What is your opinion about female masturbation?

First of all, I think it's beneficial for women and they should not be ashamed.

IT IS AN INTIMATE THEME of what should not be talked about. I think masturbation is for each person.

This reminds me of a study that I made with several people.

Masturbation is a practice to which human beings have given themselves with relish since the beginning of time and which, paradoxical as it may seem, in the 21st century, remains a taboo subject, especially among some women. For many, many years, female pleasure has been socially invisible, censored and mythologized. Things, fortunately, have long since begun to change.

Proof of this is that more and more studies are analyzing the sexual behavior of our species. The latest work we have had access to on the noble art of onanism has been published by Superdrug's Online Doctor, a British portal specializing in sexual health that has asked nearly 1000 users, women and men from different countries in Europe and the United States, how many Sometimes they masturbate, how, why they do it, and even what images or techniques they use to get aroused. There is nothing.

The results are especially striking and serve to make a more or less accurate radiography of sexual self-gratification in both genders. According to the data of this work, 88% of women and 96% of men admit without any blush that they masturbate regularly. However, the difference between both genders lies in the frequency with which they perform the act. While they recognize doing it an average of two days a week and investing 13 minutes in each session, men masturbate an average of four days a week and dedicate at least 14 minutes to the act.

The fact that masturbation is conceived as a private activity does not mean that objects of all kinds are often not used to reach climax. The authors wanted to delve into this question and found that 40% of the women consulted by this British portal recognize using sex toys, while the remaining 60% uses exclusively hands. In the case of men, only 10% use this type of objects to have better orgasms.

Although porn is the main ally when it comes to stimulating the imagination of both sexes, men use it much more than women. Specifically, 67% of men say that videos with high sexual content are their main stimulus every time they get down to work. On the other hand, in the case of females, this figure remains at 38%.

Thus, among the alternatives to cinema X, 14% of respondents prefer to fantasize with their partner, another 14% use erotic literature and 12% fantasize about unknown people. "Erotic literature may be more popular among women than men, although experts point out that anyone could benefit from erotic writing to better understand their desires and fantasies," the authors write.

The big question is: can masturbation be better than sex? For 56% of the women surveyed, yes. More than half of females say they have better orgasms when they touch themselves than when they have sex. The figure, as expected in the case of men, is much lower, since only 19% admit having better self-satisfying orgasms.

When the authors asked women why masturbation was better than sex, 66% said they got more pleasure, 18% said it was because they had greater intimacy, and 15% said they got more excitement . 


Masturbation is masturbation, weather done by male or females , its the same thing, let us avoid being gender bias please. 


I think it is great. Why would it be anyones business what someone does with their own body. People need to stay out of other peoples business. 


Both males and females masturbate. Though i cannot tell which of the sexes masturbate the most. Their are various views regarding the acceptance of masturbation. Some group believe it's natural and helps release stress, while some others believe that it could be harmful to someone if done excessively.

We can't also forget the religious groups that think tha it's a sinful and unholy act. What I will about female masturbation is that it's no different from a male's masturvation. The same view i hold about male's masturbation is same view I hold about female masturbation. I think masturbation is kinda insane. The female own even seem better than the male's masturbation because the females have dildos. Even at that they are all insane to me


I think it's completely normal, and healthy.


She puts on a show of being explicitly sure and proficient sexually. On the off chance that you don't comprehend your own body well, it isn't reasonable for expect that somebody will. Get settled and comfortable with your own body, I think it is a basic advance towards mind blowing sex and a great relationship


The more the merrier. 😈