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How can you grow in steemit?
how to increase popularity, income and growth within this social network.

One of the best thing to start is to understand first the technology behind Steemit. Understanding what Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency is all about will help you out in boosting your understanding in the platform.

Once you get a grasp on it, try to read Steemit's white paper or if you feel lazy about it. Try to search it on google Steemit users what Steemit is all about. 

The idea is try to gain knowledge first of what you are joining before you start realizing the things that you need in order to grow in Steemit. Once you fully understand the platform and the technology behind it, this can help you out in your journey in Steemit.

- Engage - engagement is the key in Steemit. As a social media blogging platform, your presence needs to be felt by the community. Share your thoughts on interesting topics (especially the trending ones).

- Join community groups (Discord, Steemit.chat, Slack channels) which you feel it might help you. That will also help you understand more about the platform and will open up a lot of opportunities as you explore more.

- Join Campaigns and Contest. This is also the best strategy to earn in Steemit. There are lots of campaigns out there and joining it might help boost your account's reputation, traction of followers, and most importantly to earn via prizes.

- Create Quality content - this should be your top priority. As a Content-based platform, your contents should be expected of quality if you want to grow in Steemit. Explore @curie, @ocd, etc. and other communities aiming to support quality contents.


I see several Steemians had put some serious thoughts into the question, and I commend them. The truth is, there are many ways you could "grow" on this blockchain. I dichotomize them into "passive" and "active". 

I will define passive as do it yourself without the need to interact with others in a meaningful manner. I will define active as engagement with other Steemians and their communities.

I will list examples for each category. The community may frown upon some of these practices, but it's a free platform. Do as you wish and receive the (possible) consequences. It's a two-way street. Anyone who tells you that you shouldn't receive flags are whiny anyways.

Some Passive Approaches

  1. Buy-in with a lot of Steem. You could be like @gcalex voting on some random one-liners on an alt account that nobody cares about. Or, you could vote yourself, either way.
  2. Create some content. Instead of powering up, bid the crap out of them. If you have any sort of competence, you can make a return from bot votes. This @xisan guy did it in a month.
  3. Learn to tag. Find the correct tags and let their auto-curation votes on your posts.
  4. Delegate to promotional services. Go to isteemd's website if you have large SP. Then, choose a bot for passive income.
  5. Run your own promotional services. I remember @jeck1 came out of nowhere and is now a vote seller. You don't have to interact with anyone after advertising your service.
  6. Join auto-curation groups. Groups like @shadowbot allow you to post away and receive votes on their own terms.
  7. Report abuse to @steemcleaners. You don't even have to interact with the accounts you are reporting.
  8. Be an efficient curator. Check out @aicurator. When you are that good, you can make a return on your investments by curating like a boss.
  9. Play some games. Games such as @spl and @playdice offer you a chance to earn with minimal to no interaction with others.
  10. Be an arbitrage trader. If you can take advantage of the price differences, good for you.
  11. Establish a voting farm. This is less lucrative with HF20, but people still do it even if it risks flags.
  12. Do nothing. Hope for the next BTC bull run.

Some Active Approaches

  1. Join communities, and interact with the members. The goal is to procure valuable votes.
  2. Actually engaging with users. Sometimes, they come back and check out your work at a later date.
  3. Take part in projects on the blockchain. Many initiatives compensate Steemians for their efforts. @utopian-io is especially true when it comes to open-source projects.
  4. Build a "popular" dapp. Attract users. Receive huge delegations from @ned. You could pull the next @dlive if you so choose.
  5. Delegate to users on your own terms. Make business relations/contracts like @neoxian, @smooth, etc.
  6. Create venues for people to spend STEEM. If you can't name a place where you can spend your STEEM in real life, there is an obvious lack of commerce around here.
  7. Flag abuse with @steemflagrewards. Make sure you have thick skin because bad things do happen when you flag people, even if justified. But hey, you could make some friends.
  8. Be a Witness. Unfortunately, you would have to climb pretty high up in the ranks in order for it to be profitable.
  9. Promote Steem blockchain. The return does come faster if more people buy the tokens, but you would be fighting against the market.
  10. Find your own circle jerk. At least, your vote farm will look more organic and authentic that way.
  11. Scam Steemians. Whether you choose phishing or scams as a tactic, you could be successful as @clemintin. They will curse you, but you will be rich.
  12. Pretend you are someone else. Be a piece of turd and get paid off of others' works like @shadesofblack.

