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Are there things that hardly impresses you?

- Fashion. I just don't care. 

- The fact that one of my peers or immediate social superiors has bought something nice. I feel no urge whatsoever to purchase a similar or better item to keep up with them. The whole idea is cringeworthy. What a complete waste of money it is to try and impress someone irrelevant.

- That somebody has a beautiful girlfriend or wife. For all I know, the guy could actually be better off alone on account of his woman being a bitch. There is no way for me to know if I don't know her or the quality of their relationship. I also know from experience that you tend to get used to the looks of your partner with the passage of time. What impressed you in the beginning will feel mundane after a while. Also, punching above one's weight tends to add stress to a man's life because there will be many men superior to him trying to hit on his woman.

Things bought with money someone did not earn themselves. A supercar a kid buys using his mom or dad's money - cool, but hardly impressive. A condo bought by politicians using taxpayer's money - nice, but hardly impressive, and actually, borderline enraging.

The things that do impress me a lot are the things that money can't buy. An Olympic medal someone achieves from going to swim practice and pushing yourself past what you are comfortable with, every single day for 20 years.

A fit and healthy body that comes from being conscious about what you eat, how much exercise you do and how many hours you sleep.

And, even millions earned by someone who worked really hard, day and night until they finally achieved it.

In summary: unearned things hardly impress me, earned things impress me a lot!
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The number of followers one has on Steem platforms. :)

At first, I thought that people will only follow you if they like or is interested in the things you write or deliver. However, when I did my very first post here on Steem, I immediately got like 100+ followers, so my guess is that most of the followers one has are just bots or alt accounts who wants to look like a real account.

Plus, from what I've seen, one could have 1000+ followers but they would still get around 10 votes.
I am not inspired with name-dropping : Individuals who see an incentive in themselves just through

the general population they are identified with or

individuals inside their groups of friends are a

similar sort of individuals who trust they ought to

be dealt with contrastingly in view of their "associations".

I appreciate individuals who buckle down and substantiate themselves commendable

regardless of their family name and associations. I respect individuals who originate from humble

beginnings and advance toward the best through

sheer assurance and coarseness. I appreciate individuals, who regardless of their accomplishments, stay humble and grounded.

I am not awed with one's instruction, degree and the college that individual moved on from. A bit of

paper from a very much regarded foundation

does not ensure that you are more quick witted and more meriting than the individual by you in a

prospective employee meeting. A decent instruction can enhance one's psyche, however it

can never purchase enthusiasm , readiness to

learn, and accomplish the unachievable - Elon Musk is the ideal illustration.

I am not awed with your auto, or your home or your marked garments and shoes. Steve

Employments and Stamp Zuckerberg wear a similar shirt inevitably. Bill Entryways drives a

similar old truck for a very long time. Uber rich individuals let their riches represent themselves.
Impression which i have about something might not be something that someone else gets impressed about same way what do not impresses me might not be something that impresses another person so that is life for us

I do not get impressed by flaunting of wealth by some people on social media,i noticed that recently many people now have the habit of trying to flaunt wealth on social media and some of them try to live a fake life for social media just to boost their ego or whatever

I do not get impressed with ladies that sexualize themselves because they assume that they can use that to get all the attention they want or get any man with it,i have a bad news for those ladies,not all guys get impressed with a lady with big butt or big chest or whatever,some guys are sexually disciplined and they look beyond that hot body of yours
Yes there are lots of things which we might impressed and there are things also due to our impression we also get frustrated like love with our girlfriend. The thing we cannot see but can feel but that are for some days so the impression got damaged after leaving. The beauty of nature in monsoon impress me quiet its so romantic weather and we can enjoy the beautiful rainbow and have fun.
Some certain things can never just impress
Me no matter anyone tries to make me get
Impressed,i am a kind of guy that is not easily
Carried away or easily impressed without effort

A good dancer hardly impresses me because
I am not a fan of dance so people dancing
Do not really freak me as a person and i might
Find it very difficult to get impressed by a dancer

