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WHo should rewarded more on Steem blockchain? Users, Developers, Witnesses?
Few minutes ago, @Culgin shared his thoughts on "Inequitable Value Between Users and Apps". He emphasized the need to reward developers more than users because developers provide the application through which users share their contents. What is your take on this?

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In the current phase of cryptocurrency development I would say that developers should be compensated handsomely, because applications are of the utmost importance at this time. This would lure more development on steemit.

We need on-boarding of those users so with a few clicks they can start using the platform like all other social media that are currently consumed. We can have the best in the business working on issues like these.

Further in the future we can change things up. There will be less development by that then. Things like these tend to change organically and we should keep it like that as much as possible.


Anyone that adds value to the blockchain regardless of what role they play. I mean, we can have more devs and apps around but if no users use those apps to their fullest potential, nothing could be realized. Not all users can create content that adds value to the platform, not all devs can create apps that add value to the blockchain, and not all witnesses can provide more value to the blockchain. Each has category has their own set of limitations and strengths. 


@Uyobong, I think that we are missing one aspect and that is, everyone is doing their job here, means, it doesn't mean that if particular person is highly skilled then mandatorily he should reiceve the more reward, in my opinion the transfer of value through upvote is decided by the every individual to whom they want to give value. For sure developers are vital aspect and if they develop effective products then for sure community is coming forward with Delegations and other ways to support them but we are in Free Economy and no one is less or more. Stay blessed. 🙂


I believe that everyone who has made impacts on the steem blockchain deserves to be rewarded,both users,developers and the

witnesses all made the steem blockchain to be what It is but if I am to choose who I feel deserves to be rewarded more then I would choose the developer because they were the

one that actually made the steem blockchain to be in existence....without the existence of the steem blockchain then there won't be users or witnesses...