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Why America is not friendly with China?
officials in his administration are also concerned that China’s “Made in China 2025” policy — aimed at achieving global domination of 10 next-generation industries including biotech, aerospace, artificial intelligence and robotics — will be built on purloined U.S. technology.

I don't think they're enemies at all.... they actually need each other.  The US owes China about $1.15 Trillion US dollars, but the US actually supplies most of Chinas fruit and vegetables,  This is why I'm sure that there will never be a war between the two countries... because China would probably struggle to feed it's people within a month.

That said... they're not really friends either.  China copies a lot of US products without any care for patents or intellectual property.. but to be fair, China does this to every other country in the world that produces good quality goods. China has been reverse-engineering a lot of computer programs lately, which the US is particularly upset about.

The workers in China work significantly harder and longer than the workers in the US, and are paid considerably cheaper as well... so the US could be in trouble in years to come if China keeps chipping away at all the products that the US exports.  I think the main reason that the US is upset with China is that they're the only country that is big enough to try to bully them to stop.

The trade war between the two countries is very interesting... I'm not super sure how it will play out... I'm sure they'll argue of the specific details forever, honestly.

The whole world should be nervous about China, they are being extremely intelligent about their infrastructure and have invested heavily in sustainable energy which means that in a decade or two while the US is struggling to pay for coal and oil, China will be paying nothing for it's power... which will further affect the price of it's products and other countries won't be able to compete.

The world could look very different in 10 years.

Hope this helps!


I think the Chinese influence has affected the American economy too much. What Trump is doing is right for his own people. The previous Presidents were too lenient on the Chinese and their imports.

Any leader needs to look after what is at home first and cheap Chinese imports are not the answer. I wish more countries would do the same thing and step up and protect their own industry.

The Chinese don't like this and are trying to get their own way. Chinese dominance can be seen in every country and the rest of the world needs to wake up before it is too late. I try and avoid Chinese goods these days but most goods have some Chinese parts somewhere.

I think what we are seeing now is the Chinese growing but expanding world wide so they can sustain their growth. They will be the most powerful country in the next 25 years.


this is very simple.

If you become a leader in a place, the second leader declares himself, of course, you don't like one.