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Can one earn and withdrew daily from any site?
Truthfully, it is almost impossible to earn and withdraw on a daily basis from any site. Although, there are many sites that promise that.
But, there is a way you can earn and withdraw daily on Steemit.
All you have to do is make a post on a daily basis and at the end of 7 days onward, you can start earning and withdrawing daily.
I earn and withdraw daily on Steemit because I make posts on a daily basis.

It depends on the type of site you are visiting. Not every sites is capable of rewarding users by their activities or impacts in the platform. There are also some sites who are built on blockchain that enables users to earn as they take part in different activities in the platform and a good example is Steemit and musing.io.

Musing.io is a great platform built on Steemit blockchain where users can earn more money into their wallet in in form of cryptos (SBD nd Steem) for just asking questions and answering questions.

I sometimes call musing a "Quora Paying Platform" because you earn while you learn.

The withdrawal process depends on the kind of policy adopted by the website. In Steemit, your payout will be issued after 7 days. This enables Steemit user to redeem their rewards into their wallet and they can withdraw whenever they feel like.

In conclusion, not every website will want you to earn from them by your impacts while some sites can make you rich by just developing the system and taking part in the sites activities.

Yes and no.

Yes, because there are some websites out there that pays you for your activities like viewing ads, solving captchas or downloading games. These sites require your time and data to enable you to make money.

No, because most of them don't allow you to make withdrawal daily. They have a minimum threshold you must get to before you can request for withdrawal. They don't even allow withdrawals everyday even if you've met the threshold. They have days they permit withdrawals to be made.

I guess that's the more reason Steemit is the best platform among the lot. Daily withdrawals are allowed so long as you've earned the currency.
There are hardly any sites that operate this way. The best you get are sites that let you cash out after three days to a week.

However, byteball.com (which isn't exactly a website to earn from regularly), let's you withdraw your earnings same day you earn them. But the downside here is that it would still take about 2 - 3 working days to get the earnings to your steemit account.
Every site is not working properly in online field 90% things are at our risk so to withdraw your daily income you could have choose best online source of earning like steemit, scorum, etc.
The sites which gives withdraw are legit and register to the government and rather it is a blockchain technology or any local sites. The concept should be proper and the visitor or the customers should increased day by day to withdraw our tokens or income.
We can withdraw our money from sites if they are giving withdraw our money as this are all our hard earned money but your question i think you are saying which sites gives daily withdraw.