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Do you have a lot of subscribers or followers on steemit that never read your posts?

Yes. I've estimated it to be as large as 90%. Sad thing is, we all do, and many of us are doing it to others. I don't think everyone is doing it intentionally, but quite a few are.


People come here trying to use the same tactics they used on Twitter. They decide to follow you, thinking you'll follow them. They might even leave a comment to that affect. I have yet to follow anyone for that reason, so that kind of strategy does not work on me.


There's a bunch of these kinds of accounts on the blockchain. They may actually upvote, too, but they're aren't reading anything. Their main, if not sole purpose is to earn some kind of curation rewards a thousandth of a penny at a time if necessary.


There's going to be a percentage of users who follow you who are no longer active on the blockchain, for whatever reasons. Most people don't go through their follow list and unfollow anyone, so they continue to show up as following even though their activity is minimal or nothing.


Most people here aren't on STEEM all day. They do it when they have time, after work, and maybe after the kids have gone to bed. So, their time is limited. And even though they might be following you, they might not regularly see your posts in their feed, because of when you post versus when they're on.


This happens a lot, across the follower spectrum. A single account can be following hundreds to thousands of other accounts, which means their feed is so full, they generally either don't pay attention to it, or they just select some to look at. If you're lucky, they've decided to be notified on GINABot when you post, so they're aware that way. Otherwise, they have no idea you've even posted, even if they would read it if they saw it.


Most of the people who I receive votes from do some form of auto-vote. Some of those actually do read the post, but I wouldn't call it consistent. These folks have liked what I've written in the past, feel like I won't just start posting garbage, but for one reason or another, don't either have time to read what I've written, or aren't particularly interested in the topic.


I say all of this from personal observation. It's quite possible, though, that more people are actually reading my posts, I just don't really know if they are. If they leave a comment that's relevant to what I wrote, then I can tell that they did actually read it, but sometimes comments are less telling. "Good job!", "Thanks for this," "Wonderfully said," or something of the like tells me nothing.

The fact that we don't have a page view counter anymore, or better yet, a unique visitors counter, doesn't help. Maybe someone is reading, doesn't feel they have anything say, and who might not have an upvote to give. Who knows. The problem is, there's no way to really know.


I'm not sure why they don't follow, but maybe they don't want the obligation. But they've left a relevant comment and even given me an upvote. Maybe they're cruising the tags looking for content they want to read as opposed to following someone who might post something they like once in a while. That happens to me quite a bit actually, and I eventually go in and cull the list of people I'm following. I don't see a reason to follow someone that I don't fully intend to read and interact with.


It's probably just me, but rather than have a bloated followers list that basically means nothing, I'd rather be able to accept or deny follower invitation requests based on a host of criteria and go with those that I truly believe will read my posts. Of course, everyone else would be free to do the same.

This makes sense, especially if STEEM-UA ever takes over for the Reputation rankings. Everyone is going to want the highest caliber of follower possible, since that's one of the main inputs.

It shouldn't have to come to that, though. People should just follow because they like what you write, or they like you. And then they should do their best to consistently interact. STEEM would be a lot better for it, if people just did that.


I'm going to try to be a good follower and read as many posts as I can in a week and go from there. I can't control what others do. I only hope they will come to a realization some day that it is not only in the best interest of the blockchain, but also in their best interest, to read the posts of the people they follow, and maybe make the hard decisions to pare down the amounts if necessary. Otherwise, there's really on purpose to following anyone if there's not going to be any reading or interacting going on.


I believe majority of our followers are either inactive or rather disinterested to engage anymore. For my case, I would say that a handful of them are actually viewing my posts and manually curating them. Mostly, since the emergence of auto-votes it seemed that the need to read or evaluate contents have been very lacking in our platform. We are lacking some personal touch to our curation activities.

Recently, I posted a question about the difference of the Steemit platform before and after auto-voting bots. It isn't surprising that the level of engagement during the initial years of Steemit is much intense compared to emergence of automation of our activities in the platform. Since, majority of our fellow users are mostly focused to the business side of things, the consumption of contents is merely superficial. It's probably that the platform have grown at a hyper-speed during its peak price that everyone is centered into how users in general are concerned about earnings and growth of their native SP.

