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What is your opinion about tattoos and the workplace?
Many talented people are discriminated every day in the workplace for having tattoos. I would like to know what you think about this.

It's your body and you can do what you want with it


It's their company and they can set the rules as they want.

If a company feels it is detrimental or hurts their corporate image or branding I can totally agree with them not wanting/allowing tattoes in the workplace. Especially if you are forward facing and deal with customers, clients, representatives etc in a personal contact way,

What is tatooed is also a consideration. No matter how nice or talented someone is do you think someone sporting swastikas and kill all jews tattoed in visible, non covered up areas should be allowed ito work in most companies? 

It can often times be simple discrimination, other times, it can be offensive to one group or subculture without even intending to be. It can oft-times be as simple as a company wanting to protect its name or reputation.

Remember, all it takes is one picture or meme or social media post by an employee, even off hours when not representing the company, to bring down the wrath of the public on that company.

Business' today have every right to ensure that their employees abide by that companies morals and ethical code of conduct (assuming all of this is explained prior to hiring of course)

This is why a lot more companies are including moral and ethics clauses, some even spelling out what can or can not be done with personal social media accounts, in their hiring contracts.

I have worked for a company in the past where I was not allowed to wear company logo clothing outside of the work place. They did not want to risk their company name being associated with anything negative. That was their prerogative and was explained to me prior to hiring. I agreed to that condition upon acceptance of their offer.

it's your body to do with as you will, but remember all actions have consequences and not everyone will look upon your actions as favourable. 

You don't want people telling you what you can or cannnot do with your image, have the same respect for others when it comes to their image as well


A lot of it is just going to have to do with where it is located and what it depicts.  A lot of people probably have tattoos that you don't even know about because you can't see them.  I think it is more acceptable today than it used to be.  If you are applying for a job and they have a very specific rule about it, you should probably move along.  You don't really want to work for a company that is that judgmental anyway do you?  I work with many people that have tattoos and I don't think any less of them or their ability.


 It depends where there tattoos are. If they are visible then I believe it is up to the employer to let them know what is expected. I can remember the one guy who worked as a technician on the road and had got a tattoo on his legs. He was banned from wearing shorts as it cheapened the image of the company. In some walks of life it is fine but honestly the business world wants professional people who look professional and a tattoo doesn't come across well if it is visible.

Would you honestly hire someone who worked with customers who had tattoos all over his hands and arms. If they are an artist or someone who works in an office environment then that would be different.

If someone was teaching children or someone who had an influence over children then I think it would be wrong to have tattoos in that environment.


You should go to a tattoo parlour to get a tattoo. and Work at the workplace.

If your job is working in services which require you to interact with members of a public, Maybe having facial tattoo's is not a good trait.

Other than that, Those against tattoo's are going away fast. Maybe one day those without tattoo's will become the minority.

As a representative of a company, you are obliged to represent the appearance the company wishes to portray.

At the end of the day we are all different. We will never all of us like the same thing at the same time,

Be you but don't force you on others. that seems fair to me.

The Be you does not mean you personally, just everyone be themselves.


Well there are many controversies around the subject of having tattoo. Tattoo is not widely accepted everywhere as there are different cultures, belief and religion all over the world.

There are societies that doesn't have any issues seeing people with tattoos while the most doesn't accept it.

In most companies and organizations,tattoos are not accepted because it might ruin their reputation and give a bad impression about what they stand for,so they won't want to employ staff who decorate their bodies with tattoos in their workplace, most companies will not condone such as it seen as indecent .

In my own opinion,I don't like tattoos and where I come from its not accepted and no companies or organization will take you even if you are talented unless in the music and fashion world.

So imagine a school teacher coming to school with tattoos and wants to teach your children,no parents will want those images to sink into their children,it will even ruin the school reputation for sure.


I don't think tattoo gives a better representation of an individual. Some people don't think highly of tattooed people, so I think too much visable tattoos like those of Lil Wayne's in a professional setting would scare some clients away. If you're not in the entertainment industry, sports industry and other show biz industry, there's no point in designing your body with tattoo because it may affect you later when you start looking for a professional job