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How do you cope with Stress? How can we lead a more balanced life while aiming for success?
Current engagement in crypto activities, blogging and offline life can lead to stress. How can one lead a balanced life which maximizes technology as well as our health?

Don‘t burn yourself out. Try to have a more balanced lifestyle. Good sleep, good balanced nutrition, no cigarettes, no alcohol, not too much caffeine. Meditation would be beneficial to calm your mind and stay focused. Try to have time only for yourself. I corporate some exercise into your daily habit. Maybe try and read a book about better timemanagement. Being successful is one thing but being and staying successful is an entirely different thing. You won‘t succeed in staying successful and enjoy your success when you overdo it and burn yourself out. That is of no use for anybody. Good luck :)


I usually deal my stress by  going to the beach.  Usually going to beach makes me more relaxed when I sea the blue water of the ocean. I like to stay overnight or two in a beach resort and unwind my stress. Drinking wine under the moonlight an breathing the fresh breeze of the sea. I also like lying down on a hammock near the beach. I would love to go to the beach soon. Anyway , we should always have time for ourselves and you should also manage our  time from our private life and work . Of course we need to work but always have some free time for yourself so that you will not be burned out.


Let me give you the best tips to cope with stress :

1. Come out for a moment, breathe in the fresh air, and see the scenery

When you are hit by stress, the first step that you must immediately do is to leave space, place, and release your eyes for a moment to look for fresh air immediately. It is able to calm yourself from the pressure of problems that can shake your mental and mental stability. Find a place with fresh air and has a beautiful view. If the burden of the problem is still whacking then in the morning you can try to take a walk in the morning to find a cool place and have a beautiful view but there is morning sunshine. According to research it turns out that when the body is exposed to the morning sun it will increase the production of vitamin D, which will also increase the production of the hormone Serotonin, which is also known as the "Happy" hormone, so you will feel better.

2. Pamper yourself with a bath or bath

The next way to eliminate stress is to use water. It has long been believed that water has a very good effect for healing and calming. When someone is in the water the mind will feel calm and the body also feels very comfortable. This is certainly not detached from the stimulus atmosphere reminds the body and mind of our condition when in the womb where we feel very comfortable and loved. In addition, the effect of water itself does provide calm and comfort for the body. Do a bath or soak in warm water in the bathtub. If it's not there, then take a shower with warm water and gently splash with water while enjoying every wash of water in your body. Feel the comfort so that you are forgotten from the fatigue of your problem.

3. Do the Sports You Enjoy

"In a healthy body that has a strong soul", perhaps this one proverb is very suitable as a figure of speech. Sports other than good for health are also very good for mental health. When you are hit by stress, exercise is one activity that can be used as an option to overcome it. When exercising our bodies also increase the production of the hormone Endorphin, a hormone that is able to provide peace of mind. Moreover, the exercise carried out is your favorite sport.

4. Calm Yourself and Imagine a Beautiful Place and Comfort

If in a stressful situation but you are not able to leave the workspace to just look for fresh air then you can try to calm down and overcome it with imagination. We only need to imagine a comfortable and beautiful place such as a sea, beach, blue sky, mountain, hills, or an atmosphere that you like. How to deal with stress this one is indeed quite simple but has a good enough effect for the mind not to be too tense.

5. Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga have long been known as very good activities in controlling emotions and thoughts. Many experts who recognize the effects of meditation and yoga are very good for the condition of one's soul. In fact, according to the results of the study, doing meditation for 15 minutes has matched body fitness when doing exercise for 1 hour, especially for the mind. If the stress that hit you is felt more severe then it's good to meditate regularly. Likewise with yoga, overcoming stress with yoga is enough to do just 5 minutes with the technique of opening up and releasing the burden on the shoulders, chest, and mind.

6. Talk and share with friends, friends or relatives

Stress is usually caused by thoughts burdened with the problem at hand. The greater the burden of the problem borne by a person, the tendency to be more stressed will increase. Therefore talking and sharing stories about problems with someone has a significant impact on dealing with stress. In fact, according to research, closed people have a larger presentation, easily experience stress from people who open up and often talk and share problems with others. In addition, sharing stories or venturing with friends might give you the possibility of getting a solution to these problems, even though there is no minimum solution, your burden is slightly reduced and divided. This is of course considered a way to relieve stress that is quite effective and worth a try.

7. Have Intimate Relationships with Couples

The last tips on how to deal with stress are only recommended for those who are already married. This method is a unique way but is proven to be able to reduce a person's stress levels, namely by relating to a partner, namely their husband or wife. Visiting couples when stressed can be done by sharing stories and closing with intimate relationships. It's no secret that something pleasant is the opposite of stress.