However, I believe there is still hope and I think the release of SMTs few months from now will hopefully turn things around in helping build communities or individuals that can actually relate to each other in a much deeper sense.


Image source: Pixabay.com


well, we can basically look at it from a different angle, I don't think that we could pay attention to all the followers. It's a reverse view. For me, If there are followers, it is something to be happy about no matter how many have read our post. 

Sometimes, we post stuff at the different time which the reader may miss because he or she is busy doing his/her work. Everyone is free at different time. I guess, because it is not shown here where a person is from, we won't really know the time zone. I guess, the best way to do something is to just do our best even if no one cares or is looking at what we're actually doing. 

I am slowly still hopefully increasing the number of followers who really love to read what I write. Each post or things I do on Steemit blog or in musing has some thought being done into it. I think it's better not to present something of low quality or is done without thought as It doesn't add on value. Well, if someone has taken some effort to follow us and maybe read our post, it is good enough. If someone does truly look at everything we post or do, that would in some ways be really creepy, don't you think? Imagine that fan, someone who loves everything you do so much that every thing you write and do is actually analyzed and checked. 

Of course, its going to be a happy thing if everyone who follows us reads the post we have. I guess, it is human nature. If you have 1000 followers, about 100 to 200 would be your follower count. 


I currently (nowadays) have 921 followers on Steemit, but most of them are inactive. They left Steemit long (months ago). Only a few people cares about my posts nowadays. I rarely post blog posts on Steemit nowadays.


Haha. YES I do. I have over 1000 followers. I wouldn't even know if some of them are bots. But a good number of my Steemit followers never get to read my posts. Perhaps, they just follow for following sake or perhaps, to get a follow back. 

And this happens to me as well. I follow over 200 persons on Steemit but I don't get to read any of their posts. I just follow them, perhaps, for the sake of following. I only genuinely follow/read a few persons post. 

But lately, activities on Steemit has been on a decline though. Not many people, compared to before are utilizing the Steem platform anymore. Hence, a lot of your followers must have abandoned their accounts.


Let the image below speak for itself: T_T

Around 70% of my followers are considered inactive or dead! 

And while I might still have 291 true (or active followers) , I can  only name 3-7 of these 291 followers who actually take the time to read some of my blog posts. They are what I consider genuine followers turn true friends. I also have some silent followers (those who never comment or upvote), I know so because they sometimes mention me on their posts and coments. 

Truth be told, one shouldn't be bothered by having a lot of followers to which 70-90% might be inactive or bots. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it is completely normal. You just can't expect anyone to 'always' upvote and comment on your blog posts. I myself have around 20k followers on Instagram to which I know the majority are only bots. 


Yeah I have a large amount of trails following me, and surely all those people never read my posts..

One of the cooler things from this year was going to steemfest and actually meeting a lot of people from the chain. This definately has increased the amount of human traffic on my posts with more interaction on it...which is awesome!


IMHO: Upvotes and tags are the primary means of networking on this platform. Sadly, I fear the large number of dead followers i due to SteemIt's low user retention rate.

BTW: If you really want to build followers and have sufficient STEEM POWER ... network with the new users. The new users need upvotes with sufficient SP so that they can get their rewards.


Yeah, a lot.

And that's why I keep the people I follow to the barest minimum. I have almost 1000 followers. I doubt if 100 even know my username.

On the other hand, I follow less than 20 people. It's quite easy to run through my feed, read posts, comment, upvote and maybe resteem


This is the common problem with all user. The reason is simple majority of people are not active here. Steemit is the home of more than 1.2 million people but hardly a few thousands were active. So majority here are sleeping partner. Let's hope steem price rise will help to have more active user on this platform. It will definitely reduce 90% sleeping followers


I am totally convinced that subscribers and followers have always been and will remain one of the most important things in the business world, but obviously also on social medias and Steemit. But for me, spending time pouring my heart into a post. Financial gain is an advantage ... but it is even more rewarding to have people thanking you for it.

So having a few loyal subscribers who "read your posts" is much better than a lot of followers who scroll and upvote.