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In which nations is the primary business city not also the nation's capital city?

This definitely has to be Nigeria as a country, in Nigeria the primary business city is the most illustrious city called Lagos and it boasts of the country's 40% business opportunisties, boast of firms, construction companies, the most sophisticated infrastructure designs and at least boasts one 2.5 million people who are in jobs currently employed to either national companies, the country's public administrative sector and also privately owned factories for people without high level of educational degree and capacity.

However Lagos is not Nigeria's capital city even with all it's glory, it's grandeur and strictly business policy that basically increases the nation's GDP rate. Abuja is Nigeria capital city from where all the governmental works are being done and it's also the home of that president and the vice president from which the nation is being ruled from.

Abuja which is the capital city is not elite for business but mainly a calm metropolitan city that serves as the nation's capital, however Lagos which is in the west is more boisterous and business oriented is more popular and and also the country primary business city with the highest business transactions per day.


Many countries have their capital not being the primary business city, for example, The United States, Washington D.C is the capital but the business centers are else where in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles...

In Australia the Capital in Canberra but the main business city is Sydney.

Canada has a similar situation, the capital is Ottawa but the main business city is Toronto.

Brasil, the capital is Brasilia but the main business city is Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

and more recently, I'm pretty sure Beijing in China has slowly lost prominence as a capital and business city when cities in the south like Shenzhen are taking over by storm as the new business capitals of not only China but Asia as a whole.


In South Africa it is totally screwed up.'Johannes burg is the business capital and where the Stock exchange is based.

There are 3 capitols though as obviously no one could make up their mind.

Bloemfontein Judicial capitol

Cape Town legislative Capitol

Pretoria administrative Capitol.

In the past the Capitol was shared between Cape Town and Pretoria. This was due to parliament sharing 6 months in each city.


Im going to add Scotland to this list as the capital is Edinburgh but the main business centre is in Glasgow.

Also, when Yorkshire in England becomes an independant state, York will be the capital city but Leeds will be the biggest city and business centre!


- The USA (NYC vs. Washington DC)

- Canada (Toronto vs. Ottawa)

- Germany (Berlin vs. Bonn)

- Brazil (Sao Paolo/Rio de Janeiro vs. Brasilia)

- Australia (Sydney vs. Canberra)

- Turkey (Istanbul vs. Ankara)

- Israel (Tel Aviv vs. Jerusalem)

- India (Mumbai vs. New Delhi)

- Switzerland (Zurich vs. Bern)

Most likely, there are many more. I came up with those off the top of my head. What's notable is that those countries all federations except for Turkey and Israel. Tel Aviv is a coastal city and the biggest in Israel whereas Jerusalem is the capital for historical reasons. In Turkey, Ankara is located in the Anatolian heartland of the country where as Istanbul wasn't even founded by the Turkish but was the old capital of the Byzantine Empire that Turkey conquered in 1453.

  • Belmopan, Belize (business capital: Belize City)
  • Canberra, Australia (business capital: Sydney or Melbourne)
  • Abuja, Nigeria (business capital: Lagos)
  • Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire (business capital: Abidjan)
  • Ngerulmud*, Palau (business capital: Koror)