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Is it unethical for a person to date his or her boss?

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One of the most problematic matters, when someone is dating or having a romantic relationship with a colleague, is a mixture of personal affairs and work matters. When these two things cannot be managed properly, it can cause the productivity of the individual concerned to decline. Not to mention that if the drama is spread in the office work environment, it can be a personal matter to be gossip in the office.

If we look at it, there are some companies that currently prohibit workers in one office from getting married right? if there is a married person it is permissible, but one must resign. In my opinion, this is a very rational reason, because it is for the continuity of the productivity of the wheels of the organization.

Well, if you have a date with an office colleague, problems often arise, especially if you are dating your boss? What is feared later is the possibility of power abuse, which in other terms we can say as 'abuse of authority' for personal interests. This is of course not good, because it can cause injustice which may lead to conflict in the work environment.

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Yes, it is unethical and dangerous as well for both parties. 

Dating your boss can get you preferential treatment which is not fair to the other coworkers. If the relationship ends, both parties may experience difficulties. 

You'd better not mix pleasure with business and earn your place honestly. 


I think it is unethical and not right. There is  a danger that someone will get hurt and have to leave their job at some point.

At some point things could turn and you will be out of a job. It is unprofessional and if you are tempted then you need to discuss it with your boss first. I would suggest bringing it in to the open and maybe you leave the company for a job elsewhere before you consider dating.

This would be the smart thing to do if you both have feelings for each other and want to take it further. relationships at work should be avoided at all costs as they will cloud your judgement and could end in tears at some point.


It can harm your prospects – this is the situation whether the relationship is fruitful or not. On the off chance that you remain together movement in the organization and pay rises may not come your way as your supervisor endeavors to shield themselves from being blamed for partiality. On the off chance that you separate you may discover your work life so uneasy you are compelled to leave or your manager fires you.

Terrible references – if the relationship doesn't work out how might you feel about returning and approaching your manager for a reference? On the off chance that your relationship drummed up a buzz inside the organization significantly another administrator may be hesitant to give you a reference and future businesses may respect you with doubt on the off chance that they find that you dated your manager.

Harming to associations with other work partners – regardless of whether you surmise that the other individuals you work with are your companions if your begin dating the manager you could get yourself the subject of chatter. Your collaborators might be alright toward the start about you and your supervisor being close however after some time you may find that they begin getting envious on the grounds that they decipher any great acclaim or treatment you get as suspicious instead of something you have earned. This can work the other far as well and they imagine that you just work as hard as you would on the grounds that you like to inspire the manager.

Organization strategy – Some organizations really have an approach to discourage connections among managers and laborers from emerging and you may both wind up on the less than desirable end of disciplinary strategies if your relationship becomes visible. Given the present place of employment advertise it is a smart thought to check the organization's strategy and put the welfare of your vocation and position in front of any emotions you have for each other except if you are certain they are not kidding.


I don't see it as unethical if it's in a proper place and time. And for as long as they keep it out of the bounds of the workplace and keep the professional with the workplace then it's perfectly fine in my honest opinion.