This is getting a bit long, but there are so many ways to earn on this blockchain. Which road(s) would you choose? You could be innovative and come up with the next hottest thing. Content creation isn't the only way to get paid around here.


First thing is don't worry about popularity, income and growth

These things will come with time.

The number one factor in increasing all 3 of those things is engagement. As a new user your own posts will not be seen very much outside of your circle of friends. You need to find a different way to engage.

The number one method is to write insightful, well thought out, thought provoking comments on other peoples posts. Write something that will get them to comment back to you and start a meaningful discussion that way. Things like "nice post" or " i love it" or "yo dude that rocks" do not count. Make sure they know you have read and understood their post, that you appreciate the time and effort they put into it and that you want to learn more or contribute to their post in a meaningful fashion.

By doing this you will increase your visibility, maybe make a friend or two and hopefully get some followers that will then begin to look at your own content. If someone is kind enough to upvote your comment, it's a good idea to upvote them back. Even if your vote is not worth a lot it shows that you appreciate them.

Now for your own content, once you have a few followers, it becomes VITAL that you only post good, QUALITY, articles.

Posting 30 memes or pictures a day with one or two words is not going to get you anything. Well, not anything positive at least. You will get a reputation for being unoriginal and simply a waste of time. Your content must be fulfilling to the reader in some manner. There are a lot of posts here daily. Why should they  spend time reading yours over anyone elses? Give them a reason to.

Make your posts funny, informative, opinion oriented (these are great for generating discussion in the comment section) or whatever but make it engaging. Do not copy/paste or just link to an article or video or plagarise. People can get that content from themselves. They want something that gives them a reason to spend 5 or 10 minutes looking at everything you have done, give them a reason to vote for you, don't forget they are spending their "money" so they expect some value from it.

As mentioned by @muscara if you are not a native or at least fluent English speaker, begin by finding a community in your native language. You will be able to write much more naturally and coherently and this will raise your reputation as an author and writer rather than as a spammer that uses broken incomprehensible or badly translated English in order to reach a larger audience and make more money right away. You can be perceived negatively in this manner as it appears you are greedy and only in it for the rewards.

Next would be to read as much as you can (actually this should be FIRST) from FAQs, tips/tricks posts and such. Search out ones that are community based, have discord servers and such. Get to know similar minded people.

There are a lot of projects that cater to plankton and minnows to help them get started. A great one is @helpie. Find a few posts by them or any other group you think would help, make sure their goals align with yours and join the discord and go from there.

Power up your SteemPower. Either by purchasing some and making an investment (this also shows you are serious about steem longterm and again not just in it for the money) or by using any and all steem or SBD that you get as rewards to power up. Either way, the more SP you have the more actions you can do on the platform, the more comments you can make and the more chance you have to get noticed.

Finally there are a lot projects that can provide long term income. SteemBasicIncome is such a project and you might want to look into it. You "buy" shares for 1 steem and that gets you AND a person of your choice 1 share each (you cant pick yourself for the second share). Then each post you make earns you a little upvote from @steembasicincome. Up to a weekly total amount. There are a LOT of people who run contests giving away a share (essentially they are buying the share for themselves and "gifting" the 2nd share to the contest winner).

If you follow some or even most of these suggestions you will find yourself having a much more rewarding, less stressful time on steemit and soon you will be too busy to worry about populatiry, growth and income

It will just happen on its own.

