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How you can stop the climate change?

Some people deny that climate is changing and those who accept it, some of them don’t think that our activities are responsible for it. However, our climate is changing rapidly. Our activities are aggravating the situation. Now, climate has become erratic in many parts of the world. Some parts are receiving too much rain while other parts are facing severe drought. People blame governments and industries for this phenomenon but everyone is responsible for it to some extent. We all can contribute to stop climate change in this way:

  • Cutting of forests is a big problem. Everyone should protest against the indiscriminate falling of trees. If it is not possible for one to protest against cutting of trees, then one can plant trees and plants wherever one sees bare and unused land. In fact, every person should plant at least ten to hundred trees in his/her entire lifetime. Trees are lungs of mother earth. They can absorb excessive carbon-dioxide. So, we should grow trees as much as possible.

  • Mother earth can serve our needs but not our greed. We should not be greedy. Mahatma Gandhi advised that we should take minimum things from nature and recycle the things as much as possible. He was right. The culture of 'use and throw' is our worst enemy. Electronic and plastic wastes are the worst enemy of oceans and lands. We should not use things made of plastic as much as possible and when we have to use plastic items, we should dispose them in such a way that they may be recycled. We should also not buy electronic gadgets unnecessarily. In fact, we should not buy those things which are not essential for us. If we do this, we can save lots of energy and natural resources. Metallic wastes like broken iron, aluminium, copper parts and pieces should not be thrown away. They can be sent to the recycling plants. This can save lots of energy and deforestation can be reduced on account of it as it will reduce the need of mining.

  • Minimum use of vehicles is necessary for the sake of conservation of environment. It is evident that use of fossil fuel is primarily responsible for the increasing level of carbon-dioxide and other green house gases. We should not use our cars and two-wheeler unnecessarily. Some people travel just half kilometer distance in their cars to go to gym and there they walk on treadmills and run cycle to burn calories. Would it not be good for them, if they cover this distance on foot or on bicycle? Certainly, one can save lots of fuel in such activities. One should go on foot or use bicycle to cover small distances. Also, we should use public vehicles instead of cars to travel as much as possible. Some people have a habit to wash their cars with drinking water using a pipe. It wastes lots of water. One can wash his car using a bucket and a mug. This can save lots of drinking water. 
  • We should not hesitate to perform manual labor. In the modern world we don’t like to do manual work but we like to work in gyms. Should we not do manual work so that our dependence over machines may reduce and also we may stay healthy?
  • Our modern lifestyle is also making things worse. Our activities consume lots of energy which comes from burning of fossil fuels or making dams on rivers. Air conditions have become a necessity in many parts of the world. We should use them as minimum as possible so that the resources may not face burden. We should adopt natural life and let our body to adapt to the minor changes in temperature. 
  • Modern buildings construction is also detrimental to the environment as glass is being used immensely for the construction of buildings which requires air conditioning and artificial lights. This needs to be changed. Buildings must be constructed according to the environmental friendly ways. Architectures should design buildings and houses in such a way that they may receive maximum natural light and air. It will reduce the need of energy requirement. People should see that electronic gadgets and equipment are not running unnecessarily. If I am working on my laptop in my study room, should I not shut down AC in my bedroom?  Why should one waste the valuable energy?

 (Images source: pixabay.com)

Everyone can contribute to protect environment and stop climate change, if one is concerned of it. It doesn't mean that we should become ascetics but it means that we should sacrifice a bit. We should not be the slaves of our own mind and habits. We should get rid of those habits which are making things worse. Live and let live should be our mantra.


The closest we can get to stopping climate change is to go back to living in caves and hunting and gathering and wiping out 90% of the world's population so that there are enough resources to go around.

While man is certainly hastening climate change, we are not the "root" cause of it. Throughout history the climate of the Earth has always changed, gone through cycles and such.

The ice ages that have occurred and gone are simple proof of that. The Earth has a natural cycle, a rhythm it goes through. This includes periods of heating and cooling, periods of ice, torrential rain and flooding, periods of heat, swampy humid times, etc.

These will occur whether mankind is around or not.

However, mankind is certainly hastening things along. Ever since the Industrial Revolution when we kicked things into high gear we have been on a path to where we are now, and even worse in the future. In the early days of mining before science had advanced to where we are now, we would generally rape or pillage the earth for minerals, fossil fuels or whatever we needed. We would then burn these fuels, polluting the atmosphere after destroying the earth from whence they came.

Depletion of the ozone, deforestation, as you mentioned in another post, illegal or strip mining, these are all issues that have been occurring for a long long time.

At this point I fear we are too far gone, the balance has tipped, we will not be able to put things back in balance in this world. Perhaps the next. The Fourth Age of Man will end by our own hand. Let us hope in the Fifth Age we will learned some lessons.

Even if every person gave up all the things that are causing the climate changes phenomenon to accelerate, it is too late.

And honestly, how many people are willing to give up all their creature comforts to stop something that won't be completely destructive (I mean extinction level event destructive) within their lifetime?

Might as well ask everyone to stop doing something so that the sun doesn't expand to a Giant class and destroy the Earth. This is predicted to happen in approximately 5 billions years.

People want comfort and satisfaction NOW and damn the future. You can see this in our lifestyles. Want something now, use a credit card, pay for it later (if you can). People buy houses, cars, boats, phones, computers, take vacations that they can't afford  and LOTS of other luxury items that they can't afford because they think of things NOW and not what will it will cost them down the road THEN.

You want to stop climate change? Kill all humans, let the Earth reset and hopefully in the next iteration of our species we won't be so greedy or stupid.

But in this world, in this time? I have little hope we will survive what is coming.

As I have said before at the end of many other posts:



One thing that I was really happy that could potentially prevent climate change was a bill in our country requiring establishments to plant green trees in "Front" and at the "Back" of their buildings. Normally now, city proper is fully congested with buildings and infrastructures without considering planting trees for a clean air. With the passage of this bill, I'm looking forward for a greener and more clean air in our area.

If this could be applied in a lot of countries, I'm very much sure this will be a first step towards preventing a climate change. 

Another thing will be using the technology innovations to survey our forests from illegal logging activities. Drones and helicopters are very much needed in the search and rescue operations of our forests. This is one of the main reasons why we are suffering much with climate change and calamities occur.

Organizing a bill to ban the use of plastics will be a key addition too. Straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bins should be discouraged and be implemented as a low that prohibits the use of plastics. It is clogging the nature and our oceans. 


- The best thing to do to stop climate change for me is to start educating children starting at our own home, the parents should be the first responsible guiding factor to teach their own kids on how to be disciplined citizens and knowing the consequence of things that we do that could result in environmental hazard effects to earth as a whole.

- Another thing is we should do like how Japan is nurturing students with again discipline first before academic knowledge, as it would be both beneficial to surroundings and the children itself as we know disciplined people tend to be more successful in their respective paths. 

- Some studies or data gathered that the earth is getting worse and worse as the time passed by even if we invent technologies that could somehow relieves the climate change's effects we can not deny the fact that we are still facing this reality that a lot of people don't have the proper discipline even to throw their own waste in the proper trash bins or cans. 

- My concluding answer would be start raising kids with disciplinary awareness and simultaneously preventing with inventions that should be eco friendly as well.