I am NO Tech Crypto Knowledge Person, Can i really be successful in Steemit?
I don't even know anything of Exchange Coins, Trade and etc!!! Hmmmm

You don't really have to be an expert in crypto in order to start your Steemit journey.

While as a matter of fact many users who are in a good position right now in steemit/Steem Blockchain were not an expert on this particular matter.

Take it as a social media and start sharing the contents that you do like and the things that you are good at. As a beginner start by blogging in Steemit and follow users and start making friends and see how others are posting and sharing their contents. Take ideas from their structural posts and little by little you will get the idea how to make a place for yourself in here. The more friends you will be able to make the more easier you will learn. (After all friends are everything)

Just the things that you need to be aware of is about Steemit.com runs in Steem Blockchain. It is backed by  Steem and SBD. Once you post and get rewarded you will be awarded with Steem/SBD and Steempower.

Apart from that  you need Steempower to make more interaction in here. To get that you either can invest your cash or you can earn them by posting in Steemit. The more Steempower you have the more influence you will have in Steemit.com (SteemBlockchain) . So post everyday and try to be active as much as possible. As everyday many users are joining and don't let active issue get to you. every journey takes some time to reach to the point that a person want. So be patient and work for it. 

While apart from Steemit.com there are other d.apps on Steem Blockchain that you can use in order to get a little more focus for yourself (many early users were not that lucky to get all these dapps as new users are getting them now)

Apart from from Steemit.com you can also use these dapps below (There are more than 100s of apps built on Steem Blockchain) but this could be the easy access for a new user to grow in here:

  • Dtube  
  • Musing
  • esteemapp

Dtube:  If you are a video content creator than create videos and upload them on Dtube (It runs on Steem Blockchain as well) which means if you post something on Dtube it will be posted on steemit.com as well (will happen with other dapps as well). If you content is good enough dtube and other dtube users will show appreciation for your content.

Musing: As far as I think you must know what Musing is. Yet, It is a Q & A platform where a user can ask/answer a question and there are Musers (at least this is what the name given to the users of Musing.io and I do kind of like it as well) If your Q or A is good enough than Musing will upvote to show some support for your efforts.

Esteemapp: This app has a desktop/mobile version as well and you can post blogs via this app and in return if you use the "esteem" tag on your post than there is a chance your post will get rewarded on the post. 

While at the last I should say that take Steemit/Steem Blockchain as a long term project, if you are here for short term than you might quit like others  at some point. As you can see there are already successful Steemit users in front of your eyes and most of them have worked hard to get to that position and they are really doing well now. All the effort and patience that they gave was indeed worth it for them. 

So have Patience and think bigger about Steemit and you sure will find your way.

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The beautiful thing about Steem is that anyone can be successful because its a social media community full of people from all walks of life all over the world sharing their passions with the world! I have learned so much about art, video games, traveling, culture, history, music, and so many other things. Whatever you are passionate about, I'm almost sure that you can find friends on Steemit that are interested in what you have to say. 


Success is not depending on what you did know about something, but on what you do want to know about something.

This also applies in steemit. The main key for success is learning and observing (and use experience as a guide).

 If you got a problem or constrain, look around, ask for help, asking someone else.  Do not shame to ask (and you will never lost in the jungle).


Just because steem is all about cryptos and work on the fundamentals of crypto doesn't mean that it is only for the traders or a  platform-market.

The best way to see it is go through the steemit trending and you will find that there is no crypto related post or anything. Crypto knowledge to become hit is a myth and nothing else. If you have a good vision of crypto projection then you can give it a try as a advisor (see @haejin). Steem is more than just a crypto market, it is a platform of dapps! 

What does success means to you here?

  • Earning good?
  • influencing audience?
  • writing great contents?

First you have to make a proper mindset before opting for any option. You won't going to be a success here until and unless you have a great support or you are a investor here.

So, How you can be a hit on steemit?

  • Trading in market (only if you have a good stake in steem else forget this option)
  • Writing contents via steempress or esteem
  • Using dapps like musing, Actifit, partiko!
  • Engaging with others here.
  • As a contributor in various platform like Utopian-io
  • Make good-big friends!
  • If good try steembottracker (high risk)
  • participating in contest
  • Engaging with big players here 
  • Developing/coding
  • Vloging on DTube

First... what is your definition of "success?"


Honestly I doubt that up to 5 percent of the users on Steemit are Tech and Crypto Knowledgeable. Success on Steemit is not in any way hinged on your tech abilities. 

You really don't need to understand the code that allocates Steem Power or the algorithms that determine payouts and all that stuff. While its a plus to have that knowledge, it does not guarantee your success on the platform. And the reason is simple, Steemit is a blogging and social media platform.

Its much the same with mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the biggest influencers are definitely not tech people but mostly musicians, OAP's(On Air Personalities), models and even politicians in recent times.

While these people most of the time have no knowledge of Tech, they utilize it to their advantage by building a following and thereby increasing their reach and influence. Its the same principle on Steemit.

To be successful, all you need is the desire to be consistently posting, commenting constructively and building relationships in any area of your interest. Don't forget to learn the rules of the game quickly enough.

