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Do you think that the treatment of boys should be equal to the treatment of girls in the family?

Before writing: Please I am just expressing my opinions . Don't beat me if answer is not to your taste.

Often we say that boys and girls should be equally treated consider a example:

BOY beats BOY : They call for support and tada... their reinforcement comes to help them fight.

BOY beats GIRL : Everyone starts to criticise the boy (even when you are reading this you must be thinking what kind of boy beats a girl).

GIRL beats GIRL : Cat fight.

GIRL beats BOY: ....                                                                                                                           
                             (What are you looking for . There  is nothing to see here. Boy must have done something bad.)

In my opinion both deserve to be treated equally , But in reality to be treated equally as boys , girls are given extra rights or protection. This cannot be called as equality of genders.


Not at all for me..

When it comes to how boys and girls are treated in the family, i will say they should not be treated same. It is but normal that boys are stronger in terms of strength except in some rare cases where some females have demonstrated great strength. All i am saying here is, if boys are stronger then when it comes to the allocation of work at home or so, we will have to consider this for sure and the more tedious activities can be directed towards the boys and a less tedious one for the girls.

Also, growing up as a kid, my elder sister and i were both kids but when it comes to how our parents catered for us based on our gender needs, she received more in terms of finances.

For example, it cost just 500fcfa to get my hair cut but over 10000fcfa was used for making up her hair at one time. So you can see the difference in financial spendings involved in catering for us. When it comes to allowances, i believe girls need more infinances than males. After all, they need extra cash actually when you consider their nature and desire for a lot of stuffs, coupled with their feminine issues like menstruation etc.

Plus, boys can always devise ways to easily gain income to achieve their plans. Boys do work to earn the money they need unlike girls who are more dependent. So i think, more attention should be directed to the girls..


Yes, I do think that. Both genders should be treated equally. 


Both boys and girls should be treated equally because i believe in gender equality and i believe that our society needs to have a kind of environment whereby men and women will have the same rights in the society and be treated with respect no matter the gender...