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There are zombies on earth?

Some might argue somewhere near 6 billion of them... 🤣


The YES have it

I'm one hell of a crazy girl yeah?

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Yes. Heroin is a hell of a drug.


Yes, yes there are Zombies on earth.

Although the type of "eat your brains" Zombies aren't really a thing and probably will never be - unless we have a nuclear war or something along those lines - there are parasites that control the minds of their hosts, essentially turning them into bugs.

Don't worry, as far as I know this only happens in the insect world where things are way worse than they were for us in the medieval ages. According to some sources I've read these parasites basically control the host to feed off of their brains (hah) or to use their bodies for something.

Here's a link to read a bit further on the subject: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/10/141031-zombies-parasites-animals-science-halloween/


You mean dead people walking around? No

You mean infected people walking around? No

You mean people who follow others blindly? Yes


No. And strange as it may sound to some. Walking Dead is fiction as are all movies with lots of zombies in it. I really do not get it why people could possibly think that zombies might be real or werewolves or vampires or tomatoes who attack people or whatever. Stay calm....and get real ;)


It actually depends on how you define zombie because there are different meanings attached to the word "Zombie" which is shown below from my Oxford Android dictionary;

noun (plural zombies)

-A snake god or fetish in religions of West Africa and elsewhere.

-(voodoo) A person, usually undead, animated by unnatural forces (such as magic), with no soul or will of his/her own.

-fiction horror A deceased person who becomes reanimate to attack the living.

-(figuratively) An apathetic person.

-(figuratively) A human being in a state of extreme mental exhaustion.

-An information worker who has signed a nondisclosure agreement.

-(computing) A process or task which has terminated but was not removed from the list of processes, typically because it has child processes that have not yet terminated.

-(computing) A computer affected by malware which causes it to do whatever the attacker wants it to do without the user's knowledge.

-A cocktail of rum and fruit juices.

(Canada) Nickname for a conscripted member of the Canadian military during World War II who was assigned to home defence rather than to combat in Europe.The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton Canada, 1988. See "National Resources Mobilization Act," p. 1433. 1944, "," Time (US edition), 6 Nov.,

Had the time come to order Canada's home defense draftees—some 70,000 zombies idling at home—to battle overseas?

-(philosophy) A hypothetical person who lacks self awareness.


♦ (person that is undead) living dead, ghoul

♦ (information worker) intellectual prostitute

As you can see that zombie has different meanings but i will assume that you refer to meaning number 3 which means "the dead ones attacking the living in real world" because this is what we watch in movies 🤣🤣.

Anyway, if we are referring to meaning number 3, I don't think zombies exist because i always believe that if someone is dead, they are already dead and they can't come back alive. The reason why reincarnation or rebirth seems to be occurring is due to the influence of the devils.

What really happens is that the devils will take the physical structure of the deceased person and use it to cause mischief on the earth either by scaring people or doing any other things with the body. This explains why someone dead in Europe maybe found in Africa because the devil had already made use of that person's physical structure. A very important point to consider is that if someone is dead, they are actually dead and they can't be found anywhere in this world because they are living their lives in another world (grave) but the devil takes their appearance and not the real people.

Most zombie movies tends to be more scary because they explain the concept of dead people chasing or attacking people alive and this is why zombies is extremely different from aliens. Zombies are dead humans alive while aliens are another creatures.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


the closest to zombies than ive seen are brain dead drug users walking. I

If you want to dig deeper about zombies, you should ask the people from Haiti.  Certain tribe in Haiti believes that using a pupperfish poison can cause zombification


Definitely as they show them in series and movies: no