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What is a community?
Community is a social group of several organisms that share the environment, generally have the same interests and habitat. ... Community originates from Latin communitas which means "equality", then can be derived from communis which means "equal, public, divided by all or many".

Understanding of the word community, community is a social group in a society consisting of several individuals who interact in a particular environment and generally have the same interests and things. So they make a form of cooperation that is built on the basis of togetherness called community. There is also a mention that the meaning of community is a group in society, where members have similar social criteria as distinctive characteristics. For example the similarity of interests, similarity of profession, similarity of religion, similarity of place of residence, and others.

A community is formed because of the desire of its members to achieve certain goals that have been mutually agreed upon. In addition, the community also aims to provide mutual assistance to its members so that they can develop together to build the community to be the best from other communities. At present, there are so many communities that are scattered and divided into various forms and different purposes from the community. They make the community able to share with each other their interest in joining the community so that good communication can be formed among members of the community.

in the world of stealth blockchain there are also very many communities that are built to share and recognize each other among fellow users based on the stealth blockchain. I am also a member of a number of blockchain steak communities in Indonesia, I joined the community to learn a lot about how to create quality content and also to maintain friendship among fellow members of the blockchain steem community that I have joined. I have learned many things from several communities so that I can be like this now, I am very grateful to the community for teaching me a lot about this blockchain steamer platform.


A community is a group of people living or sharing a particular territory with collectively agreed rules and regulations that guide the conduct of its members.

A community can either be homogeneous or heterogeneous. A community is said to be homogeneous when its a vast majority of those living within it have similar culture and traditions. Whereas, it is heterogeneous when cultural dissimilarities exist between the members of that community.

Sociologically speaking, most heterogeneous communities can be found in urban areas while homogeneous communities are usually found in rural areas .