What also makes me hardly impressed is when
Someone is trying to use their lives on the
Internet to impress me,i do not get impressed
By such things because i am a believer that not
Everything you see or read online is true and some
People can lie just to deceive people and making
People think they are really successful as they
Paint themselves to be but the truth is that many
Of them are not successful in offline but they
Come to the internet to claim what they do not have
People always beraktifitas to run the wheel of life, it is never separated from the name of good things and bad things, good impressions and bad impressions, and happy time and vice versa. God is always fair, where when we are experiencing distress, then one day happiness will be our turn. Of course, his name is also the wheel of life. It may not always be above or vice versa. All life processes are passed by everyone. Life must be continued and every day various forms of activities that people do. Which of course everyone is different activity. Of all these activities there will always be memories that can never be forgotten. Memories planned by God in life for us.

The peace of our souls is required to remember the good things. Have you ever remembered what good things you have done in your life. Surely all that gives a certain impression to anyone who experienced it now or in the future. Of most people must have or will experience it. To help remind and who have not experienced it. The most memorable moments in people's lives.

of course, the thing that impressed me the most is that when we do the task it will remain unappreciated. It will not produce much, naturally his name is also life. Sometimes we forget the things that are not sparkling to bring blessing for ourselves.

In everyday activities we are very much through the activities sometimes we work half the time and play. However, it is panned that the impression we ever get will be of interest to us. You have to be grateful for it to be memorable for you.
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Well there are a great deal of things that don't awe me. Neither in light of the fact that I'm endeavoring to be judgemental nor on the grounds that they are correct or wrong, but since they can ('hamper' is a too delicate to be in any way genuine. I'd state 'pulverize') our lives to the degree we can't Envision. Some of them are too little to notice, and some are excessively self-evident. In any case, as youths we regularly have a tendency to disregard them.

Getting a charge out of the disappointment: As a building understudy and having a gathering of some 'cool' companions, a large portion of the circumstances you abstain from talking geeky when all are as one. You can get pounded the life out of hard to talk studies or anything relatable. Accidentally you are quiet down by them with some unanswerable dialogus like 'Bass na saale, Kitna padhega'(Enough You inept! How much will you examine), 'kya Kar lega itne marks laa ke, 4 launde pass ho jaayenge itne marks mein.'(What would you do with those imprints, 4 people would pass the exam in such a large number of imprints) 'Mai toh bhai 2 marks se pass ho gaya'(dude, I passed the exam by 2 marks ) , Despite the fact that it may be for no particular reason, they are really making the most of their disappointments, getting a charge out of passing the exam by 2 marks. Steady siege of these lines and demeanor accidentally diminishes your will to ponder or accomplish something beneficial. What's more, once the will is gone it's difficult to get back and the best way to get it back (with having same companions obviously) is to begin talking about and investigating the subjects separated from Individuals, Enormous Supervisor, Companions' bitching and so forth. You can simply discuss new businesses, have a go at testing your companions with some mind bowing riddles, Ted talks Self-portrayals and a great deal of stuff. Anyway I haven't seen this propensity in my school's companions. They would generally ridicule you for talking 'crap' and would lean toward judging individuals. Be that as it may, a portion of my old companions from IIT JEE class dependably appear to be energized and open about these things. They talk creative thoughts, research, ventures and all the stuffs(including bitching obviously :p) and I feel extremely amazing while at the same time returning home. I generally get the opportunity to take in something from them and have a few subjects or books to peruse when I return home. Be that as it may, some way or another it's only a blame of squandering hours without doing anything.

Running behind magnificence :Well, maybe the most interesting stuff in your school life. We never skip chances stalking some hot chicks or folks in our school. Also, luckily we may go over some 'Riya Somani' throughout our life and we would attempt to make her something beyond the half sweetheart (same applies to young ladies too), Ensure that only one out of every odd young lady you run over shows some kindness on a par with Riya Somani. All things considered, I may sound piece judgemental and pull in a Couple of women's activists' consideration, however buddy young ladies will see your excellent heart when you advance out of your Lamborghini. So quit pursuing a young lady after some point (no doubt you should attempt however, Better to have bombed in seeking after what made a difference to you the most than not attempting by any means. you will become acquainted with the point at any rate) and concentrate more on getting your Lamborghini. Obviously not all young ladies are the same, but rather we are not here to talk special cases. So clearly the people running behind the white tones and 'breathtaking grinned' young ladies sporadically should be the slanting theme of my-school kind of-companions.