Good luck to you


I'm gonna tackle this one realistically as I know many people in here would say "Just post quality content" or "Engage with the community" like these two would for sure make you grow on this platform. I have been on Steem for over 9 months now and I have seen many people who do those things but still are not growing enough (visibility, income and account growth).

Personally for me who don't like to leech on people who have big SP's, the best way to grow on Steem(if you are a constant poster and no investment on Steem) is by joining communities that support content creators and by support I mean through daily guaranteed upvotes. Most of my growth here on Steem can be attributed to the Qurator community. From less than $0.2  (excluding free upvote bots like minnowsupport) on my blog posts I was able to boost it up to $0.5 & 40+ upvotes from teeny weeny accounts, I mean a daily guaranteed increase in upvote of around $0.3 (I think it was the smallest upvote they can give back then) would entice some content creators to post daily just to get that guaranteed vote thereby growing their account as more days pass by.

The thing about these communities is they have a tier-level  system, the more you support them (usually delegation) the more support (upvote) you will receive from them. What I did for the most part when I was starting out was delegate half of my SP to communities like these. Say the moment I reached 200SP I delegated 100 to them. I really do believe that one must not rely on anyone (whales or dolphins) and learn to stand on their own and this was the method I could think of without bugging anyone. Over time I was able to grow my SP enough to join and delegate to other communities like SilverGoldBotty and Make-A-Whale. All this while taking advantage of platform votes from Busy.org, ESteem and Steempress, and just almost two months ago Musing.

Well to sum it all up probably Think Long Term. Accumulate as many Steem Power as you can and increase your daily guaranteed upvotes if you can. The thing about joining Steem Communities is you are not only being supported daily by their bot but you also get the chance to befriend someone from that community which will likely support you too on your Steem Journey. I even got to befriend some dolphins/orcas :)


Actually there are quite few steps that will help an individual get to grow in Steemit


It is one of the most and important thing that one will need if anyone wants to make a place for thyself.

The willingness to learn

If you want to get something the first thing you want to do is learn. Get your self worthy of the place that you want in here. By making friends and learning from their posts.

Do not beg for recognition 

Do not ever do that, in here it does not work like that. If you like something(post/comment) than express your feelings with wise words, automatically  you will attract the author of that Post.

Be consistent

Nothing is easy. You will have to make your way out of the crowd that is in here and the community is growing everyday. Many users are joining here everyday , if you want to get recognized be here everyday give time , add value in here. Engage  with other users in here and get to know them by communicating with them.


Post only your original works, by this it will show what you are capable of and how much you can go, it can be anything whatever you are good at. Be yourself and you will find the way.

Do not let yourself down (not only in Steemit but it will work for your life)

It takes some time to make a place for yourself in here. Do not let yourself down when you see someone doing better than you, that is because that person is working hard and using intellect more than you, try your best than it will come out from you as well.  

Always Think beyond the Box


You have to have patience and work consistently to grow on Steemit. You can follow the following tips to get what you want.

Focus on your strength

To grow on Steemit, you should focus on your strength. If you can speak and comfortable on camera, then make video and upload that on Dtube. If you are singer, make your music and you can speak well, start your podcast. You can upload this on DSound. You can use Musing and answer people's question. You can contribute to open source software on utopian.io. Whatever you do here, you will be rewarded for that. Just focus on your strength and do your thing.

Make quality content

You have to make quality content to grow and do something better in the future. People say that content is the king. I think content is the most important thing if you want to do something successfully online. Whatever you want to do, for example, freelancing, online marketing, branding, building an online business and so on, you have to focus on content. And there is no alternative of quality content. If your content is really good, you can face any challenge and do better in the long run.

Help other people

If you want to do something alone, you cannot go further. You have to help others and grow together. Making good relationship is the key to be happy in your personal life as well as professional life. So, interact with more people on steemit. You can easily do that by making comments on others post.

