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Blocktrade is the favorite and fastest way to top up on STEEM POWER; This is very fast especially if you use fast chains like Bitshares. How I want to do it is the Exchange Bitshares from my Bitshares wallet and then use Bitcoin to return Bitshares from OpenLedger or PoloniEX and return my Bitshares wallet. You can also use bitcoin but I usually can't wait and want my POWER STEEM

It is an exchange. Very good indeed.

And it is the only one recommended directly by the steem platform.

When you want to sell or exchange your steem tokens, the platform gives you the links to go directly to Blocktrades.

They also have a user in steemit. They perform valuable curations of content. with almost 5 million SP they are able to contribute $ 54 with a single 100% vote.


Blocktrades.us is one of the exchangers that you can use to exchange steem tokens and steem dollars with other cryptocurrency without having to pay a large amount of money to exchange them. Blocktrades is also not only used to exchange steem and steem dollar tokens, but you can also exchange some other cryptocurrency on these blocktrades like bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, dashcoin, monero and bitshare. Blocktrades is more familiar to users of blockchain steams like me, because we usually use these blocktrades to exchange our stealth tokens and steem dollars into other cryptocurrency through these blocktrades.

Blocktrades is also known to be more than just a steemit account. Because This is a full fledge company named BlockTrades.us which is a company registered in Cayman Islands and Founded by Notestein. The role and task of this company is to provide market exchanger services, namely exchanging several types of virtual currencies on the cryptocurrency market. Crypto market makers are dealers who buy and sell cryptocurrency assets at different prices at any time depending on the market selling price value of the cryptocurrency.

As I mentioned above, most of us are already familiar with this blocktrades.us company because this company was created to become an exchanger for certain cryptocurrency such as token steem, steem dollars and other cryptocurrency. This is a big blessing in the crypto world and will save you a lot of trouble and hassle to create a centralized exchange account. Between the enormous transfer costs and other problems, the central exchange is vulnerable to counterattacks and we can lose our funds if we store them there. so if you make a transaction through Blocktrades.ua then you just move the wallet.