Is investing on ethereum still a good idea?

Yes, I think so. I had the same question early 2017 and look how far it has come.

Ethereum is an architecture with an ecosystem of users. The popularity of ERC-20 tokens in ICO has shown that many people believe in their use. Ethereum has a prolific founder in Vitalik who engages with the users.

Always look for a supporting community with a coin. Ethereum checks out and is a solid player in the crypto scene. I can foresee Ethereum price hitting 4 digits and catching up to Bitcoin price in the coming months and years.

I think whatever your portfolio is, a spot for Ethereum is a no-brainer.


In my opinion it is. I think ethereum-based tokens will increase in popularity over the next few years and Dapps for gaming and other uses will increase. Also, eventually the ethereum name service will start allowing registration of .eth addresses of six or fewer characters and set up a permanent registrar.


We have to admit that the business model of the ethereum  is the best.

Whether ordinary users or enterprise users, Etherum is No1 all the time.

If the block chain revolution is successful in the future, it will surely occupy a place.

We know that any investment has its risky. So how to choose an effective and low risk portfolio is particularly important 

By the way ,i think steem is another good choice.