Join community and participate in the contest

There are many communities on Steemit. You should join community on Discord and add value to the community. You can participate in the contest and whether you win or not, you will learn something from it and that will help you to grow on Steemit.

Keep learning

You have to have a learning attitude. The moment you stop learning, you stop your journey to move forward. Steemit is a journey. You want to move forward, right? Then keep learning something new on a regular basis. No one is your competitor. Complete with yourself. Try to be better than you were yesterday. That's how, you will get your dreams come true.


This is a great question with very complex answer.  Growing on Steemit is hard.  It requires a lot of time and work and the will to want to succeed.

Many of us join the platform and find our way to the trending page.  This is a big no-no for first time users.  It gives you an unrealistic vision of what Steemit is and what you should do to be successful on it.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to join Discord.  There are so many conversations that happen off of Steemit in Discord, but still relate to Steemit.  You will meet and build relationships with many people on Discord that will give you life long readers and followers on Steemit.  

There are also many curation groups on Discord that can give you the upvotes you need to start to build your SP and grow your account.  It still takes time and things don't happen over night, but that one look from someone at @curie might be just what you need to give your account that extra boost.

As you continue to work with other people on Discord, you will start to learn about other initiatives like Smartsteem, minnowbooster, and Steembascincome that will give you other ways to grow your account when you have some extra STEEM or SBD saved up.

Every connection you make on Discord will carry over into your time and success on Steemit.


Find your niche, don't look at the rewards as a measure of your work.

 Take your time and look around on Steemit. Read what you're  interested in and write comments: tell the people why you like a post or  don't like it, ask questions. Votes are not worth a lot in the  beginning but reading comments to your post  feels great :) And read other Steemian's comments, too, and if they're  interesting look what they have written.

For non-English-speakers: Try to find a community in your native language, even if it is small  it will be helpful and a little "home" here in the big Steemit world. See if they have a discord server - there you can ask questions more easily and get to know the people behind the posts or videos.

Use tools like Dustsweeper especially in the beginning so you don't loose any reward. 


It is very easy to grow in steemit.

Steemit is a platform which only supports original and quality content. Steemit is online earning place where you have to create quality and original content and post them on steemit. If anyone feel free to upvote your content with a minimum value (0.03 SBD) then you will get paid for you content.

You can grow in steemit by following this rules. They are :-

1. You should not do copy and paste of anyone's content or from any website.

2. You have to create quality and original content.

3. You should use own photos in your content. If you want to use photos which are not yours then you need to mention the photo link in your article.

4. You should not do spam.

5. You should not do any wrong comments in anyone's post. Or you should not do any comments in anyone's post which I'm not related with that post.

It is as much easy as that to grow in steemit.


There are a number of things you need to do in order to grow and most of them are common sense really.

Introduction post

One would think that this is the place to start and I disagree. find your feet first and spend a couple of weeks learning what the platform is all about. There are so many things to take in and I would suggest looking at the Steem tag and reading as many posts as possible. They are full of useful information and will set you on the right path.

Reading Posts and commenting with a vote

This is where you have now don the above and have some sort of an idea of what is going on. We are learning all the time so don't worry as you can learn the rest on the go. The trick is to try and get people to take note of who you are so they will start to recognize your steemit name.

read as many posts as you can by finding the ones that have something of interest  to you. There is no point in being bored reading something you don't like. Once you have read a post comment on it and add to the post as such. It must be a genuine comment and not spam. No "good post" comments as that will get you nowhere. Once you have commented give the author an upvote and if you liked what you read follow them. This you have to repeat for at least 10 times a day. That is the number of votes you should have at 100 percent before dropping down to 80%. it takes 24 hours to recharge so the following day you can repeat what you have just done again. This you should do for at least 2 weeks and you will find the authors upvoting your comments and following you now.

