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What will you do if you find out that you are incurably sick?

I pray I'm never in that position and I pray for anyone that does find themselves in this position. I think if I found myself in that position and it was something that was going to kill me I would want to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible. I would want to move home to be closer to them and I would try to check off as many items as I could off of my Bucket List. If it was a sickness that wasn't going to kill me then I would still try to live my life to the fullest as often as I could. Sometimes, I feel that it takes negative news for us to realize just how precious life is and to start really living it! 

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This is a very interesting question.

No matter how we take good care of our body, we can still acquire illnesses and become sick. Being sick is the most avoided thing by most people. We even have a saying that goes Health is wealth. Meaning, no matter how poor we are but we have a good health then we can consider ourselves wealthy. Or, no matter how rich we are but we have a very poor health, then we can be considered poor because all our possessions will be used for our treatment.

Everyone does not want to be sick including me. But if I already have an incurable sickness, I will not waste my life being sad about it. I will not waste my life blaming God for what happened to me because my sickness is a result of not taking care of my body. What I'm going to do is I will make the most out the time that is left in me. I will use my remaining life to spend with my family to show them how they mean to me, that I love them very much. I will spend it with them so that if the time comes, they will not miss me so much. Also, I will make very good deeds like helping other people. In my own little ways, I will help those who needs my help so that they can remember me as a good and helpful person. And lastly, I will ask God for forgiveness and repent for my sins so that when my time comes, I can look at him face to face.

Whatever happens, let us not ruin our lives with the bad things that happened to us. Let us always have a positive outlook about everything.


If I was inevitably sick, what would I do? Well, everything would depend on what kind of sick person he had; Whether it is a terminal illness or not, and how long I would stay.

From the point of view of a non-terminal illness I would not have any other than to continue living taking the corresponding care to avoid major problems due to the disease. There is no cure, but if being careful, it will affect my quality of life, yes! But I would not let that affect my will.

Now if it were a terminal illness, regardless of whether I would die soon or not, I would enjoy life even more, that is, I would try to do all the things that I set out to do throughout my life, try to fulfill most dreams, and I would do all those risky or senseless things that I would not do before (I will also die, if I do it while having fun, it will be better than doing the disease (it's my opinion).

Obviously I would spend more quality time with my family, with my friends, with my partner, etc. I would let the last moments be the best.

I do not need to have an incurable disease to perform good deeds.

Also, finally, I leave you: if the disease is incurable it is because they have not yet found their cure. I would encourage myself to get it or design it. As a biology student, I would study this disease in order to seek a cure. Or at least I would donate my body to science to try to get an advance in getting this cure.

conditioning to be happy no matter the circumstance.

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Well, you have a tough question here and I can answer that from experience. 

I've been put in that position years ago, it's been three terrible weeks waiting for results. There was a high chance to have an incurable illness, which at that age would made my life very short. 

What did I do? First of all I needed time to think. I think I had one day for myself to put my thoughts in order. Then I started planning, organizing, putting my things in order in case that happens. You know, legal stuff. Then I went through the list of people I'm close to and had to figure out how would I tell them so I won't cause too much harm and sadness, which is crazy, because there's no good way of telling people you're going to die shortly. This was of course only in my head. Then I waited for the day to come, to get my results. I was lucky, it was false alarm but I won't ever forget those days. 

The strange thing was, i was more worried about my family and loved ones than myself. I remember before going to the hospital for surgery, we had a nice family lunch, I thought it would be nice to be together, it might be the last time. 

The thing is, you don't know what you would do unless you are put in that position. otherwise it's just speculation, which is not real. But you'd rather not now and live a happy and healthy life. 


If the doctor gives me a diagnosis of the disease that I am suffering from, then I will try to get treatment anywhere to cure my illness.

I will enjoy the rest of my life doing good and surrender my whole life to the God who created me. Because life belongs only to God, and only God can determine everything.

The reason I answer your question, because I have experienced a similar condition, when my mother was seriously ill. My mother gave a lot of love to everyone. Now my mother has left us forever and returned to God.

Human life is only temporary, we must as humans do good things in this world. We will leave everything we have in this world, houses, cars, abundant assets, everything will remain and we will never be able to carry it to death.

A beautiful rose as it develops, it will wither and fall again. So is this life, and we will all return to God.

Hopefully this answer can be useful for you, but if this answer is not useful then just ignore it. Have a nice day

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If i find i am incurably sick, first i will loose my cool and feel super depressed, because I will not be able to live this imaginary life i always wanted to live but i hadnt lived so far. then i will plan to achieve all the things i wanted to do in a short amount of time, whatever I have left and try to escape the fact that i have a disease that cannot be treated. i will pretend to be happy, not scared of death, whereas in reality i will be pissing my pants every day, living with high blood pressure and hyper tension. that is if the incurable disease is also terminal. 

if the incurable disease isn't terminal, i will stay as i am making lifestyle changes required to elongate my life as much as possible and enjoy life. fact is, i think the biggest time will be wasted in however much time i take to come to term with my illness. fingers crossed, hope i never have one. 


Interesting question but little wierd one.

let answers this question if i was suffering from the same situation.

It is very hard situation but u can't change it. Only to can do is accept the truth ,start fighting and at the end just win the battle.

first and foremost don't be sad because sadness is not going to cure your disease . Just try to be happy and help others ,spend as much as time with your love ones.

