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What is the typical food of your country and what is the recipe?
I love cooking new things so tell me about your country's food

 hi !!!

I am from Venezuela and here we have several typical dishes, so I will tell you some of the main ones ..

As everyone already knows the food most food in my country is the arepa, it can be roasted, fried, and stuffed with many things, it can be stuffed with chicken, meat, fish, grains like beans, vegetables, avocado, cheese, ham, or simply sauces. The arepa can be any type of filling and always tastes good.

Prepare it is very simple, you only need corn flour, you put it in a container, you add water and dough until you eliminate the lumps of flour, and make it soft, you add a little salt  and ready, you make a ball with your hands and crush it until it is circular and put it to cook.

Another of the typical foods of my country is the pavilion, which is a dish with cooked white rice, meat, black beans (stewed and then stir-fried in butter or oil) and sliced

fried plantain.

For that you should soak the beans for about 4 hours, wash them and put them to cook in enough water until they are soft. Then you add the seasonings that you previously fried in a pan with oil.

Apart from that, you put the minced meat into pieces until it is soft, then you remove the water and let it rest so that you can rub it with your fingers.

In turn you must cook the white rice and apart in a pan put oil and you have to fry the bananas cut into slices that are called "slices" here in Venezuela.

And then you serve it, it's delicious, here I'll leave you a picture.

Another of the typical foods of Venezuela is the cachapa, is made of ground corn and has the shape of an omelette. The cachapas have a preparation similar to that of the pancakes, but without wheat flour, only ground corn.  

It's cooked in a Teflon pan with oil, in a griddle or budare, it has a sweet flavor,  it's  folded in half at the time of eating and it's stuffed with butter, hand cheese, custard and you can even add meat, chicken or chorizo according to your preference 

 And finally I will tell you the typical food of my country in Christmas that is the hallaca, which is a dish that is cooked in days since the dough should be made one day before its preparation.  

For your preparation you need banana leaves that are cut every 30 centimeters, eliminating those that are broken, washed and left to dry.   

Then for the filling you should cut all the meat into small pieces, as well as the peppers, onion, leek and garlic among others.  

To prepare the dough, water is added to the corn flour and kneaded until it forms a cream. (like the arepa recipe)   

Once the dough is finished, spread on the banana leaves, in a circular and uniform way and in the center of the dough, place all the filling you want to taste. 

The dough is closed and a second banana leaf is placed on top, wrapping the hallaca.  

Once wrapped it is tied with a thread so that it is like a kind of package and it is boiled in salted water for one hour.  and then it's ready to be eaten !!!

It's very delicious and without a doubt it can not be missing in the Venezuelan Christmas dish 

 I hope you get to try and cook some of these Venezuelan dishes, they are very delicious, I recommend them!



 Shatkora Meat Curry  

One of the most Traditional food in my Country Bangladesh.

It is more of taste that we do love in part of our country.

The main item of this item is the Shatkora it is widely known as the citrus macroptera or ‘wild orange’, It does kind of looks like lemon but quite large in diameter and oval in shape with pointed ends.It  is commonly found in the area of Sylhet Bangladesh.

source: (https://www.kaveyeats.com/2011/02/bangladeshi-shatkora-citrus-candied.html)

It gives additional flavor to the dish and the aroma of Shatkora brings a different taste to the Curry. In my experience I have never seen anyone that have forgotten the taste of this item once they had it in a perfect way.

As you said you love cooking, I am giving the link of a video which might help you with the item.


source: Youtube


Well, I will love to share with you my country's food you can try but this is just one out of thousands, as we have more than 300 ethnic groups in my country(Nigeria).

I will give you a delicacy you will be able to cope with and not the one you mightn't find the recipes.

The name of the food is "AKARA" and "PAP"

It is the best food found in the western part of Nigeria especially in the remote areas(Villages).

Recipes for "AKARA"






Cray fish

Vegetable or palm oil.

Recipes for "PAP"

Maize or Guinea corn

Steps to prepare "AKARA" -

1. Soak one or two cups of beans in water for like 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Wash and remove the beans shaft

3. Add pepper,onions and crayfish to it as wanted and blend. Make sure little water is added as the final product must be thick to enable proper frying.

4. After blending, pour into a bowl, add salt and maggi to taste and mix

5. Put any oil you prefer to use into a frying pan and allow it to heat.

6. Fry in the oil according to the size you want and allow it to dry.(don't leave till It burn)

"AKARA" is ready to be served.

To make Pap, soak maize or Guinea corn or both for two days. Wash and grind with grinding machine. (Not sure blender will be okay for it) because it has to be very smooth. After it has been completely grinded, take some of it and mix with little water in a bowl to make it perfect. boil some water in a pot,pour the mixture and stair until it thicken. Serve and add sugar and milk to taste nice then follow it with the "AKARA". You will surely dare for more.

The AKARA made from Beans is a protein. The oil is another class of food on its own. The crayfish onion and pepper are mixture of vegetables and protein.Pap is a carbohydrate and it contains reasonable amount of water. So to speak,this is a balance diet and its always taken as breakfast.