Once you have a niche and are consistent there, its safe to say that you'll be successful.

Thanks and have a nice day.


If you're talking about Steemit in general ~ YES you can be successful even without extensive knowledge about crypto.

Steemit.com is basically a social media platform where you can earn Steem through your content creation and curation. If you post good contents, you have a chance to be scouted and be curated by communities. While if you curate for contents, you can also earn rewards. These are the two basic ways in earning in this platform.

Well, it also depends on what is your definition of success in Steemit platform. If you think that gaining / building SP defines your success, then what I said above is the way to do it.


Yes. I started my steemit blogging when I only had a few ideas about how the cryptoworld works. I just learned as I go along. If you are already blogging or creating content somewhere, then you already have the minimum requirement to thrive on the platform. Most of your chances for success is dependent on the people you engage with here. This means human connections are more valuable than one time big time upvotes. The content you provide gives them rational reason to reward you. But the engagement you give gives them reason to support you. 


Certainly can. So far the steemit platform is a safe and secure investment platform. All you need to do is buy steem and make it sp. You can earn every day.

The more you invest, the more income you get.

Some ways to get results are as follows:

1. Upvote. Besides being able to get results from Upvote for your own posts, you can also provide upvote to other people's posts that you like. You will get 25 percent of the value that comes out of your upvote.

2. Selling votes. You can sell votes on bots like @smartsteem, @minnowbooster, etc. You will be given results every day in the form of steem and sbd.

3. Renting out sp. Your sp can be rented via the @minnowbooster web. You can determine your own prices at auction.

4. Helping projects such as @musing.io by delegating your sp. That can be discussed in the dispute group if you want.

And of course there is much more that you can get on this platform for success.

Patience is needed in achieving a goal.

Thank you for the question. Hopefully you can develop it with information from other answers. Good luck


When you start on Steem, in addition to having to discover how this platform works, you have to develop your skills as bloggers and communication officer.

Since my arrival on Steem, I have been able to observe the different behaviors that lead to success ... and to failure (if the person does not manage to turn around fast enough).

My role on Steem is to encourage and support the development of our community, my ideal is that our community grows more and more and for that, I would like the new ones to understand this platform quickly not to be discouraged, to want to stay and promote it.

For that, I can give you some tips that you should remember to make your way on Steem.

1. Be patient

There are often waves of newcomers on Steem ... And then a few weeks later, they disappear. They have published like madmen furious articles about everything and nothing that do not exceed a few cents ... And they leave frustrated, putting in a corner of the brain Steem and this platform that seemed yet revolutionary.

Earning rewards usually takes time. You need to gain the trust of your community, make yourself known by giving you visibility and build your reputation.

Beside that, the ideal is to publish regularly and to get your readers used to your world. This is how confidence is earned and in the long run, upvotes.

To start on Steem is to start on a path that is not necessarily easy (unless you are very lucky) but whose long-term vision will only make you a winner.

2. Do not focus on your rewards

Like you, I arrived on Steem because it was possible to be paid for sharing his ideas. Like you, I ran a blog for years that did not give me a cent (and I even refused to advertise). Like you, the lure of gain made me want to get involved body and soul on this platform which in reality, has many other opportunities.

And then, it's disenchantment: getting rewards on Steem is difficult and you're tempted to give up.

And if you see what else is there as an opportunity than the money you could earn?

On Steem, you can:

  • Discover the world of cryptommances. This is the best gateway in reality because you do not have to invest your own money or install a mining server to get cryptocurrency!
  • Develop new skills. On Steem, you could potentially be rewarded for sharing quality content. It's time to start a new hobby that you can talk about!
  • Grow your network friendly and professional. On Steem, it is extremely easy to get in touch with other users ... even if they are world famous stars! And thanks to chat, you will be able to make friends all over the world. It's a little strange and confusing at first, to have friends whose only name you know ... But why not in the end?

3. Get involved in the community

For me, the key to Steem's number one success is involvement in the community. You want to be successful? Be nice! Communicate, comment, reply to your messages, spend time on chats, help others ... Create your network because, as in real life, your network is your factor of success.


You don't need any such knowledge to be successful on Steem. You only need to be able to keep your keys safe. You should use a password management program for that purpose that stores all your passwords in an encrypted file you can access using a password. If you want to exchange your coins for other coins or fiat, you can  use Blocktrades which is accessible from Steemit.com to easily exchange your STEEM and SBD for Bitcoins and from there to fiat if need be. 


 One of the nicest things about Steemit is that you don't have to worry about exchanges to use the site. You get your account and then you can start posting. The cryptocurrency, blockchain, and rewards all happen in the background. You might not even know it's happening.

The first thing you should be aware of is that there are multiple passwords. This can be slightly confusing at first, but the purpose is to provide increased safety for you, the user. After you get your account, go to the wallet tab and click on the "Permissions" sub-tab. You'll be able to use your Master Password to get the other passwords. If you *save* passwords in your browser, most people just save the "Posting" password which allows a person to post, but not to send Steem. This protects you. Use the lowest authority key whenever possible. Posting < Active < Master.

