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Is it Possible and Safer and Economical That Steemit and all Dapps Start Paying in Actual Dollars rather than Cryptocurrency?
There are numerous locales as of now that currently pay in U. S dollars. Don't you all think this is what is removing individuals. Since cryptographic money is by all accounts going down day by day.

It's not possible, I mean where are the actual dollars going to come from? The concept of steemit is that you can mine your cryptos with your intellect. The steem blockchain has been designed to do just that by producing steem and SBD and giving them as rewards. This means that steem and SBD are born not of fiat based currencies and as such they can be created, but you can't produce actual dollars out of thin air.

If it was so easy to actually reward people in dollars then sites like Facebook and Twitter would have already done that and that's the truth. Fiat currency can't be produced out of thin air, but steem and SBD seemingly can, that's what makes it the better and smarter option

The market may be down but trust me when I say it'll bounce back, it always does eventually. The only In between for your idea is that there be a means to completely convert your payouts into dollars then withdraw it right there on the site.

I hope this helps.


Steemit.com was created as a tools to spread the distribution of steem (the cyptocurrency) to all participants (content writer) on social media steemit.com.

By changing payments on steemit.com from steem to actual dollars, it will remove the function of steemit.com as a tool to distribute and promote steem as a cryptocurrency.


No that kinda takes away the whole point of crypto currency. I like having my money in my own private wallet. That way the government can not just steal my hard earned money out of my bank account.


This may not be possible as Steemit does not monetise content access , neither do they take advertisement. Without policy change, where would they get the dollars to pay account holders for their contents??

Yes! Steemit CREATES Steemit as encrypted unit of value which real values is a Decentrally determined by community members willingness to accept the coin created as a unit of value exchange.