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How long can one live after been infected with HIV virus?
Till now, AIDS has been considered as a hopeless illness, which in a few years has finished life. Yet, as indicated by the scientists, with the assistance of present day solutions, HIV contaminated patients are likewise living as much as should be expected individuals.

Hostile to retroviral treatment ART against HIV has prompted an impressive decline in mortality. While at the same time 18 out of each 1,000 HIV patients passed on from 1999 to 2001, in the vicinity of 2009 and 2011, just around 9 out of 1000 patients kicked the bucket. These figures were submitted from Europe, America and Australia.

Workmanship gave life

As indicated by the report imprinted in Science's 'The Lancent', these outcomes bolster the gigantic advantages of ART. As per the report, "With the assistance of this treatment, the likelihood of living with HIV contaminated individuals is getting to resemble ordinary citizens."

The improvement of ART occurred in the nineties This treatment does not slaughter human immunodeficiency infection i.e. HIV, however it keeps the spread of AIDS by backing off the infection.
With current modern medication one will be able to live as long as a normal HIV( negative) person would live except they will have to live with the complications.

ART-Antiretroviral therapy allows HIV patients to manage their symptoms rather easily.The earlier you are diagnosed with HIV and the quicler you start ART the longer you will be able to live.

Except that if you are able to maintain a good life style excluding all the unhealthy foods, habits and addictions such as smoking and exercise, meditate regularly you will live much longer.

If the cd4 count always stays over 250 cells/mm3, risk of HIV symptoms gets lowerd. And the more the count increases the lower the risk gets.

As study that was conducted in denmark revealed that a young person diagnosed with hiv can live an added extra 35 years..which is like a normal humans life span. And other studies showed the life span to increase to 58 years!

So with proper diagnosis you'll possibly live longer..just avoid what is told..
With the AIDS full form, I want to give you other information which can enhance your knowledge! AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1! The main goal of AIDS Day is to spread awareness about AIDS among people! Because this disease is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, which is not yet a perfect treatment! The information of this disease is the only defense, so I beg you to see the article until the end.

In India every year more than 1 million AIDS patients are being identified, which till date has not developed the whole treatment!

HIV is a virus from which AIDS occurs, it reaches one man to another man through blood and semen!

The virus can reach from one person to another using a syringe that is unclean. Blood is also required in the extra current case if a person is given an unclean blood, then he may also have AIDS!

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Virus HIV is a lentivirus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome AIDS. HIV infection is caused by transfusion of blood, semen, vaginal fluid or mother's milk. In these physical fluids, HIV is present in the form of both free bacterial particles and bacteria present within the immune cells. The four main pathways of its transmission are the transmission of unprotected sex, infected needles, mother milk and transmitted birth from an infected mother to her child.

Most HIV infections happen due to unprotected sex. During confluence, when a partner's transmitted sexual secretion comes in contact with the mucous membrane of the sexual, oral or anal of another, it can be transferred. In advanced countries, the transmission rate of female-to-male rates is 0.04% and the male-to-female transmission rate is 0.08%. For various reasons, these rates are 4 to 10 times higher in low-income countries. And most importantly, during conjunction with condom use is done very little. In some countries like India, men use condoms, especially during sexual intercourse, feel unwell, and are also influenced by some traditional thinking.
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This type of disease is getting a lot of public attention because of the impact it has on the health of the human body. The effects of HIV / AIDS can cause death in people who are not treated early and are only known to be late in life so some treatments are not effective against HIV.

In general, to check whether the body is infected by the HIV virus or not through a series of HIV tests. Some symptoms are infected with the HIV virus in the body that has been infected with HIV.

Related to this contagious disease one of them is in the period of time how long someone known terjangkit HIV disease. Someone known to have contracted this HIV disease provides many answers related to this HIV disease. A person known to be infected with HIV disease can generally occur during the period of one year after the body is infected by this virus, it can also be an uncertain thing. Several phase stages of symptoms that can be noticed related to the length of time a person is known to contract this HIV disease.

Stage at this first level is usually the symptoms caused by the HIV virus has begun to disappear. This stage is called asymptomatic HIV infection and still can not cause AIDS. period. How long a person is known to contract HIV disease in stage I this can usually happen. Once the body is infected by the virus and this depends on the resilience of one's body. This phase is usually the body will not show symptoms of HIV and hiv symptoms in men, his body looks normal like other people in general.
At this stage the resistance of the infected body begins to decline as the virus begins to show its activity in areas that have small mucosa. Symptoms that begin to appear just that the symptoms are not typical, occurs in a person whose lifestyle does not give high risk to the HIV virus and usually this is still not realized by the person if the body is infected by the virus.
At this stage is usually referred to as the symptomatic phase followed by the emergence of symptoms of primary infection. At this stage it begins to have its trademark so it can easily be known.
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