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Who was the most evil man in history?
History has had heros and villains. History is rife with evil men who did evil things. Who was the most evil man in history?

No doubting this; the most evil man in the world history is Adolf Hitler of Germany !!


Be orchestrated, by vain ambition of subjugating the entire humanity; the worst pogrom ever , where more than 20 million were killed by wars, hunger etc. Under his authoritarianism, the Jews were almost exterminated from the earth by his hatred for a section of the society!!

The Carnage of his ill conceived ambition of ruling the world is still visible on n the almost obliteration of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, all of Japan!! Most warp political institutions still bedeviling humanity today stemed from Hitler's misadventures in Word Politics!!

Is there any other like Hitler?? Who and Why??