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How do you see the future Steemit?

Steemit will be doing well into the future. This is the only social media site which allows users to earn steem or cryptos while participating in the blockchain. It is a matter of time before a main stream adoption of steem. Steem has a lot of potential. 

It just hasn't manage to catch on to the mass public yet and may do so one day. I am wondering, Is steemit able to really maintain itself if the users increase? There is currently only less than 100,000 active users at the moment and I think it can increase if it is publicized. Maybe once SMT comes out next year and new dapps come out of the steem platform, there would be an increase in the interest to participate in the steem blockchain. 

Steem is somewhat of a near competitor to XRPs or XLM which is relatively low but then also worth something. It isn't available at most exchanges yet and it would greatly increase the exposure of  steemit if one day it was listed on a crypto exchange. It is a matter of time. I think there is a great potential and word of mouth would spread as everyone would be really excited if they knew that the steemit network could earn a steady income for them. I am really glad to join this network. The good side of it is that, we need to really work very very hard to be able to earn more cryptos which create this bond with the steemit community.

I think there would be more dapps that would be able to integrate into the network and built it up. It takes time to built quality dapps which everyone would use. I am a fan. It's given me good rewards. Extra to the amount I currently own. It would be great that the price of steem goes back up so earnings increase.


Ned laid out some workers months ago and another news came up that he may not run the Steemit platform anymore, so the future of Steemit is really blank, can't be decided by anyone except Ned himself if he decided to keep it but for him to keep it, the steem token need to spike so he will have enough money to pay the workers.. But If you are referring to steem itself, steem has a bright future, there are a lot of d apps built on the steem platform and hence there is no way it can perish, we can only hope for the best tho.


@Upvotenev, In my opinion we should more focused towards Steem and not Steemit, Steemit is a Interface created by the Steemit Inc. And our growth is depended upon growth of the Steem. Stay blessed. 🙂