The most important part is Always, always, always trust your intuition and your heart. If you can’t hear it, that means your life is too noisy and try to make it calm. Be still a little bit everyday and you will start to hear the voice, and over time you will learn to listen. And over even more time, you will learn that it is always right. I think when you start listening to your heart thats give you the way to happiness.

Don't overthink about anything. God is always here to arrange something good and better for your love ones.


And about to die relatively soon, too? If not, I'd have the illness treated as best I could and continue living. If yes, I'd get my house in order and make peace with the world. I'd spend as much time as possible with those nearest and dearest to me and try and leave the best possible memories to help carry them forward in this life.

I'd organize everything so that those who are left behind so that my death would cause them the least amount of trouble. Interestingly, I would have to think hard about what to do with my crypto assets. Would it be best to convert them into fiat or have those left behind to inherit them?


I think that you would just be numb and angry all in one go. Every time we go for tests at the hospital we don't know what is going to come back.

I had a lump appear in my chest and it turned out to be nothing but scar tissue , but you do worry. I think you worry more for your family than your self. This I think is common and you put yourself through hell before you find out the test results. The biggest question is could I have done more to make their lives easier when I have gone.

Fortunately they have all been false alarms but you do put yourself through hell whilst waiting. I can imagine how bad it is when it it is true though.


When HIV was newly discovered, many persons feared it and still fear it because it's incurable but then many still contacted it, some went as far as committing suicide, while others entered into depression until they died and few spread it for the sake of revenge. None of these is a proper thing to do, though sometimes one Is vulnerable to thoughts that makes one give out a negative feedbacks but then life is a gift and we need appreciate it, no matter the situation. When there is life, there is hope. Hope to make amends , hope to make people smile again, hope to make your ways right.

So if am to be with an incurred sickness, I wouldn't live the rest of my life in misery, I do try to make the most out of my life before the day I die. And prepare my ways to be right with the almighty. And do go as far as educate people on how to make the most in themselves before they get stucked in such condition as me.

And I do tell people to make good use of time , because it seems that's what they have then and I don't have much. So whatever I was supposed to do, I do make it on a harse to see I was remembered for something


First thing I would do is to make sure I complete my bucket list while I still can. I will want to make sure that I live the life I wanted.

While I'm at it, I will want to make sure that I imprint a good memory not only to my loved ones but to the people I interact with. Be honest but be kind, be helpful, be thoughtful, be loving. I want to make sure that when they remember me, they will smile.

Also, I want to make a lasting and purposeful memory to mother earth for being such a nice host to me. I will plant as many trees as I can, I will fight for as many environmental causes as I can.

So that's about it - party hard, love fully and care deeply.


I think many people have this idea that news like this will make them finish or start a bucket list. Start traveling and going crazy, staying up late at every possible party.

I would not judge you if you would go this route. I think I would like to go to the sea away from everything. Maybe take a few loved ones with..

I would give away as much as I can with the little I have.

Plant a tree or a few plants for the future. I would like to write letter to a few people who crossed my path. Digital messages are temporary and not that meaningful.

Lastly I would like to relax and lie on the beach.


I would probably rob a bank. Just because I have always kinda wanted to but I did not want to spend life in prison. If I am already dead in a short period of time then to hell with it, I am doing it. lol.


The question is quite scaring, but if I find myself in such situation I will make every minute count by putting my best to work and by trying my best to influence lives and make it meaning. I will make sure when I die that my name will not be forgotten by making others feel my existence


I have thought of such a question in my mind. I guess it's pretty scary to be in such a situation where we are sick and yet there is no cure for it.

The first thing I would do is to try to just fight it. I will struggle as much as I can to try to win the battle against the illness. At that time I would enjoy as much of my life as I have got depending on what the time span of life is gonna be left. Help as many people as I can. I guess I would read some books and maybe go to some place for a short travel and do some Yolo stuff like just running around in a supermarket maybe.

I wonder if it is scary to be in those situation as there are some people who suddenly found out that they've got cancer and their life has been reduced and cut short. I guess the feeling is it is pretty scary. So we have got to live our life to the fullest and just enjoy our days with the people we care for and love.


 This is the very common thing that most peoples are become sick due to carelessness and didn't take proper care of health. That's why mostly peoples are felt in sickness. Well, it's a very general question. I want to give you my own answer. 

When I become sick I take care of myself continuously and takes medication on time. I never thoughts of that time I'm so weak because it's temporary, not it's permanently with me, then I will though be positive and never goes through sadness. I see many peoples when they become sick, they start to live that time in sadness. But it's not true for our practiĉle and our healthy life.

Sickness is temporary, everyone should get good health because everyone responsible for their responsibilities in improving health issue as a passing of the days. Health is wealth so we should never do compromise with health. I personaly love my life & health more than other work. I always prefer to health from any other works. Because If you always stay healthy then you can do other work properly. 


I guess I would not take no for an answer. Moreover the body and mind have immense powers to heal.


if I experience severe pain, of course I will go to the place of an expert person that is to the doctor to do an examination of the disease that I am suffering from. I will not go to another place to ask to help cure my illness. because those who do not have expertise in the medical field, they will not know what disease I am suffering from. even more so if the disease that I suffer is very severe. it is impossible for me to go to a place other than a doctor.