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What does the future hold?
Life is full of uncertainties. Friends today, foes tomorrow. Peace today, war tomorrow. One may be left with fear and anxiety of what the next moment would bring. Here in the blockchain, we see crypto prices fluctuating like a pendulum bob at every tick of the second. In the face of these uncertainty that characterize our lives, what is the hope for tomorrow? For you, is there anything worth living for? With the current steem price downturn, What is your fate? What keeps you here?

I think current future at the moment is that most jobs would be lost to artificial intelligence and robots. Jobs that are repetitive in nature would be those replaced. Then supermarkets would have less workers. Factories and jobs that have a high risk of human safety would be replaced by robots.

Then there would be 5g. The country when its networks are upgraded to 5g would see a rise of connectivity throughout. Everything would be connected. You can connect it using your app and control the home appliances, air conditioning system, the lights and many more. It would I guess make us more of a couch potato and maybe we would one day need app controlled chairs to bring us around.

Then of course, we will see less animals and only those common one due to the mass land destruction that is going on by human beings. I guess in the future all our children need to see the different animals enclosed in a museum instead stuffed.

The world is also moving into blockchains and cashless Ness in terms of transactions are concerned. No longer people carry wallets around and their smartphones become the wallet of the future. Maybe deeper into the future we could just use our eyes to pay for things or even our finger prints. Then the good thing about this is that, no longer we need to keep going to the bank. I can see a one continent currency that is used throughout the whole continent. This would make it easier to travel as everyone could use the same crypto currency which is something that doesn't need to go through any exchanges where we lose some of the value.

Then there may be flying taxis which are automated. I think Singapore is currently testing that out to see how it works out. If it works out we could see a reduce in cars in the road with a more efficient road system.

Then last but not least, bitcoins could be work 100k in ten years time. And Steem would be a company that is going to rival Microsoft and Steem may be 100 at that time. Hahaha wow. Just a theory for the last one. But the last few points before that is what I think may happen from what's happening at the moment to the world.


The future is not just full of uncertainties  but also full of endless possibilities. Truly  you can be friends with somebody and enemies tomorrow.  You can be rich today  and be poor tommorrow. 

In reality we cannot actually phathom what is going to happen in the future nor can we accurately predict he future but one thing is certain  our actions,  inactions  and reactions  today determine what happens in the future and increases the possibility of our expected outcome. 

The future might be positively uncertain but the hardwork you put to what you do today  increases your possibilities of attaining success in it in the future,  so it's  not out of point when i say what we do as individuals today goes a long way to determine our outcome in the future.

Nobody can accurately predict the future so do not patronize or listen to fortune tellers as the best fortune teller you can get is you actions. 

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Inasmuch as others are loosing hope. I can never loose hope on life no matter what. God did nor bring us into this world so that we can come and lack. I believe he provides my needs on a regular according to his riches in glory.

The future holds peace, success, love, happiness, joy, upliftment , prosperity, breakthrough and all the good things one can ask for. Now is the time to invest through whatever means so that we can benefit in the future.

I keep advising people to invest in cryptocurrency as that has the potential of making one successful in life.

As for your last question, we are still waiting for financial institutions to invest in steem so that the price can pump again.

I am still here on the blockchain because I see a turnover of things on the steem platform and I see a future where the blockchain puts smiles on users faces.


this question " What does the future hold?" is interesting.

All of us certainly want to be successful, but not everyone is able to make it a reality in the future except death.

Every challenge that arises will be natural selection for those who really want to fight and indeed have a mentality that is not easy to give up for happiness in the future (life after death).