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Would you marry a transgender person?

Most likely not. In my case, it would have to be someone who is M->F. From what I've seen, it's just not possible, yet, to transform somebody's physical appearance and voice to a sufficient degree to make them completely passable as a member of the opposite sex. Also, we'd be unable to have biological children together.

Some other commenters have said something to the effect of transgenderism being wrong or transgender people "not being proud of how they were created" or something along those lines. A little bit of education seems to be in order. I happen to know some transsexuals personally. Sex or gender is made up of a multitude of components. There are primary and secondary physical sexual characteristics. Just like the body the brain also has a sex. It is not solely the body that determines what sex they are. There are brain structures responsible for telling a person what sex they are.

Now, imagine for a moment that some mad scientist switched your body with someone of the opposite sex. Your brain would be transplanted in their body and vice versa. Imagine the sheer terror of waking up and discovering you have the wrong genitals and the wrong secondary sexual characteristics. Transgender people often have a disturbing feeling that their body is wrong since they are children. It gets much worse when they hit puberty. It's a ghastly affliction I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! When gender re-assignment surgery is completed after rigorous differential diagnosis, transgender people often experience considerable psychological relief akin to waking up from a horrific nightmare. 

Transgenderism exists because nature is imperfect and makes mistakes all the time. Nobody is created perfect by God or anything like that. Transgender is a condition that is very harmful to a person from a strict Darwinian fitness perspective. It is up to each individual, of course, to decide what they do with their lives. There are shades of grey to this phenomenon, too. As I said, gender is made up of many components and the development of sex and gender during gestation is not a simple matter at all. It's a very complex process where any number of things can go wrong.


Absolutely, if I loved them. 

Why do people feel such a need for catagorisation of others though, or even of themselves?

I think all humans have the capability of loving a fellow human no matter their gender identity, if that happened to be someone who identified themselves as transgender, no matter. Love is love and its no one elses business.

Lets all dump the boxes though, see humans as just that, humans and simply usenour names as identifiers. This would create a much more tolerant and non judgemental world I feel, without religious or cultural prejudices.

My name is Martin, nice to meet you and thanks for a really interesting question :-)


If I loved someone their gender or anything related wouldn't matter to me. And I don't understand why people get all up in arms about it, either. As long as age isn't an issue for the very obvious reasons and everyone in the relationship is consenting then it isn't anyone else's business who I love or marry or anything along those lines.


Why should I in my right senses consider marrying a transgender person? That will really be very stupid of me. Why should I marry someone that wasn't proud of the way he or she was created? Why settle for fake or artificial when you can have the real thing? Marrying a transgender will be very very stupid of me. I can't even imagine it.


Absolutely not. It is just not right and nothing that I would even consider frankly.


Me personally, I would not, but I would not judge those who wish to!