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What can you buy with one dollar in your country?

I am from India. A US dollar in my country is approximately seventy rupees at the moment. 

For a dollar, I can get

  • A full meal at a good restaurant in the afternoon or 
  • A packet of wheat flour, about half a kilo of potato and onion or 
  • Two kilos of rice approximate or 
  • A few fruits or 
  • A pastry or 
  • A bread loaf and small jam bottle or 
  • About 200 gm of sweets from a bakery or 
  • A large soda and a snack or 
  • Tea and snacks for two people or
  • A bus ticket to a nearby city

It is just an approximate list


$1 is not much in my country, but can do a lot of things especially for low income earners. Sometime, last year, there was this report that says 61% of Nigerians live below $1. Other reports say 150 millions Nigerians live on less than $2/day. So, here are the things that I can get for $1

* A plate of food in a local restaurant with just one piece of meat

* 2 liters of fuel

* 1 stock fish

* Meat-pie

* Bread

* Milk

* 2 packs of noddles

* 2 cups of garri (cassava flour)

* 2 bottled water

There are other smaller things you can get for $1 depending on what you want at that particular moment. Please note, these items mentioned are basically for one person.


1 dollar is 86 Eurocents ...

a can of the cheapest soy heap ravioli costs 99 cents ... hmmm let me think ...

ah, here :


half a kilo of basmati rice in just as much plastic and cardboard packaging, or four tomatoes, if you're lucky


$1 in my country is equivalent to 350 naira. Naira is actually our currency in Nigeria. Now with that amount if you do local restaurants that should get you a plate of food. If you are a vegetarian, then that should get you about 3 apples, 2 cucumbers, and 5 sticks of fat carrot.

If you want to try and cook with $1 then you must have the basic ingredients you need to cook with at home because #1 will buy just the fish you need or just the lil quantity of meat you need to make your meal.

I guess our currency has lost its value. It's a pity $1 can't do much here and most of us do not earn upto that per day


In my country 1$ is equal to 70 rupees. So, in 1$ I can buy as many as thing which are important to me such as I can go to watch movie,I can buy a snacks. Besides this I can fuel my vehicle and visit my friends house and many things I can do with 1$.

My country India is large country and the people are knowing the importance of 1$ so they will not waste their money as i am wasting instead of that they will save that 1$ for future use.


I'm a Nigerian and a dollar is approximately #360 naira so I'll make a list of what a dollar can buy;

¶ a long bread in my country.

¶ recharge card

¶ it will pay transport fare

¶ it will buy you a pack of spaghetti

¶ it will buy soft drinks and biscuits

¶ it will buy meat/chicken pie

¶ it will buy a small plate of ice cream

A dollar can do a lot but sadly not everyone make up to a dollar a day.


I come from Indonesia if one dollar in my country 10 thousand rupiah with that amount of money can only buy

1-one pack of rice

2-half a kilo of cooking oil

3-pound of sugar


You can buy lots of things in my country with 1$ because our currency has been inflated

- 100 q beaf meat

- 1 kq banana

- 8 eggs

- 2 kq green apple

- 3 loafs of bread

- two ice-cream

- 2 liter milk

-8 kq watermelon

List goes on