Not having an objective or dream : 99 out of 100 people lament taking designing in my-sort of-school. Not on account of they despise considering or building itself is exhausting, yet rather they themselves don't have a reason for which they can utilize their designing life for. I know many individuals who began off with designing however had some other point throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, rather than grumbling about having taken designing they utilized it as a stage to get to their fantasy (EG: @Ashutosh Sohoni is the best case I can get from our school). So the folks always grumbling about designing and pointing the finger at it for their non - productiveness are certainly not the most amazing folks around. You better encircle yourself with Ashutosh Sohonis.

Being Content : On the off chance that you are a decent scorer or have just been set in some tolerable organization and still feel that you could have better evaluations or a superior organization, congratulations!! You are on a correct track. The day you feel content with your accomplishments you quit developing and your fall is closer than it shows up. In the event of some unforeseen issue on the off chance that you feel like that, go and converse with some different toppers or virtuoso people. You'll understand that you are no place close to the best and have a long approach. In this way, the general population content with being 'all reasonable' in life are extraordinary just in their eyes and are preparing themselves to work for those superior to them.

Not learning abilities : They : I've scored 75% this semester. Me: Affirm. Awesome. They : I know calligraphy too. Me: Genuinely??? Would you be able to show me please? Where did you learn it? Indeed, having abilities is considerably more refreshing in this day and age than simply having scholastic magnificence. Be it a basic instrument playing expertise or a business enterprise ability, you are continually going to have those additional focuses in your life for the aptitudes you convey than the incompetent individuals. Time squandered on not taking in the aptitudes is in the long run going to get you and the fall will be difficult. What's more, clearly individuals get more pulled in towards people knowing something more than they do.
Boasting about themselves notwithstanding when/in the event that it harms others' suppositions"

The above attribute is the most harmful I can emphasize. Regardless of whether you don't trust me here it is.

My companion and I went to my another companions wedding. I, being an associate of the said companion's mom went to and helped her in all the house hold errands. Meanwhile I overlooked that I conveyed a companion of mine to the marriage. This poor soul sat alone for progressively 60 minutes. In the wake of seeing only him I apologized for my bother.

Be that as it may, what I did next is truly I lament till now. I don't have any information about my companions uncle and I acquainted with this person. His uncle is one of the kind who blow his trumpet regardless of whether it harms others.

My companion who is an unremarkable concentrated hard and anchored work in a bank as Trial officer. He truly yielded 4 years anchoring the activity. After some time completing the errands given by my companions mother, I went and sat adjacent to him. I noticed that his face is extremely miserable yet he still proceeded with the discussion with that uncle and I heard what uncle is stating " beta, you have made a decent attempt to anchor work in a bank subsequent to battling for a long time however when I was your age I had effectively cleared the state level designing administrations exam and I even attempted my fortunes in UPSC and I experienced till the meeting round. Be that as it may, you have made a decent attempt just to anchor a bank work for a long time. I figure you do need to work harder throughout everyday life or else you will pay for it seriously" shedding these words uncle left.

My companion who has a feeling of inadequacy; fellow used to talk less and that day just he have begun to come outside his home in view of disappointments and shame he confronted and in the wake of hearing these words this person felt considerably more mortified. These days he is attempting to keep away from all the social capacities.

I'm not inspired with individuals who just blow their trumpet and don't regard others' slants. I truly regard that you have done as such much in life even president Trump will bow before your accomplishments, yet others additionally accomplished their accomplishment through fabulous diligent work. What doesn't intrigues you doesn't imply that it couldn't awe others.

Fame, celebrity status, power, un-earned wealth,

None of these impress me as I do not believe they are true measures of a man (or woman).


Watches. I have a friend who buys these expensive watches and is always trying to show them off. I just laugh because it is so idiotic to spend thousands of dollars on an item that only tells time. Just look at your damn phone dumb dumb.