What is your stablecoin of choice?
There are many stablecoin in the market today, with USDT or Tether being the most popular. Many other stablecoins exist, with DAI based on the Ethereum blockchain becoming popular. What is your favorite stablecoin and why?

I am going with DAI. 

  • It is safely stabilized against the US Dollar; yet, unlike Tether and USDT, it is further kept stable via crypto collateral through its innovative Maker DAO tool
  • Lending it to borrowers via the Compound dApp offers ridiculous supply APR of 10-11 % !
  • Monolith debit card now enables holders to spend DAI anywhere in the UK where VISA is accepted

I'm not really a fan of stable coin considering the scams that have been exposed in that industry. Yet, if I am forced to choose a stable coin I'll go for TrueUSD which is presently 26th in the rankings on Coinmarketcap.

I prefer it because of the integrity of the team involved and its relative stability.


Here is my answer to what is my favorite stablecoin.

My pick is DAI as it is probably the most decentralized stablecoin in the market. Despite Ethereum being down more than 80% since peak, DAI has been serving it's purpose by not deviating too much from USD since it's launch.

In addition, DAI is also the leading stablecoin used in DeFi applications. Lending out your DAI generates generous interest at the range of 8%-20% per annum.