First post

Now you can do your introduction post telling everyone who you are and what you are interested in. The followers you have gained will see this and comment and upvote your post. You are now ready to start posting regularly on whatever interests you. Do not try and be someone you are not and be genuine. It is easy to spot  a fraud and you have no reason to fake yourself.

Powering up

Whatever rewards you receive power them up immediately so everyone can see you are growing. this shows intent that you are serious and not just a taker. The users on the platform want to see long term accounts and your actions will show them this.


It will happen if you have been interacting with other users and they will help with a delegation at some point. A token of appreciation for your efforts and staying the course in growing. This will really help you get on your feet in no time.

Joining groups

If you are good enough someone will spot you and welcome you to join a group. his is a good idea as they will be able to guide you and assist you along your journey.


If you have made it this far you are now set and can grow as a member of the community. This doesn't happen overnight and has taken me 6 months of hard work and total dedication. I have buried myself in Steemit for hours on end every day showing everyone I am here for good.

Steemit is one of the biggest challenges I have faced as I don't like to give up without giving my all. I can understand why the retention levels are so low and many leave at the first hurdle. They don't understand what it takes and expect it to be easier than what it is. This is no walk in the park but it is loads of fun.


There are many things you can do to grow your income, I'll try to list the best ones in order for you to reach your potential heights

First of all, the strength of your profile matters - what I mean by this is, reputation, the people who follow you (real followers) & how you interact with your community on a daily basis (if you have one)

Obviously, with implementation of STEEM UA interaction means way much more, as it is an algorithm developed to track the most engaged users of society & appropriately reward them

Make sure to check them at @steem-ua, with only 250 SP delegation you can qualify for 7 upvotes weekly and make some nice profits!

Besides that, you should always try the people that cover the niches you prefer and make sure to establish a successful contact with them. You can do that in many ways, safest would be to carefully observe their content & leave meaningful comments that add value to their journey

Along with all what I have written, the sole best way to earn fast crypto here is to use one of great STEEM Dapps that differentiate us from most blockchains in the world!

You name it, I find it - you can use : Vimm.tv (livestreaming), DTube (decentralized youtube), Musing (decentralized quora), Steemstem (science related), Utopian-io (development & coding), Steemhunt (product hunting), DSound (audio), Busy; Partiko; Esteem, Steempeak (front ends), etc.

The points is, there are so many Dapps you probably won't even realize. So the safest bet would be to inform yourself on as many Dapps that exist as possible in order so you can understand which one suits you best and start contributing

Afterwards you need to find a way "to add value". It might look like a puzzle at the beginning but eventually you'll find numerous ways as you'll start to feel more naturally what community prefers (& what they don't) and how to add value on their path

And never ever forget, hard work beats anything so if you really to manage to put that hard work in, you'll develop a pretty nice source of income here - a income some are using to live off & I'm halfway there (considering crypto is so low & I'm not cashing out a cent atm)


 There are loads of tricks but what I did worked for me. people will tell you to do all sorts of different things but the only way is to interact with other users. if you don't have  a following that will upvote your posts and work with you by supporting you then it will be hard work.

The first month my advice would be just to read posts and comment as much as possible. With the restrictions of Resource Credits now you will have to be more careful. Some users will sponsor you some and lend you enough to get by so you can grow. I would see who is being generous and plead a case to help you.

Once you have got that sorted jus do ads much commenting as your account will allow you with upvoting. If it is only 10 or 15 comments a day then do that and don't worry about posting. Once you have little bits of SP coming in just power up your account and grow. I would say once you have enough for 20-25 comments a day you have enough to do one or two posts a week.

Your followers that you have picked up from commenting should be upvoting your posts now. Not big rewards but at least ticking over. Look for groups like helpie and minnow support that have curation trails and join them as soon as you can. This will give you an added boost and help you grow.

Once you have reached this level you are ahead of all the others that started at the same time as you and are now playing catch up on others who joined before you. See it as  a game and challenge your self to grow as fast as you can.