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What is your opinion about the overprotection of girls?

I don't think there is anything like the over protection of girls. Truth is this, female children needs to be protected every time and all places because the society and man do not favour girls. Girls are believed that when educated it is a waste of time. This is not true as the education of a girl child is as beneficial as the education of a make child. Girl child education right was made to protect the female child.

Girls are prone to sexual assault, rape, harassment and what have you. Girl children needs to be protected from these vices especially rape. Their body is not a tool for sexual gratification and they have the right to decide what and how their body should be used.

The girl child has an equal right as a man when it comes to holding positions in public and private offices. Most of these offices looks down on them and forgets that what a man can do a woman can do better. Girls are mistreated and are prone to domestic violence, this is why the law favours women when it comes to cases like this and even criminal cases.

Again on divorce, the woman if not protected by the law will be left by the an with little or nothing to take care of herself and her children.

I don't think girls are over protected either by the law, society or parents. They deserve it for their own wellbeing and existence.


I will say it is a good thing that girls should be protected at all cost. The truth is, when you look around you nowadays, the people that suffer most when relationships go wrong are girls. They are always the ones often at times left with pregnancies to handle and the boys always just walk away free and his future untouched. They girls are the ones that are left ruined and bruised at the end of the day. So, parebts should protect their daughters at all cost.

Also, we see that girls easily trust people and this has always been a weakness in them that has been exploited by many out there. They easily are deceived and they easily expose themselves to hurt and pain. So, knowing this, we must treat our girls with caution and be protective or some real damage will be done to them.

And we look at the world of today, the rate of sexual assault on the female gender especially the very young ones is very common and has to be treated with care. I have always said it that girls need a lot of attention especially teens. They are easily misled and can wander into dangerous activities which can bring them to ruin. They sure need the extra protection and i don't blame parents who do.


I do believe that every gender deserves protection from parents.guardians.and the society as whole,i do not believe that girls are over-protected because i believe that no amount of protection is too mucy for a child irrespective of the gender..