their condition.


There are some reasons for people to lie. If there was no reason, then people would not lie. There are many different reasons for telling falsehood of different people. But they all lie for their own interests

I'm discussing below why people lie:

Someone says a lie to keep yourself well

Someone lied about making more money

Some people lie about saving lives


People lie for a variety of reasons.The most common being for self defence.people lie for sport especially lawyers and politicians.