Once you start posting, try to post on a niche that interests you. Chances are there's a community that also likes that topic, so use the tags to find relevant content. Follow those people and see who they follow to get ideas for more awesome content creators.

Don't offer "follow for follow," "like for like," or anything like that. That's not how it works here.  Post quality, original content and get to know people. The follows and the upvotes will come. It takes time though. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen in a week. Post consistently and engage with people and the relationships will come.

Comment a LOT. Make sure they're relevant, quality, and original (no plagiarism), but get out there and tell people what you think of their work. If you like it, tell them why. If you don't like it, try to be constructive and give feedback (you should probably get to know the person a little first). When people see you checking out their work, they're more likely to come see yours. 

Other than that, just have fun. You can earn cryptocurrency on Steemit, but it's difficult to earn a living on it without investing rather heavily. Enjoy the time you spend here and you're likely to continue with it longer. Good luck!


I'm not so sure if I everyone considers me as a successful Steemian but for me, I am.

I started blogging in Steemit way back June 2017 where I have really no knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. In fact, the thing that hooked me to join the platform is because of the word "blogging".

I'm also not really good into content writing but I made sure I am writing a content everyday. Then I have realized for you to become celebrity in the platform, you need to create a "stunt". A thing that will make you visible to the community.

So I started promoting the platform to our university. I conducted various Steemit orientations explaining the concept of Steemit and how it can be our source of earning for Students. With little knowledge about cryptocurrency, I was able to create a name in the platform being one of the most active Steemit advocates in the Philippines as a representative to "communal building". 

You can create your own name by bringing out the best in you and create a "stunt" that will make you generally visible to the public. Being a moderator of a well known community can be, creating a long-running contest (which I am doing with Word Poetry Challenge), creating a charitable event for the benefit of the community, and the list continues.

So Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are new to me but I have to understand these things because the tokens we earn from Steemit are crypocurrencies (Tradeable tokens called Steem).


All the tech gurus you see out there, they were once like you. They know absolutely nothing about crypto until they get involved in it.... It all depends on you, if you are dedicated and ready to know about it, it won't take you much time to grab most of the things you need to know..

I knew nothing about crypto not even its existence until last year December when k joined Steemit. Now I know many other coins and wallet that can be used to hold them... There is nothing hard about it.. Once you enter the world. You will gain knowledge gradually and the more you engage the more you know...


Steemit is a blogging platform and has nothing to do with crypto except for the rewards.

The beauty about Steemit is you don't have to know a single thing about crypto and exchanges until you want to cash out some earnings. You could then ask a question on musing to get that answer.

I know the basics and am no specialist. You will learn as you go and just ask on things you are unsure on. Dont be afraid to ask no matter how simple it sounds. Knowledge is power and not asking is plain stupid.

Being successful is entirely up to you and how you act amongst the community. Being part of the community will help you grow and become successful. What you need is just patience and time. Don't look at your rewards and set unrealistic goals.

I would set aside a good 6 months to try and start growing properly. I have been here 9 months now and it has fallen into place but it takes time.


IMHO: SteemIt is positioned as the entry point into the crypto world. 

SteemIt gives new users a wallet and delegates some SP in the wallet. The users can then read, curate and write posts as they learn about crypto and other things.

People can come to SteemIt to learn about crypto without risking their savings.

A person who is good at social networking will do fine on this site.

Unfortunately, the amount of STEEM POWER one has in their wallet has a great effect on one's success. I am still in the plankton. My upvote is worth a tenth of a penny. 

SteemIt is the best entry point for people wanting to learn about crypto.


steemit is a platform which runs on steem blockchain. Steemit is an amazing sharing platform where people interacts with the people around the world. They share their feelings, story and cultures. so, steemit platform itself doesn't require any crypto knowledge. All you need to have good communication and interaction skill and have a strong circle of friends and followers. All these things required a lot of efforts and patience. There are few other platform like dapp, steemhunt dtube musing which runs on steem blockchain. If you want to really successful try to use all the apps.


I started out with 0 knowledge of crypto and tech and in the year I have been here I have come leaps and bounds by reading everything I can get my hands on and absorbing knowledge. So yes you can make it. 



NOT because of your technical knowledge

And it is 100% within YOUR CHOICE to change that.


I am not a crypto expert when I joined Steemit. In fact, I knew only a few of cryptocurrencies before, and I am not even totally interested in cryptocurrencies when I joined. I cannot say I am already successful here on Steemit considering I am still a minnow. However, I learned a lot about cryptocurrencies while I am on Steemit. I had a lot of gains when I joined Steemit. Aside from material aspect, I gained a lot of friend, and the more important, earning a lot of knowledge. Having gained those made me feel successful. So my answer, even you are no tech and crypto expert, you can have knowledge and interest at them by joining Steemit.


Yes it is possible to get lot of success without any crypto knowledge in Steemit. Before developing more understanding about crypto one should be awared that Steemit is a platform for socializing which runs on steem block chain. To be successful in any social network all you need to do is good creative mind, unique writing skills, and good network of friend. If your work are upvotes by huge votes. You will be earn a lot of steem in reward which will make you sucessful here