How can we integrate @MUSING into our everyday life to earn Mass Adoption?
In a few days, my admiration for @musing https://musing.io has endeared me to thinking how we can give it more exposure for mass adoption. Specifically, I wish we could use this thread to suggest the possible USE CASES which @musing can be applied in daily life. Here is my Entry: Currently, as National elections approach in my country, candidates are called for debates and public dialogue with the masses. @Musing can be utilized for such scenarios such that: 1. A single question can be asked while all the candidates are expected to give their answers. 2. Moderating firm can ask a question, and the electorates are expected to use the thread to field further questions to the candidates In summary, Electoral Debates can be a great use case for mass adoption of @Musing and Steem. We can give it a try. Share your thoughts too.

The entry level is still a barrier and that's a bitter truth whether one accept it or not. Someone has to take the initiative to make the entry to steem ecosystem as easy as registering for an email id. Waiting period of 7 to 15 days through steemit for free registration is not at all a viable option and by large people are taking it negatively. The paid option is instant, no matter how low the price of steem is.....if you set a fee people will run away and will not join. I firmly believe this, because whenever I tired to make people join in steemit, almost 50 to 70% of the people did not turn up because of this reason.

Musing is really a hope now in steem blockchain and I know many people who are not that authentic and professional blogger but they are quite handy in Q&A platform and the generic sense of any Q&A platform is always accommodative type. That is why I see a very strong vision and future for musing.

Once more people join steem ecosystem and musing then naturally they will integrate it in their life. More question, more answers, more engagement, more value addition and at the end reward...is not that awesome....but.....but we are at a very early stage and most of the people are still not aware of its existence. Therefore we need some sort of marketing first and I think musing should think about marketing of musing seriously. Although there will be some influx of abusers initially to reap some reward, but as long as you have guidelines and framework in place, you can easily check those kind of players and over a period of time, the real basis of this platform will be established and the genuine and organic Q&A platform will flourish in the form of musing platform.

The use-case and application of musing is quite versatile too. One can put debatable type question, one can ask deterministic type question, one can ask multi faceted type question and many other applications. Once it starts to evolve and expand then it will have many domain as well in the form of so many categories and tags. That is why I am saying it can set the tone of the next wider network of a Q&A platform on the top of steem blockchain.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I guess one of the things is adding up integration and making steemit more accessible. I am not sure what outcome would that have if steemit was fully adopted by the masses. I think there may be some who may abuse the system there would exist too many bots that would be integrated to the system for monetary gains. As long as musing grows organically and steemit too, it would be good enough. Well, there isn't enough advertisements. I don't think anyone in my city even knows about musing or even steemit. 

I knew steemit because my sister introduced it to me one day and then told me abbout her friend who has made steemit an income earner and he has never worked ever since he started using on using steem and it's dapp. 

I asked my friend to join musing and answer question to answer the question to earn some cryptos and he told me that he wasn't consistent enough to do that for a long time. I think being a steemian and musing takes a lot of determination. A lot of people that I know just want to get instant gratification and doesn't even want to work hard and incrementally. 

Maybe musing can add some more features and at least let us see the other user's profile so it makes it more interesting to look.

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