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What amount of your life would you say you will share on the web?


With all the privacy issues we are having lately and the certainty that the main social network websites sell users’ data to third parties and hackers can easily steal information and make it available to everyone interested, we should be sharing as little as possible.

We should share only the information we feel does not compromise us emotionally, legally or professionally. I have personally felt at some points that I reveal way more than I wish to (family information, for instance). I know that some users do not even reveal their real name. I can’t blame them for that given all the issues we are having these days that may even represent threats for the physical and financial integrity of the individual or their families.

Depending on the kind of life we want to have online and the kind of relationships we want to establish, we can reveal more or less about our personal lives. For me it does not make sense to be an anonymous entity, an avatar or something like that. I need to feel myself real so that other people can perceive me as real, but obviously there are many personal things that I do not need to reveal.

I know, for instance, that I have taken great risks by talking about my niece murder, but I felt that I had to take those risks if I wanted to make all the corruption and injustice around her death public. If I want people to know about the problems we have in my city, I cannot talk about a fictitious town. But even that can be too much to share.

So, I guess it is a complicated and contingent issue, yet one that can be better approach under the mantra “less is more”. For the wellbeing of friends and relatives, it is always better if we share as little as possible. Social networks have become a way for people to invade others’ privacy and most of the time they do so not to know people better so that they can relate to them or understand their problems or world views. There are tons of people full intrigues, traumas, and unresolved issues out there who have found in the social networks a thriving environment to act and cause harm.

People should try to contemplate the different kinds of audiences that will be having access to whatever we make public; that will give us a better picture of whether or not we want all that information available to just about everybody.


"What people don't know, they can't destroy". So no matter his social a person is, they should have a little privacy over their life. I can share moments in photos but my private life is private..



As much as is needed.

I see a lot of people put all their life story on the internet. Both what is needed and of course what isn't. The internet doesn't need all the information. Just the relevant one. The important ones. You shouldn't post all your life content/story on the internet. At least leave some details out of the internet.


I would want to share on the web some lovely and wonderful moments in my life,sharing those wonderful moments really makes me excited and also makes me have this inner peace.....but i would not love to shared some hurtful moments on my life on the web because i do not want to keep seeing it and remembering the pain....